I see the light

So this weekend was good πŸ™‚ I’ll give you the general run-down. Friday I got home from school, changed my clothes, and went almost immediately back to the school to practice my song with Bandy. Then we danced for like two hours. It’s fine. It was way fun. Then I ran home and changed because I was foul, then off to Juston’s house for a party. It was crazy and fun. We danced and sang and listened to music and had arm wrestling and push up contests. I came home tired and happy, only to find a note, flower, and cookies on my doorstep. I still have no idea who did it, if it was a joke or the well-intentioned sweet service that I’m taking it as, but it was nice either way.

Saturday I woke up WAY TOO EARLY and headed to the school. Once there I got to spend six hours with some of my favorite people, dancing. It was a blast. Exhausting, but a blast. Having lunch and talking and laughing with Andra, Bonnie, Syd, Chad, RyLeigh and Randy was so much fun. Letting go of Productions has been hard for me, and I’m so glad Andra knew that this was a way that I could still be connected while slowly letting it go. After dancing I went home and changed, ate some food, and then went right back to sing in the Cystic Fibrosis Benefit Concert that Amanda put on. It was so much fun to be there with everyone, laughing and messing up onstage. I got to sing with my best friend and that was a treat.

Then some stuff happened….I’ll spare you the gory details. But Randy and I tried to shake it off and went to Morgan’s house. It was a blast hanging out with everyone with the Hunger Games going on in the backyard and talking to Mo’s mom about life.

I am going to vent about the bad stuff that happened this weekend, but know that if you’re reading this it’s NOT about you….at all….in any way, shape or form. So with that being said.

Being a friend means you support someone. You don’t just call them when it’s convenient for you. You care about their life even if you don’t really want to know or don’t agree. You treat people with respect and love and you don’t pretend you’re perfect when you know you’re not. Mostly you just don’t take your friends for granted or expect them to act a certain way or be kicked out. Basically….

Sometimes I love Disney Channel movies….

So…..I love Disney Channel movies. Sue me. Recently I watched “Geek Charming” which was ADORABLE. And soon (as in after my AP tests are over and I have control of my life again) I intend to watch HSM3 which is basically the recap of a senior year, not at all similar to mine, but adorable. So here’sΒ a songΒ from it that I love. Love. Love.

Take my hand, Take a breath, Pull me close,
Take one step, Keep your eyes locked on mine And let the music be your guide.
Won’t you promise me (Now won’t you promise me, that you’ll never forget)
Β You’ll keep dancing (To keep dancing) Where ever we go next.

It’s like catching lightning, The chances of finding someone like you.
It’s one in a million the chances of feeling the way we do.
And with every step together, We just keep on getting better.
So can I have this dance? (Can I have this dance) Can I Have this dance?

Take my hand, I’ll take the lead, And every turn will be safe with me,
Don’t be afraid, Afraid to fall, You know I’ll catch you through it all
And you can’t keep us apart (Even a thousand miles can’t keep us apart)
Cos my heart is where ever you are.

It’s like catching lightning, The chances of finding someone like you.
It’s one in a million, The chances of feeling the way we do.
And with every step together, We just keep on getting better.
So can I have this dance? (Can I have this dance) Can I Have this dance?

Ohh no mountains too high and no oceans too wide,
Cause together or not, our dance won’t stop. Let it rain, let it pour.
What we have is worth fighting for. You know I believe that we were meant to be.

Oooohhh. It’s like catching lightning, The chances of finding someone like you (like you)
It’s one in a million, The chances of feeling the way (way) we do.
And with every step together, We just keep on getting better.
So can I have this dance? (Can I have this dance)
Can I have this dance? Can I have this dance, Can I have this dance?

Windows and lyrics

Roll down the windows darling.
Who cares if they hear?
We’re past all the insecurity of security.
It’s music to our ears.

We’re going way too fast,
Down a road we don’t know.
We pull up and fake the smiles,
Put the face on just for show.

But they don’t know us darling,
Even the ones that think they do,
Know nothing. Really nothing.
About the me of you.

So we’ll stand outsiders,
But laugh into ourselves,
Over the pointless things that they hold near,
But we’ve put on the shelf.

So we’ll walk down the dark asphalt,
The broken street lights flitting,
Dance under the thousand stars,
And never dream of quitting.

Roll down the window darling,
Scream the lyrics into the dark,
Forget the crackling fire that is them
Forget their igniting spark.

So we’re driving away from all of it,
Their belief that they have won.
We’re staying with windows and lyrics,
With the rest of it, we are done.

Isn’t it interesting….

Isn’t it interesting how….

