Playing Catch Up

I have to be honest. I have been avoiding you.

I’ve been avoiding you because I have a guest post to get working on, and I have ZERO ideas. I told myself I wouldn’t post on my blog, until that blog post was done.


Still not done.

But so much to catch up on, and I couldn’t stay away.

So here’s a little game of catch up:

Work is busy. Randy’s work is busy. Randy’s school is busy. My side businesses are busy. Church is busy.

We get to see Courtney and Tommy regularly which is a blast – weekly dinner/treat get-togethers is too much fun.

I got to go to lunch with my mom for her birthday at Eva’s Boulangerie. It was wonderful, my mom is amazing.

Friday we went to Happy Sumo (thanks gift card) and then my sister and her friend came over to hang out!

Last Saturday we spent the whole day cleaning cleaning cleaning. I reorganized, cleaned, and bought a couple things to spice up our house.

If you didn’t catch my snap story, here’s this lil look. Not quite perfect yet, but I’m loving it!

Then we went to Kaysville for a sneak peek of birthday fun with my mom, and then bowling/mini golf with our friends.

Sunday was teaching, visiting teaching, home teaching, and to Provo for a birthday party.

And then this week was a blast with Saint Patrick’s Day and some trips to the temple and a sweet surprise just because (I accepted all the roses). And hugely exciting – we booked our tickets to Boston for the summer and started getting details on our Disneyland trip in June.

While the Jordan River temple is getting renovated, we get to go to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple – HOLY GORGEOUS.

He’s so sweet to me.


We are busy and in love and trying to figure it all out. Not every day is perfect; most of them are fairly stressful. But it’s a wonderful life, and we’re so lucky.

the weekenders

This last weekend was fulllll of adventures! Summer is winding down and Randy will be back in school before I know it. SO we are making every moment count. Hence the weekend filled to the brim with fun. 
First we joined the Tour de Utah. JK. 

We were biking around on our cute little SLC Green Bikes while the Tour de Utah FLEW past us. It was such a fun adventure! The curry we had for dinner didn’t even make pedaling through the city less fun. 
We were walking around Temple Square and ran into a guy in Randy’s parent’s ward! We chatted and then he ran us down to see Meet the Mormons at the Legacy Theater. We hadn’t seen it and it was AWESOME!

Pause for a second. Can I just say how much I love the city? We walked back to my office/the car in the rain after the movie and let me tell you, it was wonderful. There are some crazies that hang out downtown and it can be an intimidating place for sure, but I love that my office on 4th and Main gives me the chance to spend lots of time here. I love finding restaurants, free activities, riding the train and knowing the stops by name. It’s truly a dream come true for me.

So after a night in the city on Friday, we decided to do the opposite on Saturday. We hiked up to Cecret Lake, and it was AMAZING. I love that living where we live means time in the city and up in the mountains all in one weekend. What a great place to live! 

He picked a couple flowers for me. SHHHH.

We ended our Saturday with Midvale Harvest days which was so fun! Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band were the stars of the show and they are a hoot. We headed back to our apartment just in time to see the fireworks over the city. We LOVE Midvale.
Sunday was spent at church, and then down in K-Town with family. We got to have lunch with my family, and dinner with Randy’s! How lucky are we? 
But really, I feel so so lucky. More so every day. I have a husband that I adore, we live in a place that I love, I have a job that rocks, amazing family, the list goes on and on. Thanks to every single one of YOU who brighten my life.
Happy Wednesday!

what college forgot to teach me

First of all, let me quell all your fears.

I loved college. I think people should get as much education as possible. I’m even considering going BACK to college (eeesh). So I’m all for it.

But there are a few things that are a little left out of the college experience that I wish I had known before heading off into the big, scary world.

So hopefully my college friends can read this and be aware of what’s to come!

1. College did not prepare me for the day-in, day-out of real life. Sure, you have to go to class and work, but those classes changed. Often. There were breaks in my schedule that I got to go home and relax, I didn’t have to get up and get “ready” for the day every single day, I could wear a sweatshirt some days if I wanted. But out in the real world, I have to go to work whether I want to or not. There are no breaks longer than my lunch break, and even that is usually taken at my desk because I have so much to do. It’s a routine that I’ve been on for longer than anything. And it taking some getting used to.

2. College did not prepare me for the sometimes tedious, monotony of a job. I LOVE my job. But I have to be honest, I’m doing a lot of very similar things, for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, every week but 2 during the year. Now you may tell me, hey I did that at my summer job, or I did that with classes and homework. It’s not the same. Not even close. Because summer starts and ends, classes change, long Christmas break comes, finals week breaks up the monotony. It is taking some time to get used to not just doing my job, but doing it every single minute of the day.

3. College did not prepare me for getting to bed on time. That’s pretty obvious, right? But seriously. In college I stayed up way too late a lot of nights, and would just come home and nap later. If I do that now, I’m dead. I need at least 6 hours or I am worthless the next day, but I still have to go to work and struggle to stay away and get things done.

