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The Low Down

Randy and I are SO excited to be doing a blog together! We thought about waiting until we’re officially married, but it’ll just be so fun to blog about these few weeks before the wedding, together!

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Happy Monday everyone!

BYU Grad

I remember walking into my new dorm for the first time, 3 years ago. I remember being a nervous freshman, going to orientation, meeting new people.

I remember trying to navigate classes those first few days. I remember singing in my new ward on the first week and being so nervous. I remember learning how to buy my own food and do my own laundry.

I remember making friends that I never expected. I remember reading and studying sooooooo much, late into the night. I remember when this new place started to feel a little bit more like home. I remember driving back to my apartment after Randy left me for two years. I remember cabin trips and movie nights and eating dinner with all my roommates. 

I remember getting into my program. I remember debating about what to do with my minor. I remember applying for jobs and landing one at BYU Radio that I loved. I remember new friends and wards, roommates getting married and friends going on missions.

 I remember days of feeling lost and days of feeling so sure of myself. I remember dates and bonfires and dances. I remember hours of reading the news and trying to crack computer code. I remember walking out of the Testing Center triumphant, and sometimes very defeated.
 I remember breakdowns involving brownie batter or cookie dough. I remember writing letters, papers, talks, and lessons. I remember calling my mom or roommates or Randy as I walked to campus. 
I remember study sessions and group projects that lasted forever. I remember hard classes that made me think, and easy classes where I pinned about my future wedding. I remember finals weeks that hit me like a tornado. I remember summer nights filled with laughter and the promise of being able to sleep in the next day. 
I remember hours in the Student Alumni office, and days put into service events. I remember internship hours, research, and lots of applications. I remember nights of prayers for help, and confirmations about the direction I was going. I remember nights where I cried myself to sleep, and nights I fell asleep with a smile on my face. I remember bringing Randy to my apartment for the first time.

I remember long hours in the newsroom, writing and anchoring. I remember too many trips hauling a camera around for a story. 
I remember long phone calls with my dad to figure out html and php. I remember finding favorite places to eat and shop. I remember rooftop concerts and weekend parties. I remember camping and cabin trips. I remember late late late night trips to IHOP and Denny’s and In and Out. 
I remember devotionals and stake conferences. I remember long hours of church meetings and activities that were too much fun. I remember the excitement of each new semester and the relief when it was over. I remember driving home to my apartment after getting engaged, to cute roommates and a surprise party.

I remember so many nights of thinking, “I need to remember how this feels. Right now.”  I remember countless football and basketball and baseball games. I remember cheering until I lost my voice and wearing blue to represent my school. 
I remember having so much love and support from my family, friends, roommates, and Randy Low. I remember walking around campus, and realizing this wasn’t just BYU, this was home. This is home.

And yesterday, as I walked across that stage, all those memories came flooding back. My time at BYU has been absolutely incredible. It’s been hard, academically, emotionally, and spiritually. But I wouldn’t trade my time here for anything in the world. I love BYU with all of my heart. 
And I am so proud to say that I graduated magna cum laude, in Communications with a minor in Digital Humanities. In three years. I am a BYU Grad. 

101 years…40 days…

 The waves of nostalgia keep hitting me friends! The next month of my life is going to be pure sap, so I’ll apologize in advance!

That one day that was cold and snowy, I popped on over to Mimi’s for a cup of soup and to watch Randy in his element as a server. What a fun day!

The fam bam came back to Thanksgiving Point to see the tulip festival with us! Hundreds of beautiful tulips and blue skies. What a perfect day!
Also Randy is a goofball.
Also we take Gerry with us everywhere. That’s normal right?
Randy and I also took a big step in putting money down on an apartment! We’re going to be living in Midvale, and we’re so excited!

This weekend was also full of nostalgia, as wonderful Bishop Scoma and his counselors got released. Bishop Scoma was my bishop last year, and he’s one incredible man. It was wonderful to hear him and his wife, along with the Halls, speak. These people and this ward had such a big impact on my life, and I feel so lucky to have known them all.