A picture of someone else says so much about who you’re not.

The words not spoken about you speak volumes.

You slowly slip away, unnoticed.

You wanted them to notice.

Enough being sad and nostalgic.


Here’s a fun story.

Sometimes at work Kira and I go crazy and the new girl thinks we’re insane. It’s fine. Really though. And then Jessi and I talk about all sorts of things, then the nice family that was golfing (who was also semi-strange) brings up the bucket that the golf balls go into on the last hole. The hidden, underground bucket that keeps the illusion that the golf balls simply “disappear” after a game.

“Here’s this bucket! We thought you might want it.”

“…..thank you?”

The end.

Muffy and Tipper Meet

So here comes a long post with a story included πŸ™‚ This blog isn’t read by too many people and it’s kinda my journal? Ish? Anyway I don’t feel bad making a long story post because the people who read it will want to read it πŸ™‚

With that being said.

First of all some spiritual thoughts. So we had a Seminary class president meeting about things to do with our class. And we’re doing a “spring cleaning” of things to clean out of your life through the Atonement. It’s an excellent idea really. And so during class when we were talking about Isaiah and, repentence of all things, I started freaking out about things I’ve done. Freaking out that getting up in seminary to talk to my class about the Atonement would be hypocritical. And then I flipped over to Isaiah 41: 8-13. Go read it. It’s amazing stuff. I think it hit me, for the first time in a few years, I’m fine. I’m doing what I can and everything in the past doesn’t matter. Because the Atonement is real, and if I keep trying not to make mistakes, the ones that do slip out are fixable. It’s a great thing to know.

Anyway change of topic now. Here’s a story about boy meets girl. Sue me if I copy Abi Newhouse. Actually…don’t sue me. That isn’t the point.

Once upon a time, Tipper and Muffy met tea at the Grand America Hotel around 2:00 PM. Neither of them liked tea, but it would be a shame to not get dressed up and go. Tipper was hoping his favorite cakes would be on the menu, and Muffy was hoping an old boyfriend would be there so she could flaunt her new hat and dress, to show him what he was missing. A funny thing happened. Muffy’s ordinary table was somehow taken, most likely due to the fact that her old beau had a new girl, and the table was under his name, the table Tipper had requested was given away to an out-of-town dignitary. So Muffy and Tipper wound up sitting at the same table, a two person, white starched table cloth, rosy colorful china, hot chocolate rather than tea, finger sandwiches and Lady Baltimore cake type of table.
Wellll helllooooo, she said in her snobbish tone.
Yes mmand hellooo to you as wellll he said in an equally snobbish tone.
They sipped hot chocolate, pretending it was tea, raised their eyebrows around the room, sniggered at each other when their eyes met.
I reeeeally must be going, Tipper announced after his third slice of cake.
Mmmhmmm yes oh really I muuuuuust as well, Muffy annouced, trying to delicately swallow a bitter cucumber sandwich.

It was love at first sight.


Be prepared for a LONG post πŸ™‚

First of all. I went to prom this weekend. And it was FABULOUS. Best dance ever I think it’s safe to say. So I spend all day getting ready and doing my hair. And I slip on my dress and feel great. And Randy knocks on the door and I open it. He looks at me, then proceeds to stumble inside and start taking the corsage out of the box and get ready to put it on…and I’m all…well hello to you too….and then I pinned on the boutinere…first try πŸ™‚ And we took some pictures…an then we were off. We rode in Randy’s car…which normally would’ve bugged me, but it didn’t that day. We had fun driving and got to SLC and parked, marvled at the pillasters and columns in the ionic order at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, got some CUTE pictures…..had a bit of an ordeal with the dinner plans after which we just said “to heck with it” sat down and ordered. Our waiter was SO funny and nice and we had good food….and good dessert. We even sang Jordyn Happy Birthday so she could release a balloon into the atmosphere.

Then off to the dance. We got pictures at the dance too and then danced our hearts out, commented on the architecture, walked around on the porch and saw the city, slow danced and sang while we did. Needless to say, it was perfect. We drove home using our new-found accents to comment on how “spleeenddddid” the night was. We stopped by Randy’s house and saw his parents, who are great, then off to Cam’s house for some cuddling and “How to Train Your Dragon.” Then I fell asleep on the way home….and I’ll leave the doorstep scene to your own imagination.

To sum up everything…..

Prom was perfect. Senior year has been more or less perfect. Everything is going swimmingly. πŸ™‚


There will soon be a post about prom, so I thought I should make a pre-post about everything that happened before prom!!!

