ballet and football and friends and routines

The days get away from me now friends!

The routine has settled in, here’s how it goes.

Wake up, Randy goes running and I either work out or sleep. Get ready. Breakfast. Scriptures. Drive to work together. Work work work. Randy sometimes goes in later or leaves earlier depending on his schedule, and goes and runs errands which is AMAZING (love you!). Get done with work. Drive home together. Make dinner. Watch a show, read, play games, spend time with friends, go shopping for more house things, have FHE, go to the temple, make treats, or a mix of any of these. Then we do it all over again. Surprisingly, I really love the routine we have settled in to. It makes me feel like we are real life adults, a family, and I love that security.

Now here’s time for the ballet part of this post:

My sister danced her last recital at Clytie Adams a few weeks ago. It was so nostalgic for my family. We have had a ballerina there for the past 18 years. And now we’re all done dancing at that wonderful studio. Clytie came to my wedding a few weeks before the recital, and jokingly asked me when another Richards girl would be coming to dance for her. I have left so much of my heart at that studio, on the stage at Weber, in the dressing rooms downstairs, in every toe shoe and pair of tights. Dancing 100% has made me who I am today. I will always be a ballerina even though I’m not dancing as much anymore. Dancing at Clytie’s are some of the most precious memories I have. I danced for me when I was there. Just for me. Because I loved it. I learned elegance, grace, friendship, technique, determination, hard work, how to smile through hard things, and that I could absolutely anything I put my mind to. I am forever thankful and so happy that I had the chance to be a Clytie Girl, and that my sisters also both that to do that.

Sometimes at work we throw tiny footballs off the parking garage and I win jump ropes for being the closest to the target. I seriously love my job and the people I work with.
And I also love spending time with these fun friends. We spent a Saturday with them playing games at the arcade and then playing board games at our apartment, and talking long into the night. They are so much fun and I’m lucky that these friendships survived the test of time. 
ALSO another glimpse of the apartment! I promise I’ll be posting the whole thing once I’ve got all the finishing touches. It will be wonderful, promise!
And lastly, happy one month of marriage to my sweetheart. It’s so amazing to me that after loving him through high school, college, a mission, and more, I love him even more in marriage. This month has taught me about Randy’s sleeping habits (snoring, sleep talking, not being awake until he’s had a shower) that he’s incredibly grumpy and sassy when he’s hungry, that when he honks the horn or tickles me until I stop being mad at him, it works, I’ve learned that he always wants lots of meat with dinner, and ramen is his breakfast of choice, I’ve learned that he sings in the shower sometimes, gets really excited about the most random TV shows, and that I love him more than I can even comprehend. After a month of marriage, I’m not sure that eternity will be long enough. I love you sweetheart and I’m so happy that you chose me.
For now, happy Tuesday everyone (holy smokes it’s only Tuesday! How will I survive this week??)

101 years…40 days…

 The waves of nostalgia keep hitting me friends! The next month of my life is going to be pure sap, so I’ll apologize in advance!

That one day that was cold and snowy, I popped on over to Mimi’s for a cup of soup and to watch Randy in his element as a server. What a fun day!

The fam bam came back to Thanksgiving Point to see the tulip festival with us! Hundreds of beautiful tulips and blue skies. What a perfect day!
Also Randy is a goofball.
Also we take Gerry with us everywhere. That’s normal right?
Randy and I also took a big step in putting money down on an apartment! We’re going to be living in Midvale, and we’re so excited!

This weekend was also full of nostalgia, as wonderful Bishop Scoma and his counselors got released. Bishop Scoma was my bishop last year, and he’s one incredible man. It was wonderful to hear him and his wife, along with the Halls, speak. These people and this ward had such a big impact on my life, and I feel so lucky to have known them all.

And last but not least, this weekend was special because of this dress. It belongs to my great, great grandmother Maud Julia Lindsay. She was married 1914 in this beautiful dress. She was about as tall as I was, and the dress was nearly a perfect fit. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to feel a connection to that incredible woman. I am lucky enough to have strong, wonderful and kind women all over in my family tree. I just hope that I can be half as incredible as they are when I grow up (if I grow up…)
So a 101 year old dress, 40 days away from being a bride, 4 days away from graduating, -6 days into a brand new job, and loving all of the craziness.