4. College did not prepare me for being away from home all day. In college I had breaks, came home during the day, etc. But now, once I’m out the door for work, it’s see ya later until 6 or 6:30 PM. Every, single day. Some people do that for a semester, or for a few days during the week that are the “long days” but that’s reality now. It’s been a funny adjustment remembering that if I want to eat at work, I have to bring snacks and food, and if I forget my phone, it’s tough luck.

5. College did not prepare me for always networking and moving up. College prepared me for networking to an extent. I made friends and contact that have and will be important. But at my job, I feel like maintaining every, single relationship and making it a good one is not only important to have a fun time at the office, but could be crucial for my future at the company. It’s a very interesting change in my perspective about how I react, and respond to everyone and everything.

Let’s again go back to the fact that I learned SO much in college and I loved every second of it. For me it was the absolute best choice, and I highly recommend it. Just be prepared that when push comes to shove, you might not be as prepared as you think for that first job in the real world. I wish I had known that, it would’ve made these past few months SO much easier.

ballet and football and friends and routines

The days get away from me now friends!

The routine has settled in, here’s how it goes.

Wake up, Randy goes running and I either work out or sleep. Get ready. Breakfast. Scriptures. Drive to work together. Work work work. Randy sometimes goes in later or leaves earlier depending on his schedule, and goes and runs errands which is AMAZING (love you!). Get done with work. Drive home together. Make dinner. Watch a show, read, play games, spend time with friends, go shopping for more house things, have FHE, go to the temple, make treats, or a mix of any of these. Then we do it all over again. Surprisingly, I really love the routine we have settled in to. It makes me feel like we are real life adults, a family, and I love that security.

Now here’s time for the ballet part of this post:

My sister danced her last recital at Clytie Adams a few weeks ago. It was so nostalgic for my family. We have had a ballerina there for the past 18 years. And now we’re all done dancing at that wonderful studio. Clytie came to my wedding a few weeks before the recital, and jokingly asked me when another Richards girl would be coming to dance for her. I have left so much of my heart at that studio, on the stage at Weber, in the dressing rooms downstairs, in every toe shoe and pair of tights. Dancing 100% has made me who I am today. I will always be a ballerina even though I’m not dancing as much anymore. Dancing at Clytie’s are some of the most precious memories I have. I danced for me when I was there. Just for me. Because I loved it. I learned elegance, grace, friendship, technique, determination, hard work, how to smile through hard things, and that I could absolutely anything I put my mind to. I am forever thankful and so happy that I had the chance to be a Clytie Girl, and that my sisters also both that to do that.

Sometimes at work we throw tiny footballs off the parking garage and I win jump ropes for being the closest to the target. I seriously love my job and the people I work with.
And I also love spending time with these fun friends. We spent a Saturday with them playing games at the arcade and then playing board games at our apartment, and talking long into the night. They are so much fun and I’m lucky that these friendships survived the test of time. 
ALSO another glimpse of the apartment! I promise I’ll be posting the whole thing once I’ve got all the finishing touches. It will be wonderful, promise!
And lastly, happy one month of marriage to my sweetheart. It’s so amazing to me that after loving him through high school, college, a mission, and more, I love him even more in marriage. This month has taught me about Randy’s sleeping habits (snoring, sleep talking, not being awake until he’s had a shower) that he’s incredibly grumpy and sassy when he’s hungry, that when he honks the horn or tickles me until I stop being mad at him, it works, I’ve learned that he always wants lots of meat with dinner, and ramen is his breakfast of choice, I’ve learned that he sings in the shower sometimes, gets really excited about the most random TV shows, and that I love him more than I can even comprehend. After a month of marriage, I’m not sure that eternity will be long enough. I love you sweetheart and I’m so happy that you chose me.
For now, happy Tuesday everyone (holy smokes it’s only Tuesday! How will I survive this week??)

Playing Catch Up

I know, I know. I haven’t blogged in so long that it’s becoming a sin. A travesty. I’m ashamed of myself. BUT here I am, ready to play catch-up during my lunch break! Randy isn’t here:( So you won’t be getting any of him today, but I expect he’ll be around again soon enough!

Between working 40-50 hours a week, planning a wedding, spending time with Randy, trying to wrap up my senior documentary, apartment hunting, and trying to see friends before I’m married a no fun, it’s been a little busy!

So here’s the small catch-up I can give you right now, stay tuned some posts purely dedicated to Randy and I’s first look photo shoot, the rest of our bridal shoot, my thoughts about going to the temple for the first time, and things I’ve learned since becoming a working girl that I didn’t learn in college!

For now, here’s what’s been up:

Randy and I snuck off for date night to go see Big Fish at Hale Center Theater in Orem! It was amazing! It’s one of Randy’s favorite movies, so it was fun to surprise him with the musical!
Another thing that’s been a blast is checking out restaurants for lunch when Randy is in the city. Sometimes we’ll have errands to run so Randy will come up to the city and do them while I’m at work, and that means we get lunch together! It’s a blast!

