Churchy for a minute here. I just had conference in general ok?? DO NOT JUDGE.

I just love church. And I am so excited for General Conference. It will be so great! 🙂 So one time I gave a talk on the Atonement and it made me cry my little eyes out. But in a good way. I just love the happiness I get from church things. Like everybody I struggled with it for a while sophomore and junior year. It took me really wanting to have a relationship with Christ and doing everything I possibly could to have one to get back on track. I’m not saying I’m perfect, because I surely am NOT. I’m just saying that it makes things easier. And life is already hard enough, it’s nice to have something to make it a little bit better.

Sorry for the religious detour. But it’s a good thing right 🙂

Happiness is…

Days where you get into your car, and the steering wheel is already warm.
Going outside to read a book.
Chocolate easter eggs.
A book that makes you jump up and down while covering your mouth to not let out a scream.
Getting your homework done in a lot less time than you thought.
Seeing someone you haven’t seen in a while.
Not being eaten by a velociraptor.
When you put your Ipod on shuffle and it plays your favorite songs all in a row.
Coming home to a quiet house.
Going to church.
Getting a phone call from someone you love.
Laughing when you aren’t sure what’s funny.
Not caring what you look like, and having someone tell you that you look good.
Reading a scripture that grabs your attention.
Getting a text that makes you smile.
Watching a documentary about turtles, and rooting for this little tiny turtle to make it.
Getting ready faster than you thought, and getting to go back to sleep for a few minutes.
Gossip about good things that are going on in people’s lives.
Having a busy day full of things you don’t mind doing.
Going to school and knowing nothing is due in any classes.
Taking a minute to just do nothing.
Planning a trip to the temple.
Knowing what you believe and stand for.
A choice. Completely 100% a choice. So choose it. It’s nice 🙂

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun….

I love the sun.

Basically this warm weather makes me SUPER HAPPY.


It makes me want to sing. And I do. I sing Down By The Bay and Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, and Carry On My Wayward Son….and other things too.

Life is too short to be anything but happy.

I think I stole that quote from someone. Not sure who. But anywho.

I love the sun. 🙂

Forever and Always

So my best friend gave me the Parachute album the other day. It is safe to say I haven’t listened to anything else since that time.

There are some sad and happy songs. All la-de-da. But some of them really have quite a deep meaning.

So here’s what I’ve been thinking about.

I have a best friend who is such a good friend. She is so much better than I can ever hope to be. She inspires, devotes, hopes, loves, and a million other words that I can’t think of to describe her. Basically she’s made me not afraid to be me. I found out that being ME is ok, because she makes ME feel like a million bucks.

I have a best friend who maybe doesn’t need me as much as she pretends she does, because she knows I like to give advice. She’s crazy and fun and doesn’t hesitate to jump into a party. She knows what to say and when to say it, but behind closed doors she says whatever she wants.

I have a best friend who is insane, not really, but almost. She plays hard and works hard, knows she can vent to me about anything, and loves to be the center of attention, in a good way. She knows what she believes and sometimes plays a rebel, but everyone knows who she really is. She’s a sweet, caring, mother-hen person who knows how to fix things.

I have a best friend who literally makes my heart stop. He’s probably one of the best people to come into my life. He listens when he probably doesn’t care, he gives advice when he probably doesn’t care, he looks out for me, and never lets what I’ve done ruin who I am. He never fails to tell me every single day what I mean to him, and it means more than anyone will ever know. Who knows what’s going to happen between us, but I can say I will love him forever and always, regardless of how things turn out. Because of what he’s given me. Because of who he is.

I will love all of these people forever and always. We’ll go our seperate ways. But that doesn’t matter.

Kicked Out

One time, we got kicked out of the Sadie Hawkin’s dance. And no, I do not mean just my group.

I mean the whole school. Got kicked out. Every single person.

It was funny/lame.

But it was still a fun dance.

It was my last girls choice dance. Which is sad to think about.

I’m not sure I’m ready to go to college and live on my own and have to be resourceful.

Oh well. 🙂

Seven and 1/3

Sooooooo this post should have happened yesterday. Oh well…:)

Chocolate frosty, the Scarlet Pimpernell, one full moon, game nights, guessing games, asking me to Homecoming, visits at Cherry Hill, first kiss, Orange Leaf, Musical Productions, my birthday, football games, Scary Hill, Homecoming, Fiddler on the Roof, Ihop, couple creeping, ice skating, Christmas, One Acts, Revue, The Vow, Valentine’s Day, birthday!, leap day, spring time, shopping…..and a million other things that have made this senior year incredible.

