Again, I’m the worst and only took ONE picture this Thanksgiving. ONE. I’m the WORST.

Ok I was enjoying time with my family though, so you’ll just have to read about it!

First though, a few days of gratitude left!

November 24th: I’m grateful for music. Heavenly Father obviously loves us so much to provide us such a wonderful thing to help us be happy.
November 25th: I’m grateful for Kaysville. I love my hometown so so SO much. So many people give me lip about living in Utah my whole life, but it has been absolutely wonderful for me.

Cleaning out my desk was hard. 

November 26th: I’m grateful for for the amazing opportunities life has thrown at me. I left my job at BYU Radio to move on to a different adventure (that I’ll be announcing tomorrow. Stay tuned.) But I am so lucky to have had the amazing experiences in my life. Heavenly Father has been looking out for me.
November 27th: I’m grateful for Thanksgiving! What an amazing holiday. This Thanksgiving was so wonderful! We started the day with a Turkey Bowl (that turned into Ultimate Frisbee) which was SO fun. Then we went around as a family and shared what we were grateful for, and got to talk to my brother and sister-in-law in Boston before they headed to Cape Cod for Thanksgiving. All of my extended family got together and ate and ate and ate and played games (Rook and Bang are our favorites) and talked and laughed, and we just had such a great time. I have so many wonderful memories of are crazy family get togethers, and I feel so lucky to have been blessed with my family. Love you all!

We are so cool.
Also, just a week and a half until Elder Low is home! I’m going crazy I’m so excited! 
Happy Black Friday everyone, and happy Thanksgiving and happy gratitude month!

Dear Nutcracker

Last night was my beautiful sister Olivia’s last time dancing in The Nutcracker at Clytie Adams Ballet. I remember the sick, sad feeling that accompanies that very well. The girls were all backstage crying and hugging and getting pictures. It really was a sight to behold. Before the last performance, Clytie (the school’s owner and founder and director and everything) made a speech (like she does before each show). At the end she said, “One of my former dancers came up to me after an earlier performance and said, ‘Oh, I miss dancing.’ And I thought…well that never really goes away.” She was talking about my sweet littlest sister Bethany who had found her after the show to say hi.

Clytie was right, you never get over that feeling of missing dancing. I’ve been done for about 4 years, and every day I miss it.

The other day I had the chance to interview Adam Sklute, the artistic director at Ballet West, for BYU Radio. (I was fan-girling pretty hard, PS). At the end of the interview, I asked him a question that I hadn’t written down or prepped him for. I asked, “If you could write a love note to The Nutcracker, what would it say?” He was a little surprised, but then started into a beautiful monologue about The Nutcracker and what it has meant to him (you’ll have to listen to hear the whole thing). It got me thinking though, I wanted to write my own letter to The Nutcracker. For myself, and other dancers who have been touched by this show.

Dear Nutcracker,

Thank you for giving every November of my life color, brilliance, and beauty. From the music, to the costumes, to the props, to the hours of “Ride that Pony” that can be heard from where the little kids are held, to the long car rides and Nelson’s Frozen Custard after the show, you have been a pure delight.

I have the steps and music memorized. I can’t help but dance in my seat a bit when I watch because I know every move, the counting, and the rhythm, better than I know almost anything.

Nutcracker, I miss you. I miss the anticipation in the wings just before stepping on stage. I miss the long hallways and dressing rooms that always smelled like hairspray. I miss the feeling of being laced into a tutu a little too tight. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have a dull ache in my heart, and an itch in my feet for dancing.

Thank you for giving me so many memories, so many nights of laughter and tears, so many days of sore feet and muscles, and so many pairs of ruined pointe shoes from the hard stage floor. Thank you for giving me the thrill of being out of breath after finishing a show, and hearing thunderous applause.

Nutcracker, words can’t really express what you’ve meant to me over my life. And I think every November I’ll feel a bit nostalgic and want to come home to you. Thank you for being my home.

All my love,

The three dancers…

She’s too pretty!
These cuties also came to see my sister dance and hang out with my fam bam.

