Back to reality

Two days back from my trip, and reality has hit. Drama. Drama. Drama. Yes I should have expected the drama as a result of my actions, but I didn’t expect people who have NOTHING TO DO WITH IT to be involved. Let’s just say, I would give my left arm to go back to the wonderful castles and adventures of Europe.


So I just got home from the best three weeks of my whole life. I’m not going to attempt to write down everything that happened, I have a whole journal for that (if you want every little detail just let me know ;)) But I do need to put SOMETHING on this beloved blog about the time I spent far away from home.

It was everything.

It was long and it was short, it was happy and it was sad, full of laughter and tears, it was hard and easy, it was huge and it was tiny.

It made me change the way I look at everything and everyone, especially myself. I missed my family and friends and free water while I was gone, but I wouldn’t change the past three weeks for anything.

Because I feel like for the first time in a long time, I found me. I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful way to do it, and I wouldn’t trade the memories I have for anything. So that’s it really.

It was everything.