Lagoon Day

We had a great time taking the boys to Lagoon for the first time! Graham LOVED every ride, except for the Space Scrambler. He was so tough and ran to ride on every single thing. He was squealing and giggling on the Tidal Wave, the Dino Drop, Puff the Magic Dragon, Bombora, and really everything he rode. He just loved it all! Wells was SO good, chilled in the stroller or slept the whole time. He was a champ. It was so fun to take Graham on roller coasters getting ready for Disneyland next year! It was so fun. Liv and mom went back and rode on some other rides in the evening, but it was PACKED. Overall, it was the best day!

House Update

We can’t believe it but our house is getting so close! The kitchen is in, the flooring just got put in, and we have a closing date! We are starting to get things ready to move at the end of October and it’s just insane.

We love that fall weather is coming! The best thing about Utah is getting all the seasons and I’m so excited for what fall is going to bring! Graham is LOVING preschool, mom and dad are both killing it at work, Wells is such a sweet and chill baby who loves laughing. It’s a great time!

My Birthday!

I had the BEST birthday week. I ran 28 miles in the week leading up to my birthday which was INCREDIBLE. I’m SO proud of myself. I’m not as fast as I’d like to be yet, but I am faster than I thought I would be and I did it! Randy and the boys came with me a few times which was so fun.

The day before my birthday Randy brought a TON of pastries home and we enjoyed yummy food to do “birthday eve” which Randy and I are ALL about.

On my birthday Randy worked from home and that morning gave me the most BEAUTIFUL Tiffany ring. He talked about how we used to play a game called 4 years and daydream about where we would be in 4 years. We imagined him being home from his mission, us being married, us having kids, a house. And Randy teared up as he said “For the first time I don’t want to play 4 years. We still have big goals and dreams, but I’m super happy right here, where we are.” And I cried. He’s the sweetest person.

We worked that day and had a relaxing time with the boys, and then Graham had a soccer game! He is SO cute at soccer. He runs around, playing Spider-Man while he’s trying to kick the ball. He scored a goal in the wrong goal and was SO proud of himself for scoring. He’s just adorable and I’m obsessed with him.

Then this weekend we went to Valters Osteria for the most DELICIOUS dinner I’ve ever had. It was absolutely incredible. Pasta, bread, tomatoes and burrata, tiramisu, gilato, dipping chocolate. I’m obsessed! We won’t go back for a LONG time because it was so expensive, but it was delicious!

I’m so happy with life and I love our boys, our house that’s being built, just everything is wonderful and I’m super lucky.

First Day of Preschool

Graham started preschool! I am so insanely proud of him. The day before preschool started he was so nervous. Did not want to go, was crying, and I was SO worried he would lose it on that day. He was nervous the morning of school and said he would rather stay home with me. We talked about how we’d been to the open house and it was fun, about how he should give it a try…

We took some pictures and he was EXCITED. He wanted to get in the car and then when we pulled up to school, he said “Mom I’m ready.” I helped him get out, and he marched up the stairs. So brave. I was SO proud I broke into tears.

He’s loving school already and I’m so happy he loves it so much


It’s September! My favorite month of the year! BIRTHDAY MONTH.

Graham and Wells are the cutest brothers and I love spending slow mornings playing with them.

I also have been running this week! It’s birthday week and I made a goal a while ago to run 28 miles during my birthday week, to celebrate turning 28! It’s been super great so far, and hard because I’m just barely postpartum. But it’s been awesome!

Beth’s birthday was September 1 so we celebrated by getting nails done, shopping downtown, and eating at Pleiku. It was so fun to be together with my sisters and get to hang out!

Work is crazy and fun and life is crazy and fun. I’m super happy and we feel so lucky!