Now gratitude!
November 21st: I’m thankful for pasta. I have a slight love affair with everything pasta related. Seriously, it’s kinda bad. But also so wonderful. 
November 22nd: I’m thankful for my new Mac! Yup, I did it. I pulled the plug and bought one. I’m in love with Mirage (that’s her name:)) and while I still adore PC’s, I’m liking this Mac a lot!
November 23rd: I’m grateful for oversize sweaters. Something about this time of year makes extra large sweaters just delightful, so cozy and fun. I simply adore them!
Happy Sunday dear friends! 
Also, I went to my last BYU football game as a student this weekend. So bittersweet, but I loved that I got to go with two of my best friends in the world! 

Thankfulness and stuff

Wow guys, this month has been rough. One of the harder months for me to get through. So I’m super glad I’ve been doing this gratitude thing, so I have to look at all the wonderful and amazing things that happen even in spite of all the not so wonderful and amazing things.

November 18th. Today I am so grateful for my high school experience being involved in theater. Being a part of the musical, getting to know some incredible people, and making friends that last forever is such a huge blessing. It made me a better person, it made me who I am. There’s this huge part of my life that only some will understand, and that’s being a part of the Davis High Musical. What an experience. I miss it every single day.

Shows come and go, people don’t have to.

November 19th (happy birthday beautiful Kim!): I’m thankful for temples. Without the temple, this cute family of mine couldn’t be together forever and always. I’m so happy that I know that there is a house of God on earth, and because of it, death has no power. 

And today, November 20th, for the opening night of The Nutcracker…I’m grateful for dance. I have been a dancer since age 3. Quitting and pursuing other passions was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and not a day goes by that I don’t really miss it. I love sneaking away to the RB and dancing for a bit, until I realize how not-good I am anymore! Anyway the point is this; I grew up on stage, with a leotard and tights and a bun in my hair. I still think I’m happiest when I’m on my toe shoes. Being a ballerina was complete and utter bliss, and the memories I have running around Weber State, lacing up costumes, keeping clothes on at the bar when it was freezing. All of those memories will be with me forever. To everyone who made my dancing dreams a reality, thank you. To all you beautiful Clytie Dancers (especially my sister) break a leg! 
Now enjoy some OLD pictures. 

Happy Thursday everyone! 


Hello friends!

I’ve been a major slacker at posting lately, it’s because I’m so darn busy!

School, work, and the food drive are all I have time for these days!

Let’s play a little catch up on gratitude, yeah?

November 10th: I’m grateful for the BYU Food Drive. I had the opportunity to participate last year, and I’m doing it all again this year! It’s awesome, so fun, and so much work! We’re gathering food for the people in Utah County who suffer from food insecurity, not knowing where their next meal is coming from. We’ve been working like crazy to host fun events and get food and money donations! Contact me if you’re in Provo and interested in helping out!

(check it out: BYU Food Drive Article)

November 11th: I’m so grateful for those who fight to defend our country. We are so lucky to live in the land of the free, because of the brave. Thanks to all those currently serving, and to everyone who has served to protect this God blessed land!

November 12th: I’m thankful for my ultimate frisbee team. Seems silly, but seriously it made this semester so much fun! I loved getting to meet new people, and run around playing the game. I’m not the best, but I enjoyed every second playing with the BYU Radio Team.

November 13th: I’m grateful for family. I lucked out getting the best family in the whole world! They’re so supportive and wonderful, and I don’t know what I would do without them. I’m so glad they’re stuck with me for eternity!

November 14th: I’m grateful for my best friends. I’ve been struggling feeling unsure of myself, confused, and even a little sad lately. I have the best friends who bring me cookies, make me dinner, and tell me that everything is going to be ok. My life would be a whole lot less wonderful without them.

November 15th: I’m grateful for football! I love heading to the stadium all bundled up and excited to cheer for my team. I’m so sad I only have one BYU home football game left as a student, On to bigger and better things I guess…but I’m sure going to miss it!

November 16th: I’m thankful for hospitals and medicine. I met my sweet little self-proclaimed god-daughter Addie Juliette on Sunday. And wow, is she wonderful! I’m just thankful for modern medicine and the advancements and comfort it gives to us. We are so lucky!

November 17th: Today, I’m thankful for the career path I picked. There are some people in my major who have no desire to get a job in what we’re studying, and I’m just thankful that Heavenly Father helped me find a path that I love. I’m so excited to get out their and follow my dreams with a news/communications career. I’m a lucky girl!

