2018 – The Year of Me and My Boys

2017 was the year of Randy and Maddy. It was OUR year full of travels and adventures, and really figuring out life with the two of us. In so many ways, 2017 was one of the best years. It was full of some hard things, but we figured a lot of things out and it became chock full of some of the greatest memories and moments I could have ever asked for.

2017 was full of leaps and risks and lots of faith. My testimony was strengthened in ways I never would have imagined.

Randy and I grew closer than I could have dreamed and our love has never been more sweet.

In 2018 I can only hope that we keep growing and learning. I know we will, because with little dude coming we have a lot to learn!

In 2018 I hope for kindness and patience, for faith and trust, for prayer and practice makes perfect. I hope for lazy weekend mornings and lots of family-of-three cuddles. I hope for hard work and accomplishments, more books read and recipes tried. I hope for less doubt and judgment and gossip and lots more love and faith.

I’m the most nostalgic person I know (ask Randy how tired he gets of “do you remember this….” conversations) and as I reflect on the years past and on the year ahead, I’m so excited. 2018 is going to be a life-changing one for us, hopefully in more than just the big obvious ways.

Let’s do it!

2017 – A Year In Review

January – Drives up the canyon, taking lots of photos, cozying up and watching our favorite shows and movies. Randy started at the University of Utah and absolutely loved it.

February – Celebrating Randy’s birthday and Valentine’s day, making important decisions, lots of praying and thinking and worrying.

March – Walks around the Jordan River trail, shopping, cooking new foods and spending time with friends. The first half of 2017 was hard for me, as we were making huge decisions and I was figuring out how to get my groove back. Randy was my rock the entire time.

April – A whirlwind week of Disneyland with my parents and sister, then straight to New York for a business trip. I HATED being away from Randy but New York was so cool! We also decided to start trying to have a BABY! Also – Randy made the DEAN’S LIST. Did I mention he went to school year round for all of 2017? And killed it?

May – A HUGE and amazing month, 2 weeks of which we spent in Japan! We had the best time ever and I can’t wait to go back. We also celebrated two years of marriage which was so wonderful. Our sweet niece was born while we were gone, and we got to see Randy’s mission and I got to meet his grandparents and cousin. Randy quit his job at the bank after 2 years which was hard, but was the right move!

June – Headed to Yellowstone and loved seeing baby animals and mountain sheep (which we had never seen before!) Our darling nephew was born and at the end of the month, came to Utah to spend the summer!

July – LOTS of niece and nephew time, Candace and Randy became best friends and we loved doing fun summer activities like picnics, cookouts, drive-in movies, and more. Also, our apartment FLOODED and it was the craziest saga in the world.

August – Concerts and switching jobs were some major memories of August! But the biggest was saying goodbye to our niece and nephew as they moved to California, and saying goodbye to Randy’s brother Sam as he went on his mission to Japan.

September – The best month of the whole year, we found out we were having a baby! On my birthday, no less. It was one for the books and some of the happiest days of my life. We also moved into a new apartment in South Jordan.

October – Doctor appointments, telling our families and friends about Baby Low, freelance work, and settling into our new place filled up our October.

November – Finding out we are having a baby BOY was the highlight of November! Lots of family time and hard work for Randy to get great grades also took up most of the month.

December – Family time, feeling little dude move around, working hard and being so happy.

2017 was hard in some ways, but in so many other ways it was the best year of my life. I feel so insanely blessed to have had such a beautiful year, and am even more excited for 2018 when we get to meet our little man. We are SO lucky and so happy, and thanks to all of you who made our 2017 picture perfect.


We had a family shower for our little dude a few days after Christmas, when all our family was still in town! It was SO much fun and my sisters and my mom knocked it out of the PARK! It was SO cute and little guy was SO spoiled. We had soup and veggies and fruit and treats, had a word search and baby animal naming game (with prizes of course) and got SO many amazing gifts for our little dude. It’s overwhelming to see how many people love our little guy.

A huge thank you to everyone who came, and to my awesome sisters and mom for putting on such a fantastic shower. I feel insanely lucky (and emotional and pregnant so I’m crying while I type this – haha)

Christmas Time

We have had an absolutely WONDERFUL Christmas!

Christmas started for us a week ago (holy cow I’m behind on blogging!) Thursday we came to Kaysville to start spending time with family. We had the best time seeing our niece and nephew and getting all festive!

Friday we did some shopping and the rest of my family arrived, and Randy and I got to have an ultrasound with little dude! He was SO cute and even waved at us! Then we went to the Candlelight Christmas at This Is The Place Heritage Park, which was SO fun! We ate donuts and gingerbread cookies, saw a live nativity which was one of the highlights of the season for me, and danced like the pioneers would have, making wax candles and DIY garlands. It was SO fun to hear carolers singing Christmas songs and it really got us ready to celebrate the season. We got to write a letter to Santa and then burn it because they told us that’s how the pioneer parents told their children their letters would get to Santa! Randy even folded a paper crane (in about 30 seconds) and wrote his letter on it in Japanese! It was really fun! Christmas charades rounded out the evening and we stayed up WAY too late laughing.

