The many outfits of Baby G

I find most of the pictures on my phone are of baby G, and of me documenting all his cute clothes! #sorrynotsorry

We’ve had such a fun July filled with pioneer day breakfast, tons of cousin time (Ben and Kim and their family left today and we’re going to miss them SO much!), many readings of Barnyard Dance (G’s current favorite), playing outside when it’s not too hot, getting a much better routine going, working and school for me and Randy, treat runs, baking, and a lot of fun.

I am so lucky to be working with Fawn and Foster right now—they are such an amazing company and 50% of their profit goes to helping foster children. Foster care has always had this special place in my heart and I’m not even sure why. I just know that there are so many children out there who deserve love and care, and aren’t able to get it. My heart aches for those babies and I have so much love in my heart to give to them. So working with this company has been amazing, I love finding organizations who want to help others, especially kids.

PLUS their stuff is SO cute. Go check them out!


Being a mom feels hard, but I also feel so undeserving of how amazing and wonderful it is.

Family Getaway

My parents were so sweet and planned a fun getaway staycation for our family! It was the first time we stayed in a hotel with Graham and it actually went really well!

Liv and Matt moved to Florida and couldn’t be with us, and last minute my dad had to go on a business trip and couldn’t even come! That was such a bummer, but we still had a blast.
We arrived at Thanksgiving Point and went to Farm Country to see the animals. Candace loved riding on the pony and feeding the animals, and we enjoyed the wagon ride.
We had lunch at the Deli, then went up to Cabellas and saw all the cool animals, sampled some fudge, and did the shooting range. We had such a crazy mixup with the hotel, with an employee telling us that there were tons of families at the hotel so we couldn’t have adjoining rooms, then getting us adjoining rooms and telling us there were tons of business people at the hotel so we needed to be quiet…it was just a mess.
We finally got checked in, went and did some swimming which was TOO fun, and then went to Teriyaki Grill for dinner, then went to grab ice cream and played games while the babies slept.
The next day we walked around the Thanksgiving Point grounds, then were off to the children’s museum which was so fun! We played in the water, did a climbing course, and saw lots of koi fish outside. We had delicious ramen for lunch and then were off to see the 24th of July parade floats! There were some amazing floats and we loved wandering around with the kiddos. We let the kids nap and we played more games, and then had Texas Roadhouse for dinner. The poor brand-new server dumped ice water on Tommy so Ben did a marathon sprint to Walmart to buy a new shirt. We still had a yummy dinner though! We took the kids to a toy store to wander around (it was actually a SUPER COOL store) and then went back for more swimming, shakes and fries and games.
The last day we spent in the dinosaur museum, then Ben and Kim had to go, so the rest of us braved the heat and hung out in the beautiful gardens. There weren’t many people there which made it super fun! It was a really fun trip, and we are so lucky to have parents who take us on fun adventures like this!

Graham Kazuhiro Low’s Blessing Day

Graham was given the most beautiful blessing by his daddy on July 15, 2018.

That morning I was with G alone and I seriously started bawling. I couldn’t help but think that one day when Graham was getting ready to give his mission farewell talk or getting ready to get married, I would remember this day. His blessing day. And how little he was. It seems so far away now, but I can also feel how quickly he will grow up, and how soon he won’t be my little baby anymore. It was such a weird feeling to know I would reflect back on that day, cuddled up with him before his blessing, and how much I would miss that moment.

It was seriously the best day ever! We had family and friends come to celebrate with us. Graham’s uncles (except for Uncle Matt who was in Florida and couldn’t come, Uncle Sam who was on his mission, and Uncle Clint who wasn’t an Elder yet) and his grandpa’s and two great-grandpa’s all were in the circle to bless him. And his “godfather”, Spencer, and great uncle Mike.

Randy gave Graham the most beautiful blessing about happiness and his smile that will help those around him, his job as a rescuer for others, and the love Heavenly Father has for him.

He was given the name Graham Kazuhiro Low.

We enjoyed spending the day with family and friends after, eating sandwiches and treats, and Graham is such a rockstar he didn’t cry at all-not while getting blessed or while getting passed around after.

We are so blessed to have him in our family, and his blessing day was a day I won’t forget!

Cousin Candace was keeping an eye on Graham for me hahahaha

2 Months Old

Graham Bam is TWO MONTHS OLD!

The time is going by FAR too quickly.

We went in for his 2 month appointment and here are his stats: Weight: 10 lbs 9 oz (10th percentile). Height: 23.4 inches (58th percentile). Head: 34 inches (86th percentile).

Graham sleeps through the night most of the time (right after his two month appointment and shots he TOTALLY reverted so we’re getting back to all night sleep.)