Friends, I’m so blessed, and thanks to all of you who make my life sweet.

Happy Monday everyone!

And happy-three-weeks-left….what? Where has the time gone?

What They Won’t Tell You About Writing A Missionary

I’ve been writing this post in my head for about 23 months. Some people aren’t going to like this, but I’m getting better at realizing I’m not going to make everyone happy, some people are going to dislike me, no matter what I do. SO. I’m posting this for me, and so hopefully some other boy or girl who is missing a friend, brother, sister, or cousin, can have some tips!

So I’ve been writing to my best friend who is off serving an LDS mission. He gets home next month, and I’ve learned a thing or two about writing a missionary since he (and practically all my other friends) have been gone.

What They Won’t Tell You About Writing A Missionary

1. It is hard. I thought I understood what that meant. Let me tell you, I didn’t. There are all of these conflicting feelings, like being so proud but missing them so much, wanting to confide in them while not being distracting, not writing too much or too little but jussst the right amount. It’s exhausting. And unfortunately while it gets easier to cope….it never really gets better.

2. People are going to trash talk. I was shocked how many people were so rude to me about the whole situation. People telling me I was a distraction, people throwing stories in my face about missionaries they knew who were so terrible because they were distracted by friends writing, people telling me that it wasn’t ever going to be the same, it wouldn’t work out, that I was being stupid and should just forget it. It’s so hard having such a huge part of your life completely thrashed. But it made me stronger.

3. You will change. And your missionary will change. This is 100% expected and 100% good. Change for the better. Both of you. And maybe those changes will pull you further apart, and that’s ok. If you are both turning into the people you are meant to be, and that means you aren’t supposed to stay friends, that’s life. But in my situation, the changes were all so good and made us closer, more Christ-like, and happier.

4. Some days you will just want to cry. People will tell you not to, but that’s not good. Sometimes, just let it out, listen to sad songs and have a blah day. It will be ok!

5. The last three months are by far the worst. I didn’t ever believe people who told me this, but it’s true. Unfortunately, every day that it’s closer seems to be a littler harder than the one before!

6. You will be so blessed. I have grown closer to Christ as I read letters about His Atonement, about the miracles and the wonderful things that are happening with His work. I have studied and pondered and grown so much. My testimony is unshakable. And I think writing a missionary was a huge part of that.

7. You will grow independent. I was terrified at the beginning that not having my best friend around to vent or cry to would mean the end of me. It was just the opposite. I found me by having to be independent, be by myself. And now, I am 100% comfortable with my own company. In fact, I love it.

8. Everyone is different. Everyone and every missionary is so different. Things that happened to your neighbors best friend’s sister’s boyfriend won’t happen to you. So relax, do what is best for you, and stop comparing!

9. You will be angry. Sometimes I felt so cheated that I was missing out on two years of my best friend’s life. His favorite color changed, and I didn’t know about it. He did all these incredible things that didn’t involve me. And it hurt. But you have to kick that, grow up, and realize that being an individual is wonderful. Embrace all of the good things about the situation and shake off the bad.

10. Turn to your Heavenly Father. I didn’t realize how much I would be relying on my Heavenly Father and my Savior when this whole ordeal started. He understands how it feels, your frustrations and fears. And He has the perfect plan for you. Rely on Him and His knowledge no matter what your earthly brain is thinking. You can do it, with his help!

That’s it really. I’m no expert, and I still have some time left before all my friends are home. But you can do this!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Gratitude Catch Up

Whoooooa where have I been? This week just got away from me friends!

November 4th: I’m grateful for America. Unfortunately, I think so many people take for granted the right to vote, especially people my age. I look at all the people who fought for my right. I look at the women who protested and were arrested to make sure women like me could vote. What a blessing, and a responsibility we have to honor that right!

November 5th: I’m grateful for BYU. I feel so lucky to go to this university. There are too many things about it to list, but seriously I’m so thankful I get to be here. I love my professors, the people, the campus, Provo city, my program, everything!

November 6th: I’m thankful for the scriptures. I’m taking a D and C class right now, and wow. I am so glad I have a road map to help me through this life. The religion classes I have taken at BYU have totally changed the way I view the scriptures. These were real people, real and amazing people. And they wrote to us.