Saturday we went and saw Jumanjii (which was funny!) and had pho for lunch (my favorite!) Then we played with our nieces and nephew, had delicious food, and spent time with Randy’s family. It was a really relaxed day just full of fun memories.

Sunday was Christmas Eve and we jetted off to church with Randy’s family, had a delicious ramen and gyoza party there, then went back to my parents house for a Christmas Eve dinner, then back to Randy’s to talk to Elder Low! He is doing SO well and it was wonderful to get to chat with him! He seems so happy in Japan, and we couldn’t be more proud of him!

Christmas Eve night was full of opening books (my family’s tradition) and getting everything ready for the big day!

Christmas Day of course was too much fun. We ran back and forth between our families houses and were spoiled absolutely rotten. From clothes for us and our little dude, to surprise bath bombs and tons of vinyl for Randy, we were so lucky. We really have the best families and it was so fun to give them things and show our love for them.


Fun fact, my dad got a lock picking set and everyone, including Candace, had to learn how to use it!

It was SO magical to have little kids with us on Christmas morning and got me and Randy so excited for next year when we have little man here!

The days after Christmas have been filled with more family and fun and we are so lucky, it’s been so perfect to have a break and refocus on things that really matter.

As we talked about Jesus Christ and His miraculous birth, I can’t help but think about His Heavenly Father and Mother and His earthly parents. All of them had so much love for Him, and for all of us. They were willing to give a child so He could grow up and save us. I think about how overprotective I feel about this little babe I haven’t met, and how fiercely I love him already, and it makes me sob.

There is so much good and so much love all around us. It’s easier to feel at Christmas, but it’s something I pray I can carry through every day of the next year.

Merry Christmas!

Fav Maternity Items – PinkBlush

There are a lot of maternity things I’ve been loving as I’m going through this pregnancy, here’s a few that I’m crazy about (maybe get one of these for any pregnant friends you have, guarantee a good Christmas gift and all that)
1. PinkBlush robe. I’m IN LOVE with this robe! I got it to be my “delivery robe” to bring to the hospital and I’m already loving wearing it. It’s been easy to feel weird sized as I grow (some people think I’m just large and not pregnant, so that’s not fun) but this robe is flattering and makes me feel pretty even when I stay in PJs all day. I’m excited to take it to the hospital to get some pretty pictures in and feel covered up, and wear it all the time after! 

2. Promptly Journal. A good friend of mine suggested I get this journal and I love it! It asks questions which has made it so easy to jot down all the memories of being pregnant. It goes from pregnancy to when your child is 18, so you can record all the special elements! I have been LOVING writing in this and am so excited to keep jotting down fun things for years to come! 

3. VitaFusion Prenatal Gummies. I posted about this before, but I’m still CRAZY about these pre-natal vitamins! They are SO yummy and it’s so much better than trying to swallow a giant pill every morning or night. 

4. H&M Maternity Jeans.  These maternity jeans are my absolute favorite! I still use the belly elastic stretch thing on my jeans a lot, but it’s been so nice to have some maternity jeans to trade in and out with those. These aren’t crazy expensive (I also got them on sale) and they have lots of colors.
5. Anello Backpack Diaper Bag. We actually got this backpack in Japan when we were very first trying to have a baby and I LOVE it! I’ve already been using it to haul stuff around and I couldn’t be happier with it! It has lots of pickets, it’s easy to stand up and unzip, it’s just a dream. We’ll see if I still love it when baby comes, but I’m sure I will! You can order it on Amazon, if you don’t want to go to Japan;)
Comment below and share any of your maternity favorites that I’m missing! 

Last Minute Gift Guide

I’m WAY on top of my Christmas shopping this year, but that’s not always the case for me! It’s easy to get caught up and too busy to get all the shopping done, so I’m giving you some easy “last minute” gift options to purchase before the holiday is upon us!
For Her:
PinkBlush always has DARLING options, anything from cozy PJs and robes to gorgeous dresses! I’m doing a collab with them coming up in a few days and I am SO excited! Their products are always so high quality, and so cute!
For Him:
Zuzu Wear ties are SO cool and hip! They have all kinds of fun styles for any kind of guy, from floral to plain and simple anything you could want can be found on their site! 
For Kids:
I love shopping for my nieces and nephew and when I found this cute instrument set, I knew it was a home run! Kinds of all different ages will LOVE it, and the instruments are durable and safe for infants to toddlers! I got mine on Amazon (bless Amazon and online shopping) but Melissa and Doug toys are sold in a variety of stores all over! 

Bumpdate Week 18 and Christmas Activities

We have been having the best time gearing up for Christmas! Randy finished his finals on Thursday (he worked SO hard and I am SO proud of him!) so Friday we had to do some fun stuff!

After work we went to see Star Wars The Last Jedi and we LOVED it. So many people have been saying they don’t like it for one reason or another, but we thought it was really good! You have to let go of your expectations a little bit, but I really loved it and so did Randy.

Saturday morning we slept in a bit, then headed off to do some Christmas shopping! It was snowing a tiny bit and we listened to Christmas music which always makes me so excited for the holiday.

