Seeing Baby Boy!

We had our halfway ultrasound and got to see our wiggly little guy! He was moving all over, but then refused to move when the tech needed him to so she could get a better angle. Such a stubborn little boy! Everything is measuring perfectly and all looks great, which is such a relief and we are so grateful! Little guy is moving a LOT now and I can feel him all the time, which makes it much more real that we’re actually having a baby!

Graham is SO cute and fun right now! He can recognize most of the letters and know the sounds thanks to The Letter Factory and our little preschool that we do which is so awesome. He loves singing songs, jamming in the car, and lately he’s SO into the drums it’s adorable!

We play lots of Candyland, color, do stickers, and build lots of train tracks which is so fun!

We’re just getting ready for baby brother, trying to stay sane during the crazy age of COVID, and surviving busy season with dad work a lot. OH and we are house hunting which has been CRAZY in the current market. We’ll see what happens!

Snow Day

Saturday we got a TON of snow so Graham and I had a snow day! Dad is still busy most Saturday mornings so G and I went to get a sled, went down the hill 1 time and the snow was still falling right into his face so he started SCREAMING. He was saying “IT IS COLD I JUST DO NOT LIKE SNOW” which made me laugh because that is also how I feel hahaha. But then we went back to the house and built a snowman and Graham had wayyyyy more fun with that. He wanted to throw snowballs and shovel the driveway and we were soaking wet by the end of it!

Graham is SO in to music it cracks me up. He loves playing our piano, playing the drums, and even at my mom’s he wants to play on the drums! We signed back up for music class because he loves it. He loves to sing and jam in the car, make up his own songs, and dance in the kitchen. I love how much he loves music!

Graham also got a subscription of the Friend from my parents for Christmas! He’s SO excited to read his special magazine and asks for the stories every day.

He’s also still LOVING preschool and can recognize some letters and numbers, loves talking about the weather, and is doing a great job at counting and doing the projects. He HATES getting his hands messy which makes me laugh—he’s totally my kid!

I am just SUPER proud of how grown up he is, his manners, how fast he’s learning, and just what a good kid he is. I don’t know how we got so lucky honestly!

I’m also 18 weeks pregnant and am feeling great! We feel the baby move which is so awesome and fun. I am HUNGRY which is annoying all the time hahaha. I’m still running which is great, Graham is still so pumped for his brother, and we are plugging right along! I can’t go back to sleep if I wake up in the night which is realllly annoying but that’s ok. It’s all worth it. We can’t wait for this little guy!

January Fun

Busy season is in full swing here at our house! But thankfully Randy is working from home which makes busy season MUCH more manageable. We’ve been playing lots of fun games and doing an at-home preschool which has been a BLAST. Graham loves singing the songs, reading books, and finding letters. He’s getting SO smart and I’m super happy about it. He loves pointing out the letters while we’re driving or just hanging out at home, he is starting to know the sounds, and he loves counting and finding colors! I’m seriously just so in-awe with how smart he is getting!

We’re also having fun baking, doing fun activities like this car wash, fixing his cars and airplanes, and helping me clean. Even though dad has been busy, we’re still getting lots of family time which is great.

16 Weeks

I’m officially 16 weeks which is crazy! Four months have gone by SO fast and I can’t believe it. I wanted to do a little update about how this pregnancy is going so far!

I haven’t been sick at all—I didn’t throw up ever with Graham and haven’t yet with this baby either! I would wake up in the morning and need to eat and would feel kind of sick, but nothing too bad. I was VERY tired and wanted to back to sleep after working in the morning, and luckily Randy is home so he could make Graham breakfast so I could rest for another hour. I’ve been running and working out throughout this whole pregnancy which has been awesome. It’s helped me feel so much better and I’m so grateful I feel good enough to go! I have started to have to pee SO bad after running like half a mile, so I’ve needed a good belly band to help me be able to run haha. I’ve had some headaches here and there but honestly no symptoms that have been really bad!

I had to do the gestational diabetes test early because I had it with Graham. I failed the 1 hour test and was truly convinced I had it again. I started gearing up to have it again and went in for the three hour test. I was SHOCKED when I got the results back that I didn’t have it! I seriously broke down and just cried. I could have done GD again and I totally would have, 5 months is just a really long time to have that strict of a diet and worry about it, so not having that complication is super exciting.

Graham asks to hug the baby brother constantly which is so cute! Sometimes he jumps around and just shouts about how excited he is for a baby brother and how much he wants him to be here RIGHT NOW. He also likes to pretend his toys are babies which is so fun.

Another proud moment for me—I took Graham to get his haircut and usually he cries and is really upset. He’s very shy and even though we go to the same hairdresser every time, he’s still very nervous and doesn’t want to go. But this time he was SO adventurous and brave and sat in the chair all by himself, talked to the hairdresser, and was awesome. I was so proud!

We are so excited to have our little boy come and hope the rest of the pregnancy keeps going smoothly!

IT’S A….

BABY BOY! We can’t believe it and we are SO excited to welcome a little boy to our family. Graham is OVER THE MOON and asks to hug the baby so many times a day. He will randomly just say “I’m getting a baby brother!!!” and it’s so sweet. I’m so excited that he’ll have a little buddy and I can’t wait to see them be close friends.

Can’t wait to meet you in June little dude!