8 months of Wells

The happiest, sweetest baby alive!

-he can clap and wave and it’s the cutest thing ever.
-he uses his head as leverage to army crawl and it kills me.
-he loves eating and is obsessed with strawberries, bananas, eggs, Mac and cheese, corn dogs, and really anything I put in front of him.
-his eyes follow Graham or Randy anywhere they go.
-he has big energy and loves to be loud, but also will cuddle up and whisper a second later.
-he’s the best of everything and I’m so happy he is ours


These boys crack me up. We enjoy slow days that are so busy but so fun. Graham and Wells play together SO well. Wells wants to crawl so badly! Graham still has the sweetest soul. He’s so big and growing up makes me so sad but so happy for him. I want the time to stop but also I’m so happy to see what’s ahead for these boys of mine.