November 7th: I’m grateful for my job. I love BYU Radio and the many opportunities it has given to me. The people I have met there and the things I have learned can’t be compared to anything else. I lucked out finding this awesome job!

November 8th: I’m thankful for blogging. Seriously, I have made amazing friends through blogging and I am so grateful for how I’ve grown through writing. I had the chance to head to The Buzz Reveal Party and it was AMAZING. I met Hailey and Brad Devine and their families, which was incredible to say the least. I may have even told her that I watched her videos every day for the first 3 months that Randy was gone, and it’s still a weekly thing. What an amazing night!

Ugly face contest for the win!

November 9th: I’m grateful for my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We had a wonderful regional conference where many of the speakers talked about God and his love for us, and how to figure out what we are doing with our lives. They were so real and wonderful.

Some highlights:
Sister Whitney’s story about her boys buying 100 pesos worth of gelato, and encouraging us to bring home bags of the Lord’s sweet and delicious love for ourselves.
Elder Whitney’s story about turkeys learning how to fly and then walking home.
Elder Ballard’s entire talk, and him straight up saying “if you murmur about the Honor Code then you don’t really believe in Jesus Christ.” WOW. Powerful words. His grandfatherly advice, and telling the sisters to wear some lipstick and have the “sparkle of the Spirit” in their eyes was also great.

It’s been a crazy week, and this month is about to get crazier! The Food Drive starts next week so I will be a BUSY, BUSY bee!

Friends, We have so much to be thankful for. I feel like the luckiest person alive. November is a beautiful month to remind me to be more thankful, and to be happy with what I have.

Happy Sunday friends!

eShakti and gratitude

For November 2nd I’m grateful for my roommates. Seriously, these three girls put up with so much from me. I’m really lucky to have them and I’m lucky they keep putting up with me every single day.

And today…I’m grateful for clothes! I love all the seasons here in Utah and the chance it gives me to wear all different kinds of outfits! I’m glad I live in a place where I can express myself with my style, and that I have enough money to buy clothes.

And speaking of clothes….

I got a lovely little package in the mail the other day….I love packages and clothes so when I get BOTH…best day ever! is absolutely delightful. I ordered a shirt online and had it CUSTOMIZED to my height! I usually wear a size small, but sometimes it feels like the “small” is really designed for someone who is SUPER skinny and SUPER tall. Which is not me. eShakti let me tell them how tall I was so my shirt would actually fit me, imagine that!

So I ordered the shirt and it got to me within a week! Fast shipping? Major plus. There’s a wide variety of things to buy there, from more bohemian styles, to professional, to elegant. Seriously, so many different types of clothes that are all cute! For any age. Promise. High school to mom of a high schooler, these are adorable!

AND HOW CUTE IS THIS SHIRT? Seriously. Such a cute pattern and a perfect fit! I can pair it with a skirt or dress slacks for work, and then throw on jeans and have a rockin’ date night outfit! Wear it with a jacket when it’s cold, or by itself when it’s hot! It’s quality material, well lined, modest, and basically I’m obsessed. 

So. is TOTALLY great. 
I even love it so much, I’ve talked them into giving YOU a discount code!
just go to, order something cute, and then when you get to checkout type in ‘averagedayofaginger’ and get 10% OFF! You can use that code as many times as you want from today to December 3rd! Seriously guys, this is an awesome deal for an awesome place to get some winter clothes! 

 Promise you won’t regret it!

Happy gratitude month, and happy shopping, and happy Monday!

Gratitude Month: November First

Well friends, it’s November! Which means it’s time for my month of gratitude posts! How exciting:)

Some of you will get sick of this, some of you may think this is dumb, but I’m so glad we have a month where I can remember to be a little more grateful.

Today, I’m grateful for missionaries. I’m grateful for all they do to further the work of the Lord, and the things that we can do as member missionaries to help people learn about the Gospel. We are so lucky to live in a time where the Lord is hastening his work, and we’re able to be a huge part of that. I just love it! If you haven’t noticed, I love talking about my religion. I’m also super proud of my best friends who are around the world talking about it. If you have questions, let me know!

And I’m also pretty grateful that I get to see you next month:)

Happy Saturday Friends, and happy November!