Yesterday we went to State One Acts and it was grand. I had so much fun with the cast of our show and Advanced Theater. We messed around on the bus with a boombox, got in trouble at Walmart, met a talking garbage can at McDonalds, watched some…interesting shows, ate frosted flakes and danced to Beat It, made fun of the other shows in our warm-up, seriously thought about redoing the entire show just because it would be funny, “performed our little hearts out”, got back to Davis and screamed the song while pounding the bus, and got to take my Baby home πŸ™‚ It was a great day!! Then I made cookies and “studied.” Then Hailee came over. I love her. We ended up talking about a lot of things that have been going on lately. Let’s just say, right now we’re on the same page about some things. Some things she’s going through I can’t even relate to, and some things I’m going through she can’t relate to. But we are on the same page. And it’s nice being on the same page.

NOW. PROM IS TODAY!!!!!!!!! AND I’M FREAKING OUT!!!!!! Let’s just set the stage…shall we? I’ve never been to Davis prom with someone I really really like. I’ve gone with two friends and it was a BLAST. But never with someone I felt all romantial about. And it’s my LAST PROM.

SO. To sum up.

Last prom.

With my best friend in the whole world.

Who I happen to kinda sorta maybe be in love with.

Let’s just say.



Flutterbies. Everywhere you looked. The flutterbies. Flying in and out and around the dark sky. Sometimes hiding the moon and sometimes letting it shine. For a moment. Their wings were silent, yet the wings of all of them together made a rush in her ears. In her heart. She stifled screams and extended her hands to let the energy inside of her run out her fingers, instead of out her mouth. And the flutterbies flew. She closed her eyes tight to replay the moment when they started flying in. From everywhere. Flooding the canvas of her life. Flooding inside of her stomach and head. Then they froze. For one moment. Then started flying twice as fast and twice as many. She forgot to breathe until they reminded her with the swishing of the air beneath their fluttering wings. She had some kind of illness. How was he doing this??

Just the flutterbies.


I’m happy. Really, genuinely happy. And I want to tell you why.

So a few days ago my phone goes KAPUT and I am left with basically a “brand new phone” in my old phone. AKA no numbers, no saved texts, nothing. I was a leetle streeesed. And then Hailee comes over. And gives me a beautiful picture of Christ and this note that makes me cry. She didn’t know how much stress I was feeling and how much I appreciate that note and picture. Hailee is one of those people I can talk about the gospel with all the time, and I love that. She’s the kind of person I want to be. I don’t tell her anywhere near enough, but she’s the steady friend I lean on, probably too much. She’s like a tree basically. That I lean on, frequently.

Then Randy comes over and we dye Easter eggs with my family and he sits there and listens while I vent about my phone and cry haha. Then we go off the next day to our day activity. This kid picks me up early so we can go to the Gateway and fix my phone, walks around with me while I buy prom acessories and is just as happy as I am when my phone is fixed and the nice man gives us a validation for parking. Great start to a great day. We go to Thanksgiving Point and go to the petting zoo before it closes. We feed horses and goats and pet cows, and he doesn’t even complain even though it’s not his cup of tea persay. Then off to get a brownie sundae because I can’t control certain chocolate cravings I have. Then everyone else arrives and we have a blast riding golf carts through the beautiful gardens and going through the dino museum. And Bandy laughs when I laugh, runs around like an idiot when I do, builds stupid dams and dinosaurs with me. Then I have this urge to go to IKEA, so we do. And act out the scene from 500 days of summer (MINUS RACE YOU TO THE BEDROOM…sketch.) Then walk around in City Creek, get dinner, SEE HAILEY HAUGEN AND BRAD DEVINE. I had a minor spaz attack and Bandy was patient through it πŸ™‚ I make him walk through Tiffany’s with me and then he takes me home. He’s a gem. Really though. A gem.

I have really great friends. These are just two examples of them. There’s also Em who never fails to make me smile, Ash who always wants to do stupid things with me, Morgan Miller who never fails to invite me to things even when I say I can’t go most of the time, Kira who is my little sister πŸ™‚ just a lot of people like that who I love.

Lastly. It’s Easter. I love Easter so much. The Atonement has come to have such a big meaning on my life, I am so thankful for Christ and his willingness to LIVE and die for me. I know that this gospel is real. I would be so selfish to not share my knowledge of it. It is truly the greatest thing that has ever happened in my life. I am glad my family strives to live the gospel, and I am glad my friends do too. I love having people who truly have Christ’s image in their countenances all around me. I love the Lord and will ever be indebted to him. So on this Easter day I hope everyone remembers their Savior everyday, but especially today.