And last but not least, this weekend was special because of this dress. It belongs to my great, great grandmother Maud Julia Lindsay. She was married 1914 in this beautiful dress. She was about as tall as I was, and the dress was nearly a perfect fit. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to feel a connection to that incredible woman. I am lucky enough to have strong, wonderful and kind women all over in my family tree. I just hope that I can be half as incredible as they are when I grow up (if I grow up…)
So a 101 year old dress, 40 days away from being a bride, 4 days away from graduating, -6 days into a brand new job, and loving all of the craziness. 

Winding Down

Friends. So many things are happening so fast! Every day people ask me how I feel about graduating, my new job, planning a wedding, and let me tell you, it’s all crazy!! But so, so good. I wouldn’t trade it for a thing! Here’s a quick catch up, and look for some posts about my BYU/undergrad experience coming up!
First off, last Wednesday was my last day as a BYU Eleven News Anchor. Gosh it was sad. I’ve learned so much, had so many laughs and even a few tears (from laughing too hard). It’s been quite the adventure and I wouldn’t have survived without these great friends here. My program rocks!
Randy and I took a big step…and adopted this lil guy! Meet Sir Gerald Bartelby the Fifth. 
Randy had never gone to Build-A-Bear, so naturally we had to. We take Gerry with us to a lot of place where you probably shouldn’t take a stuffed dog. But it’s cool.
Just a glimpse into the great people I work with. Aren’t they so sweet? I came to work my second week, and they’d made this and put it on my screen. Seriously, they’re awesome.
And lastly. I just finished up my last class for my undergrad at BYU a few hours ago. It’s the craziest feeling. Bittersweet. But I’m excited about the things ahead. Again, look for some posts about college, BYU, etc, coming up.
It’s crazy how fast life is passing by. I feel like college went by in a blink. 
So happy last few weeks of school everyone, happy Monday, and happy no more college classes for me!

All the things

Again, so sorry for not posting! I have lots of updating for you…so let it begin!

My family had Spring Break last week, and let me tell you, it was so fun to get to hang out with them! They spent the night in Lehi so my sister could run in a track meet, and that meant Randy and I got to go to Thanksgiving Pointe with them! We always have way too much fun there.

We were meant to be an English family in the 1870’s. 

 Donut Funeral to commemorate my last day at KSL. I’ll still be there on-call, but not going in every weekend is going to be so sad!

Say hello to my new office! I’m going to be a Digital Marketing Coordinator for Ken Garff corporate! This means I’ll be doing lots of website design, programming, and updating, social media marketing, and some video production work. I’m so excited, and overwhelmed, and terrified, and happy!

It’s not Easter without some eggs, right? Randy and I had too much fun dying eggs last weekend.

Easter/General Conference was just amazing. My awesome family threw us a grocery shower where we got some of our favorite foods, and pie. We got to hang out with all the people we love, watch Conference together, share our story, and get excited about getting married! HUGE shout out to my mom and sister who planned and pulled the whole thing off. We felt so incredibly loved.
Then came Easter Sunday which was just too wonderful. It started early with the traditional Stocking Exchange of candy (even including my brother and sister-in-law via facetime). My Easter basket was filled with candy, nail polish, and over a dozen candles for our wedding reception! Huzzah! The rest of the day was filled with inspiring words from the prophets, more family time, egg hunting, and some invitation stuffing. All in all, an amazing day.

Also, perks of my new job? 1.3 million dollar car. Pretty sweet!
Annnd this week marks the last week of being an anchor for BYU Eleven News and getting to work with these cool cats. I’m going to miss everyone SO much. They have become such a fun part of my week, and I have learned so much from everyone on the Monday crew. Love you all!
As Brother Curtis would say….”keep on, keeping on.”
Also, today I got to go to lunch with Randy’s AMAZING aunt Wendy. She’s a total rockstar – the Low family has some complete gems in it! 
Whew. Updated. Now let’s just hope my life calms down so I have more time to post!