We saw Santa Claus at City Creek, but he wasn’t nearly as popular as all the Star Wars characters that were available for pictures! There were maybe 4 people in line to see Santa, and several dozen in line to see the Star Wars characters, which was a riot.

We met up with Bethany and Jarem at Trolley Square for some dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory – we got to eat in the train car which was really fun! After wandering around for a minute, we headed up to Temple Square and after getting stuck in some bad traffic, finally parked and got over to the MoTab Concert! It was SO cool to see so many people in line at the JSMB for the new Church Vending Machines, all wanting to donate money to serve others.

We got to the concert and it was one of my favorite ones I have ever been to. Sutton Foster was breathtaking and her songs were beautiful. I seriously teared up hearing her sing Sunshine On My Shoulders by John Denver (one of my family’s favorite road trip songs). Hugh Bonneville was also fantastic and SO cool to see in person, and of course Richard Elliot the organist played an AMAZING solo that got a standing ovation. The whole congregation sang Jingle Bells and it was SO fun to see everyone try to keep up with the conductor.

Baby boy was bouncing around like nuts when the singing was going on – I think it’s safe to say he’s his father’s son, and loves music.

We’re having the best time this holiday baking cookies, wrapping gifts, and I’m trying really hard not to get too caught up in things and just be excited about what we get to do and see. It’s been fun and we can’t wait for little man to join us next year!

Week 18:

Symptoms: My back has been hurting a little bit this week which hasn’t been fun! Anyone have any good ideas of remedies?
Sleep: Still having random and vivid dreams, and I think sleep is what’s making my back hurt so I’m looking for better ways to relax so I don’t tweak anything! 
Baby is: The size of a sweet potato this week! I can feel him move more and more (I think it’s him anyway. It’s hard to know since it’s my first!) and it’s so fun! 
Gender: BABY BOY! We go in for another ultrasound this week – so hopefully no changes!
Dad is: Perfect! He knocked out his finals while taking care of me and is always SO sweet and does everything I need and more. 
Mom is craving: Poor man stroganoff! We made it for dinner and I ate the leftovers as a late night snack that same night – then the next morning was almost in tears that I didn’t have any more leftovers! SO the following day, I made a batch so I would have some leftovers. The funniest thing is, Sunday night we went to my mom’s house and my sister decided to make it for dinner! So I’ve had plenty of it now HAHA.
Funny things this week: I can’t bend over! I feel like the baby is RIGHT THERE when I bend over to touch my toes and it makes it really uncomfortable.

Bumpdate Week 17 and Lighting The World

Symptoms: I’m still gagging randomly, but at our last Dr. visit she told us that wasn’t too abnormal and to not worry. I’m starting to get round ligament pain but it hasn’t been too bad yet!
Sleep: I’m having random and very vivid dreams!
Baby is: The size of a video game controller! He can hear us now (most likely) so I talk to him all the time haha!
Gender: BABY BOY! We go in for another ultrasound soon so hopefully we aren’t surprised!
Dad is: Fantastic. He’s got finals this week and still manages to make me feel like a champ. 
Mom is craving: Pho! We had it a couple times last week for dinner…
Funny things this week: Our dr. appointment went great, the little dude would move every time they got him on the fetal doppler – he must not like feeling that on top of him!
Randy and I have also been doing some #lighttheworld activities and it has been SO fun! We bought CupBop for a girl behind us in line, and Randy ran out into the parking lot screaming “LIGHT THE WORLD.” He shared this experience at Church, and now a week later people are STILL talking to him about it saying how awesome he is. He also got to share the Gospel with a friend from the bank when he ran into him at Panda Express. We visited our parents and spent time with them, shared scriptures, and more. We are LOVING these challenges! We also went to Guitar Center last week and Randy played like a ROCKSTAR (check out our video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-4jqD4epcc)
We are loving the Christmas season and are so excited to spend time with family the rest of the month.

Gender Reveal

Randy and I are THRILLED that we are having a baby boy!! SO many people thought it was a girl (75% of our Instagram poll) but once she told us it was a boy it just felt SO right. It feels obvious and we are so insanely thrilled. It’s just the right first step for our little family and we couldn’t be happier. We had a blast finding out and sharing with our families.

Bumpdate of Week 16

Symptoms: I have been gagging at EVERYTHING. It’s the weirdest thing! I don’t feel sick to my stomach, but Randy will have his hoodie strings in his mouth or something and it makes me gag! It’s SO weird. I’ve also had some random shin-split pain and things that may, or may not, be associated with the pregnancy.

Sleep: I’m less tired which is amazing! It’s so nice to have more energy! 

Baby is: The size of a box of an action figure! He’s supposedly going to be able to start hearing right around now so I’m trying to talk to him more, as strange as it feels! I also feel like I have felt him move a couple times, but they say starting this week or next week I should be able to start feeling him move for sure!

Gender: BABY BOY! Right now we are liking the names Graham, Winston, and Hudson.

Dad is: The very best! He is getting ready for finals and is still so sweet and always makes sure I have everything I need.

Mom is craving: Sour candies still (so weird) and PASTA.

Funny things this week: We had a blast at the Festival of Trees and couldn’t stop staring at every, single baby we saw!