2020 | Year In Review

What a year! What started out as normal quickly turned into a very strange year. But we still had an amazing time.

I can’t get over how much Graham has grown up this year. He turned 2 and has just changed into such a sweet little person. He loves talking, reading, knows the ABCs, can count, do shapes and colors, and has the best little imagination. He knows SO many songs and will yell at us to JAM in the car with him all the time. We are so obsessed with him.

The Wedding

Sam and Kate got married! The day after Christmas was a whirlwind of heading to the temple, pictures, the lunch, and a brief stop at the reception. Things were different with COVID but it was still beautiful. Graham was a TROOPER and was soooo tired. But he did so awesome and wore his mask, was friendly and kind, and just was so well behaved. We couldn’t be more proud! We are so happy for Sam and Kate and can’t wait to have Kate in our family.


I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone already! It went by too fast. We kicked off the week making gingerbread men and going to the Willard Bay lights. It was so fun to get in the Christmas mood, wrapping presents and getting everything ready for the big day!

Christmas Eve was magic with lots of playing with Mel, good food, games, The Nutcracker, and the sweetest Nativity you ever saw! Except when Mary and Joseph fought over who got to hold the baby, that part made me laugh haha.

Christmas Day was magical. We woke up early and opened presents at our house, and Graham loved his Spider-Man, scooter, Mom’s robot vacuum, Dad’s train tracks, and his kinetic sand!

Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s and opened presents with everyone else and Graham got RC, loved playing with Mel’s new car track, and just had a blast. We opened gifts for hours and it was seriously so magical. We ate good food and then went over to Grandma and Grandpa Low’s house, where Graham loved playing with his new Toy Story toys.

We helped set up for the wedding lunch that would be the next day, then went to bed, exhausted from one of the best Christmas’s ever.

Christmas Mode

We are in CHRISTMAS MODE here at our house. We’ve been doing so many fun activities to get ready for my favorite time of the year. Last week we went to the Farmington Lights with both my family and Randy’s family. Graham was LOOSING HIS MIND he was so excited about seeing so many fun balloons. He loved Woody and Buzz, the Star Wars guys, the Minions, Mr. Potato Head, and the animals that popped in and out of boxes and such. He was just going crazy and didn’t want to leave both times that we went.

We did a fun painting craft making Nutcrackers that Graham loved. He’s kind of obsessed with Nutcrackers and it was really cute to let him make his own. And we also made gingerbread houses which was a BLAST. Graham just wanted to eat the candy and Randy got very into it, sanding it down and using glue, but it was a great time. We’ve been eating yummy food, wrapping presents, and Randy and I even escaped to a little date on a Friday night to take gifts to my friends.

We’ve been doing a Christmas Countdown focused on the idea of “My Own” (Scripture, I come unto MY OWN) and that’s been really fun, full of fun activities. Graham also discovered SNOW this past week and has been WILDLY obsessed. He doesn’t love it on his hands but he loves crunching it and playing as long as it doesn’t get on his hands or face hahaha. He’s the best.

We’re loving this Christmas season and I’m not sure how it’s gone by so fast. And every day we’re getting even closer to a new baby which is wild! We’re just lucky to have such a sweet boy who makes this time of year so amazing and wonderful.

Christmas Service

Every year we try to find a service activity for our family. For the past several years we have adopted a child in foster care for Christmas and it’s seriously been so awesome. We have picked a child close to Graham’s age which has made it so meaningful for him. As he helps us shop and wrap up toys he would love to play with, I think it helps him appreciate it.

My high school friend Jessi has put together this amazing service opportunity and I’m seriously so grateful she has made it such a good experience for our family! Finding service for Christmas makes the season so much more meaningful and special.


We are having a baby!!! We are SO thrilled to be welcoming a new baby to our family in June!

I did a HORRIBLE job of filming how we found out and telling everyone. Second baby syndrome I guess!

But basically here’s the story:

I was wondering if I was pregnant but thought it would be too early to tell. I was making Graham lunch and started to feel SO sick. A wave of nausea. It was EXACTLY the same feeling I had when I was pregnant with Graham if I didn’t eat enough food. I just knew in my heart I was pregnant, but I didn’t have any tests in the house!

After Graham’s nap I got him in the car and just told Randy I had to go buy some candy from Target! I bought a test and brought it home. I bought a 3-pack and thought I should wait because it was still SO early and it probably wouldn’t show. But then I reasoned that I had a 3-pack and could take another one in a couple of days.

I took the test and after just a few seconds the digital test flashed PREGNANT. I was SHOCKED I couldn’t even think. Before I even knew what I was doing I walked into the other room and said RANDY OH MY GOSH LOOK. I was going to come up with a clever way to tell him but I couldn’t believe it was showing so early! I couldn’t even think!

We told Graham he was going to be a brother and it was so fun.

My brother and his wife were driving down from California to surprise my family and we thought it would be so fun to surprise my whole family together. SO my brother and his family knocked on the door and everyone was so surprised, and then I had Graham walk out of the bathroom with a BIG BRO shirt! Everyone was SO surprised and I started crying and was so overwhelmed I didn’t even film it! It was SO fun and wonderful to surprise everyone all together.

And then of course we went to tell Randy’s family. We were waiting for Sam’s almost fiancĂ© to arrive and Graham had his big brother shirt under his sweatshirt. He went upstairs with Grandma to get some toys and walked down the stairs and she said “Uhhhh I think Graham told me a secret…” and I said “Graham what did you say!” And he said “I said I’m getting a sister!” We were DYING laughing. We explained we didn’t know if it was a sister but we were having a baby!

I’ve been feeling really good, pretty tired and sick some mornings, but I haven’t thrown up yet which is so awesome. Graham is CONVINCED it’s a sister and won’t really accept the idea that it could be a brother haha so we’ll see how that goes!

We’ve been having so much fun getting ready for this little baby, Graham loves asking where the baby is and loves the stuff we are getting shipped to the house for the baby already. He’s going to be such a good big brother. I’m honestly SO nervous to have another baby but I also know it will be so wonderful!


We’re getting in the full Christmas swing here at our house! We helped my parents decorate and Graham has been OBSESSED with all things Christmas, particularly the decorations!

After Thanksgiving we spent a great weekend playing games, decorating, watching Christmas movies, and eating leftovers. This whole week we’ve been just enjoying Christmas activities, countdowns, buying and wrapping presents, and more.

We also got to go see the Layton lights which was SO fun! It’s one of my favorite family traditions and taking the kids was a blast. It was cold, but the masks actually made it warmer! They were also doing a Christmas Carol socially distant outdoor performance so that was actually very cool!