Playing Catch Up

I know, I know. I haven’t blogged in so long that it’s becoming a sin. A travesty. I’m ashamed of myself. BUT here I am, ready to play catch-up during my lunch break! Randy isn’t here:( So you won’t be getting any of him today, but I expect he’ll be around again soon enough!

Between working 40-50 hours a week, planning a wedding, spending time with Randy, trying to wrap up my senior documentary, apartment hunting, and trying to see friends before I’m married a no fun, it’s been a little busy!

So here’s the small catch-up I can give you right now, stay tuned some posts purely dedicated to Randy and I’s first look photo shoot, the rest of our bridal shoot, my thoughts about going to the temple for the first time, and things I’ve learned since becoming a working girl that I didn’t learn in college!

For now, here’s what’s been up:

Randy and I snuck off for date night to go see Big Fish at Hale Center Theater in Orem! It was amazing! It’s one of Randy’s favorite movies, so it was fun to surprise him with the musical!
Another thing that’s been a blast is checking out restaurants for lunch when Randy is in the city. Sometimes we’ll have errands to run so Randy will come up to the city and do them while I’m at work, and that means we get lunch together! It’s a blast!

Speaking of work….this is a glimpse of what I do all day. I feel like my job has it all…creativity and analytics, brand strategies and content writing, computer programming and PhotoShop, it’s just awesome and I am absolutely loving it!

 I also some how missed posting about Mother’s Day!!! I’m terrible I know. So here’s a post for my mother! My mom is absolutely amazing in every way. Heavenly Father knew she was EXACTLY what I needed in a mom, and best friend.
Randy and I got an apartment! Yay! We are so excited to live in Midvale! 
I’m mostly excited about this giant walk-in closet here!
Quick shout out to the rest of my awesome family members and their accomplishments: 
Liv ran in the State Track Meet and KILLED it. Both of her relays got second in STATE and the Davis team won! 
Bethany just sang a solo in her choir concert, and the little sample I got before had was incredible. She has the voice of an angel and is teaching herself to play guitar.
Ben and Kim are expecting a baby GIRL and I am so excited! Ben also just finished the hardest year of law school.
And my Papi is just amazing. The man is loving his job and doing really well, running a billion miles every morning, and in his spare time builds and rebuilds computers and servers. He’s a rockstar.
And last but not least. All I have to say about going through the temple right now, is that it was one of the best experiences of my life. More on that later:)
Sorry it’s been forever! Hopefully anyone who wanted one was able to get a wedding invite! Message me if you didn’t! And stay tuned for those new posts that are coming soon (I promise!)
Happy Thursday everyone! 

The Low Down

Hello friends! Here it is, Randy and I posting together!! We’re both really excited to be working on this together! 
Remember, look for me in normal font, and Randy in bold
Randy and I got to spend time with some of our awesome high school friends the other day. It involved celebrating Caleb and Danny’s birthdays, Indian curry, and mini-golfing in the rain. Basically, an incredible day. These guys have been some of my best friends for a really long time. It’s been kinda hard because they all live in Salt Lake City and I’m all the way down here in Provo. It’s always great to get together with these guys! I was worried that Maddy was going to be kinda left out as the only girl, but I feel like she had a blast. I know I did!
This beautiful girl graduated from BYU a week ago! I can’t describe how proud of her I am. She’s pretty amazing. Last Sunday was spent celebrating with both of our families! My mom cooked up her famous Cafe Rio (It was delicious!), and even ordered the cutest cakes! 

This weekend I got to spend time with my favorite girls for an out of this world bridal shower! Randy had to come sneak a picture before he was kicked out…;) 

I love these girls so much! It was so much fun to hang out, eat, and spend some time with them before I tie the knot!

And here’s to my beautiful little sister for racing all day at the BYU Invite, then racing to get ready just in time for prom! She looked so beautiful, and I honestly am so proud of her for just nailing life.
Elder Chris Wirthlin returned home from the Japan Fukuoka mission. He and I were lucky enough to be called to the same mission. While we were in the MTC, we spent a took a picture with these twins. This last sunday, we recreated the picture, so fun to see them all again!
So that’s the Low Down this week, we have a great month ahead of working, playing, and planning!
Happy Sunday everyone, and happy wedding month to us!