Saying Goodbye

It’s hard to say goodbye to something you love. To people and places you love. To work you enjoy. 
Working at Ken Garff was the perfect first job for me. I learned about myself, my career, and just about life and people in general. I’m so grateful for the people there who took a chance on me, who helped me grow, who made work fun. Walking out the door was incredibly bitter-sweet, and I will always consider myself lucky for starting my career there. 
But now, on to new career adventures. 

Weekend Update (again)

This weekend’s adventures included:

Family time at Cornbelly’s. We had a BLAST bowling, playing in the corn beach, shooting apple blasters, shooting each other with balls in this dusty corral, pretending we know how to rope cattle, throwing baseballs, riding the hay wagon, zip lining, riding a mechanical bull, and wandering the corn maze. My family is seriously a barrel of laughs and we had way too much fun. We ended the night with a late Greek food dinner, with lots more laughs.

Saturday Randy and I had a lazy morning before heading downtown to pick up his computer from the Apple store. Of course, this lead us to a picture taking spree. Randy is SO good behind the camera! I can’t even handle it. We then of course headed to Kaysville for #freelaundry and visiting some more with family, with a heart breaking Dodger loss. But it’s ok, because I like the Cubs!

Today was just a really lazy Sunday, which both of us needed!

The other day I had a bit of an epiphany after a very sweet Visiting Teaching message was given to me. This month, and even the past few months, have been hard for Randy and I. It’s been frustrating because I feel like we’re doing everything right. But I realized that Satan makes things hard for us when we’re doing the right things, or we’re on the path to something spiritually wonderful. And if that’s what’s going on, then Satan can keep on hitting us, and we can deal with it.

Also, I’m leaving Ken Garff. But more on that later.

Weekend Update

Now that it’s almost the weekend again, here’s a quick look at last weekend!

Friday we got to catch up with Rebecca at Thanksgiving Point over some yummy fall treats. She is so wonderful, I just love her!!!

Saturday we got to spend the day with our friends at Cornbelly’s! It was so much fun playing all the games, spending time together, laughing, and snapping pictures. We went and got dinner together after, then played games late into the night. We also ran into Randy’s brother and sister in law there, which was super random and awesome! We hadn’t seen them in a while so it was perfect.

Sunday we just went to church and taught our class, then went home to hang out with our families!

I promise more regular posts are coming friends!

Weekend Update

Check out your Vlogging Channel on YouTube to see more details of our day to day!

Friday Randy and I got home from work and hurried to make some curry for our friends! Caleb, Nannette, Alexon, Wesley, and Danny all joined us for dinner, cookies, and lots of laughs. We chatted about the future and where our lives are headed, joked about the good ol’ days, and spent 45 minutes trying to snap a Polaroid photo without a self timer. It wasn’t overly successful.

Saturday we slept in, Randy headed out on a run, and then it was off to Kaysville (I feel like we are CONSTANTLY there!) I went to a baby shower while Randy played his electric guitar and hung out with his family! We also had dinner with his family which is always delicious and super fun!

Sunday was church, hanging out with each other, and then off to Provo for a fun dinner with my sister, and her brothers and sisters in law! We are all close to the same age so it was super fun!


The future.
All of it is so scary. I worry myself to sleep and hope it’ll just disappear. And in the same breath, I want it to come faster. 
Lately I feel like Heavenly Father is constantly reminding me to enjoy each and every day. 
Reminding me to love our cozy apartment.
Reminding me to love listening to biographies during my commute.
Reminding me to take advantage of picking up at the drop of a hat to go take pictures somewhere.
Reminding me to enjoy lazy weekend mornings where we stay in bed talking and giggling like crazy until 11 AM.
Reminding me to similarly enjoy late nights with friends goofing off and also talking about the deepest parts of life.
Reminding me to sip my miso ramen.
Reminding me that trials today are not forever.
Reminding me that comparing myself to anyone else is pointless, because I’m meant to be me.
Reminding me where to improve and reminding me to let other things go.
Reminding me to spend a little more time holding Randy’s hand.
Reminding me that today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow and the future is the future, and I can be happy today.

Weekend Update

This weekend was full of so much fun!

Friday Randy and I went to Kaysville to watch my sister perform in Davis High’s “Night of Shakespeare” she KILLED IT. I seriously was blown away by how spectacular she was! She did a monologue, a scene, and then the entire ensemble performed a scene. It was all incredible, I couldn’t be more proud!

We stayed up watching the BYU game on Friday night, hanging out and chatting. It was a really great game!

Saturday we went to breakfast with my family, watched a session of General Conference with Randy’s family, then went off to take some pictures for a client. I’m not a professional yet by any means, but I think they turned out pretty good! We grabbed lunch with friends, and then went back to watch more conference, make yummy treats, and hang out with my family. Randy then went to watch the Priesthood Session with his family, and I went shopping with my mom and sister, then back to the high school to see Bethany perform again. It was awesome again, who would’ve thunk!

Sunday was very relaxed as we spent time listening to Conference, playing games, eating delicious food, going up to the trail to take even more pictures, and just having a great time.

It was a pretty wonderful weekend, and the messages we heard at Conference were just wonderful – I feel so lucky to be a member of the LDS Church.

Top Ten Takeaways From General Conference

I love watching General Conference! It’s such a wonderful refreshing time, where I feel like I get to refocus my life and spirituality. So in case you didn’t get to watch, or even if you did, here are my top ten takeaways from General Conference:
1. Repentance and the Atonement are real

2. Keeping your testimony in times of trial

3. Pray, don’t just say prayers

4. The Sabbath day is a day of worship

5. Get back to the basics

6. The Gospel brings joy

7. Learn and rely on the Doctrine of Christ

8. Serving will bring you and others happiness

9. You are good enough

10. Faith, faith, and more faith! 

*Photos all courtesy of @ldsconf