Halloween Parties

We’ve been spoiled rotten with so many fun Halloween parties this October! Frieda Khalo and Diego Rivera helped Graham paint a Halloween pumpkin. We had a super fun Halloween breakfast with friends enjoying pumpkin pancakes and painting pumpkins. We had a cousin Halloween party at Scary Hill with pizza, painting pumpkins, costumes, and trick or treating. We had a Holes group costume with our best friends with the delinquents, the Warden, Mr. Sir, Dr. Pendanski, and Kissin Kate Barlow. We made sand potions and ate delicious food. It was really the best couple weeks of fun Halloween activities and even more are coming as Halloween gets closer!

We also had the Primary Program and Graham did SO AMAZING. He was so impressive with his memorized scripture and knowing all the words to the songs. Wells wanted to be up there with the kids so badly and loved the music so much.

October in the Mountains

We ran away to the mountains to see the beautiful colors and I was in heaven. We got to go to Black Island Farms with Courtney and Tommy which was SO fun. They boys loved the giant slide and so did we! It was fast, but super fun.

Fall is always the best time and we are enjoying every second of cooler weather, beautiful colors, school, art class, and more.

Fall Things

Cozy movies with friends, General Conference, field trips to the pumpkin patch. Fall is here and we are so excited. Wells loves to be outside, ride his bike, and he’s starting to love Daniel Tiger. Graham had a field trip to Black Island Farms and grabbed a pumpkin. He LOVED running around with his friends and was more brave and outgoing than I have ever seen him!