Speaking of work….this is a glimpse of what I do all day. I feel like my job has it all…creativity and analytics, brand strategies and content writing, computer programming and PhotoShop, it’s just awesome and I am absolutely loving it!

 I also some how missed posting about Mother’s Day!!! I’m terrible I know. So here’s a post for my mother! My mom is absolutely amazing in every way. Heavenly Father knew she was EXACTLY what I needed in a mom, and best friend.
Randy and I got an apartment! Yay! We are so excited to live in Midvale! 
I’m mostly excited about this giant walk-in closet here!
Quick shout out to the rest of my awesome family members and their accomplishments: 
Liv ran in the State Track Meet and KILLED it. Both of her relays got second in STATE and the Davis team won! 
Bethany just sang a solo in her choir concert, and the little sample I got before had was incredible. She has the voice of an angel and is teaching herself to play guitar.
Ben and Kim are expecting a baby GIRL and I am so excited! Ben also just finished the hardest year of law school.
And my Papi is just amazing. The man is loving his job and doing really well, running a billion miles every morning, and in his spare time builds and rebuilds computers and servers. He’s a rockstar.
And last but not least. All I have to say about going through the temple right now, is that it was one of the best experiences of my life. More on that later:)
Sorry it’s been forever! Hopefully anyone who wanted one was able to get a wedding invite! Message me if you didn’t! And stay tuned for those new posts that are coming soon (I promise!)
Happy Thursday everyone! 

Winding Down

Friends. So many things are happening so fast! Every day people ask me how I feel about graduating, my new job, planning a wedding, and let me tell you, it’s all crazy!! But so, so good. I wouldn’t trade it for a thing! Here’s a quick catch up, and look for some posts about my BYU/undergrad experience coming up!
First off, last Wednesday was my last day as a BYU Eleven News Anchor. Gosh it was sad. I’ve learned so much, had so many laughs and even a few tears (from laughing too hard). It’s been quite the adventure and I wouldn’t have survived without these great friends here. My program rocks!
Randy and I took a big step…and adopted this lil guy! Meet Sir Gerald Bartelby the Fifth. 
Randy had never gone to Build-A-Bear, so naturally we had to. We take Gerry with us to a lot of place where you probably shouldn’t take a stuffed dog. But it’s cool.
Just a glimpse into the great people I work with. Aren’t they so sweet? I came to work my second week, and they’d made this and put it on my screen. Seriously, they’re awesome.
And lastly. I just finished up my last class for my undergrad at BYU a few hours ago. It’s the craziest feeling. Bittersweet. But I’m excited about the things ahead. Again, look for some posts about college, BYU, etc, coming up.
It’s crazy how fast life is passing by. I feel like college went by in a blink. 
So happy last few weeks of school everyone, happy Monday, and happy no more college classes for me!

All the things

Again, so sorry for not posting! I have lots of updating for you…so let it begin!

My family had Spring Break last week, and let me tell you, it was so fun to get to hang out with them! They spent the night in Lehi so my sister could run in a track meet, and that meant Randy and I got to go to Thanksgiving Pointe with them! We always have way too much fun there.

We were meant to be an English family in the 1870’s. 

 Donut Funeral to commemorate my last day at KSL. I’ll still be there on-call, but not going in every weekend is going to be so sad!

Say hello to my new office! I’m going to be a Digital Marketing Coordinator for Ken Garff corporate! This means I’ll be doing lots of website design, programming, and updating, social media marketing, and some video production work. I’m so excited, and overwhelmed, and terrified, and happy!

It’s not Easter without some eggs, right? Randy and I had too much fun dying eggs last weekend.

Easter/General Conference was just amazing. My awesome family threw us a grocery shower where we got some of our favorite foods, and pie. We got to hang out with all the people we love, watch Conference together, share our story, and get excited about getting married! HUGE shout out to my mom and sister who planned and pulled the whole thing off. We felt so incredibly loved.
Then came Easter Sunday which was just too wonderful. It started early with the traditional Stocking Exchange of candy (even including my brother and sister-in-law via facetime). My Easter basket was filled with candy, nail polish, and over a dozen candles for our wedding reception! Huzzah! The rest of the day was filled with inspiring words from the prophets, more family time, egg hunting, and some invitation stuffing. All in all, an amazing day.

Also, perks of my new job? 1.3 million dollar car. Pretty sweet!
Annnd this week marks the last week of being an anchor for BYU Eleven News and getting to work with these cool cats. I’m going to miss everyone SO much. They have become such a fun part of my week, and I have learned so much from everyone on the Monday crew. Love you all!
As Brother Curtis would say….”keep on, keeping on.”
Also, today I got to go to lunch with Randy’s AMAZING aunt Wendy. She’s a total rockstar – the Low family has some complete gems in it! 
Whew. Updated. Now let’s just hope my life calms down so I have more time to post!