He has found his voice and loves to chat with us, smiles all the time, chews on his hands, loves stories and bathtime, can hold his head up all by himself for a while, and is just the cutest baby. We packed up his newborn clothes which was SO hard but he has so many cute outfits I can’t complain! I’m biased, but I think he’s the best kid in the universe.

Some of my favorite memories this month were Graham’s blessing where Randy gave him the most beautiful blessing, when Graham met the doctor who delivered him (Dr. Gibson is just the absolute best and I love her!) spending time with family and friends who just say G is the cutest baby ever, our family getaway, getting into our routine which I just love, cuddling G while he naps, and taking too many pictures! I also OFFICIALLY don’t have diabetes anymore which is exciting, in most cases Gestational Diabetes is just during pregnancy but sometimes the woman had diabetes before and just didn’t know. Luckily for me, that wasn’t the case!

Happy 2 months baby boy!


We had such a fun weekend! It started off with Randy and I leaving G man for the first time (I may have teared up, it’s fine) to go see Incredibles 2. It was SO good, but it was a hard movie to see after leaving my baby for the first time! The Pixar short at the beginning was all about a little boy growing up which made me want to leave immediately to get my baby boy. And the movie itself is a lot about a mom leaving her kids to go work and how hard that is and so I basically just missed Graham the whole time. But it was fun.

Saturday we spent the day with Kim and the kids, going around Salt Lake and Temple Square. Candace was SO cute and sang Book of Mormon Stories while we were walking around, and then when we saw the Christus she said “Jesus is coming back soon” which melted my heart.
I’m obsessed with Graham and post too many pictures, #sorrynotsorry and I LOVE his little church outfits.
He’s too cute!

Happy Fourth of July

We had such a fun Fourth of July! It started on the 3rd, going to a firework show my cousins put on. That was SUPER fun and we ate delicious treats, hung out with family, and had a good time.

The Fourth was even more fun, starting with the parade! Graham was so chill during it and we got to help our niece and nephew get candy which was a blast. My brother and sister-in-law and their kids came out early to surprise us and it was so awesome! We had a delicious lunch, spent time with Randy’s family, and then played games and had crepes with my aunt and cousin. Then it was time for fireworks which got moved to Barnes Park, so we just walked on the trail over to the park, saw the fireworks, and walked home. Graham was SO good during all the festivities of the day and I was super proud of him!

God Bless America!

The Best Pieces of Mamahood

I have to jot down some of my favorite moments or I will only remember being sleep deprived and hungry hahahaha.

  • When G burrows his head in my shoulder
  • When he falls asleep on my chest or in my arms
  • When he’s crying and someone hands him to me and he instantly settles down
  • BIG stretches and yawns after naptime
  • The way he scrunches his face when he’s tired or lights are too bright
  • Baby smiles while he’s sleeping, or when he’s awake
  • Little coos that melt my heart
  • The way his eyes get SO BIG when something startles him
  • How his arms FLY up when we unswaddle him
  • How he puts his hands by his face when he’s overly tired
  • His fascination with the outside lights or ceiling fan
  • How he recognizes Randy and my voices
  • How he looks like a little old man in the mirror while we’re driving in the car
  • How he grabs my shirt when he’s overly tired and just wants something to hold on to and sleep
  • His tiny newborn scream
  • How much he hated baths and now how suddenly he loves them
  • How he grabs your hand to help him keep his binky or bottle in his mouth
There are a million more but he’s awake, and this is all I have time for today. He’s the sweetest baby ever and we are so lucky to have him.

Hall of Breakfast

This weekend was insanely fun! G got to meet his Uncle Jon who came in from New York to visit. It was a blast to see G with him and to have everyone (but our sweet missionary) together.

We got these darling pictures of G and cousin Charlotte! Their shirts say “Cousins make the best friends” and they were SO silly and sweet getting their pictures taken.

My parents got back from Europe and it was so awesome to see them again! They have so many fun stories to tell and we have had a great time hearing about their adventures, and they’ve loved seeing Graham again.

On Saturday we went to this amazing exhibit in SLC called “The Hall of Breakfast” and it was out of this world! It’s part art exhibit part interactive museum and all of it centered around breakfast food so it doesn’t get better than that. Graham was so well behaved and we had a great time with Bethany and Jarem hanging out. There was “Pop Art” – real art pieces like Starry Night recreated on TOAST. Real bread and everything. There were giant donut swings, a voting booth to decide of pancakes or waffles were better, and a giant freezer door that let you into the whole thing. We had WAY too much fun, and even though Randy killed his leg in the ball pit, it was still a great time.

G is starting to smile which is sincerely melting my mama heart. He’s getting better at night sleeping thank HEAVEN and is overall a really happy kid.