Now here is one for my dear friend.

Going to lunch, shotgun, symphony……..

the end.

Be good to people

Sometimes I’m not very good to people. And sometimes, people who I thought would always, always be good to me, aren’t. I should apologize for not always being a bright ray of sunshine. I am working on being more patient, and I’m really sorry for when I’m not. But seriously? Some people need to recognize that being right is NOT more important than relationships, myself included.

Here’s a story to illustrate my point.

Once upon a time there was a lady bug. She had six spots. She had a friend lady bug who couldn’t see very well. One day this friend told the lady bug her seven spots were beautiful. The ladybug was livid. She clearly had SIX SPOTS. She told the blind ladybug so.

“Wow really? I have six spots ya dork.”

The blind ladybug was very hurt, and carefully said, “I’m sorry, I see seven.”

“Well, you’re wrong.” The ladybug said as she stalked away.

The blind ladybug walked sadly away, not knowing what she could have done differently, and knowing for sure that they wouldn’t be friends for much longer.

And then she went on to become the president of the Ladybug States. And the mean ladybug felt really bad about it.

That’s how I feel.


Time is going by so fast.

It seems like two days ago that I started at Dear Ol’ Davis High. And now I’m close to being done.

It doesn’t seem fair.

But it is.

It’s the natural course of things.

The natural course of things is to go by, go by so very very fast that you don’t know what hit you.

But to also go by soooooooo sloooooowwwww that you wonder if you’ll ever get through this particularly sticky section of life.

And then ZIP.

You’re through it.

And you want to go back.

And you aren’t sure why, but you want to.


Warning:::I am in a very religious mood.

I found a paper that I got from Young Woman’s a long time ago. And it was perfect for today. So I wanted to share it. Maybe someone will read it and appreciate it too.

Dear Mother,

You probably don’t remember me. It has been some time since we have seen each other, and I do miss you

I still think about the day I chose you to become my mother! What a wonderful time that was! I knew how lucky I was to have found someone who would be a member of the Savior’s Church, and could provide me with an eternal family. You, Father and I knew that being together again was what we wanted more than anything. We promised to do everything we could to make sure we would be reunited.

Since our family depends on the choices you and Father make on Earth, I have been eagerly watching you since you left. Every time you laughed, I laughed with you, and when you cried, I tried to give you a reassuring hug. I have seen you walk the right path, and cheered when you made good decisions, and called out directions when I have seen you stray.

Mother, I can’t wait to put my arms around your neck and tell you how much I love you! I try each day to tell you, but sometimes I know you don’t know I’m there.

When you feel down or think about making an unwise decision, please remember that your children are cheering you on. We want to be with you forever, but we can’t make that decision. It is up to you and Father. We are watching him too, and we look forward to your meeting. We are depending on you to keep us together forever.

I will be with you always, mother. Until we meet again, know that your child loves you.


A Member of your Future Eternal Family

Fairy Tales

So yesterday I went to watch my little sister’s Egyptian Cinderella play. It was really cute and fun to go see. But it got me thinking about something. We tell these fairy tales where the boy doesn’t know anything about the girl and she doesn’t know anything about him. She’s strong but she apparently needs a man in her life to fight her dragons for her. So I am writing a new fairy tale. One that is hopefully better 🙂

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there lived a young girl. She was sweet, friends with animals and birds, had a lovely singing voice…and get this….a great family. I know, right? Her life wasn’t easy, sometimes hard things would happen like when her sister got really really sick. Sometimes her family fought, sometimes she fought with the animal friends and even her people friends. Which she did have. Sometimes her sisters were mean to her, yes, but they all loved each other.

One day after a lot of chores, there was a huge party at the palace. The girl decided not to go. She was happy sitting in their little house, watching movies with her sisters.

Then a HUGE dragon crunched into their house. And then the girl took a sword, had a fierce battle with the dragon and eventually killed it.

Then a few weeks later she went to another party at the castle where she met the prince. They started texting every once in a while. They went to parties and hung out sometimes. They were friends.

Then, a few months later they realized they liked each other.

So they started flirting a bit, getting to know each other better.

A few months later they had their first kiss.

Then they fell in love.

He knew her shoe size, and her name. He knew her favorite color and the look she gave him when she was trying to be mad. He knew what she was talking about when she was describing an outfit she might wear tomorrow, he knew what she ordered every time they went to Olive Garden. He knew she always chewed gum after lunch and that she was in love with some TV shows that nobody else knew about.

Then they got married.

That’s a fairy tale.