Knowing He’s The One

Randy and I are going to get married when we are both 21. Randy will have been home from his mission for almost 6 months when we get married. Randy will have an absurd amount of school left when we get married.

Some people think we’re too young. Some people think it’s too soon. Some people think we’re crazy, stupid, immature, naive. Not ready. Not sure.

People quote the divorce rate, statistics, rules about how long after a mission is appropriate to start thinking about marriage, personal stories about their best friend’s cousin’s uncle’s co-worker who made a bad choice regarding marriage.

So here’s a quick thought about why I am doing this. Getting married. At such a young age, to someone just home from their mission.

Because he’s the one.

And how do I know he’s the one? I’ve thought about this a lot. I could list off the reasons, from his patient and loving heart, to his taste in music, to his consistency in buying me chocolate, not to mention how good looking he is! (see picture above).

But the most important reason that Randy’s the one, is because HE is the one.

Let me explain.

God is the one in charge here. God knows my heart. He knows Randy’s heart. He knows my flaws, and Randy’s flaws. He knows what we will fight about, what we will struggle with, and how we will fit together, and build each other up.

I know Randy’s the one because God’s the one that has the plan. And I know Randy’s the one, because I’m listening, and following, and trying to obey.

And as long as Randy and I both keep following Heavenly Father, we will stay THE ONE for each other.

We didn’t make this decision lightly. It’s something I’ve personally been praying about for 3 and a half years now.

And I’m more sure about this decision than any other decision I’ve made.

So I’m going to be less judgmental about people getting engaged fast, young, to someone in particular, all of it. They have their own relationship with Heavenly Father – and I need to respect that.

Now to quote my good friend Cory Matthews:

Sorry Cory. That’s me and Randy.
Happy Sunday friends:)


Ok I’ve posted them all over Instagram and Facebook… so why not here, right?

Here’s a few of my favorites!

Elisha Braithwaite was our amazing photographer! I would 100% recommend her to anybody! 
This week we got to head to the Jazz game to celebrate Drew’s birthday (late) while they played the T-Wolves!
I got to see SISTER FABER for the first time since she’s been home. It was just magical.
Friends I am so sorry I’m not blogging as much as I should! Here is what else has been up:
Working on my capstone documentary. We’ve done lots of interviews, logged hours of tape, and it’s all been amazing.
Spending every free minute planning our honeymoon and trying to find a place to live! If anybody knows of an apartment in or around Salt Lake, please let me know!
PHP homework. It’s going to be the death of me.
Job interviews and applications and interviews and applications. It’ll be worth it right?
Shopping for the wedding/our future house/graduation. Randy’s pretty sick of me driving him around haha.
It’s been pretty crazy. But so incredibly fun!
Happy Friday everyone:) 

What I Heard In Church Today That Broke My Heart


I heard something at Church today, that made me a little sad. It’s something I hear said far, far, far too often. And I’d like to get it corrected as soon as possible.

Today, a wife of one of our Bishopbric members was teaching Marriage Prep. Randy and I went together, all ready to learn.

The first thing she said when she got up was, “I’m a little intimidated to teach. I’ve heard many of you teach, and there are so many returned missionaries here who know how to teach. I never went on a mission, I just got married and had babies. So hopefully I can still teach you something today.”

Those are honestly, her near exact words.

My heart broke.

It left me, and I’m sure several other people in that room who hadn’t served missions, with the impression that if we didn’t serve, we weren’t adequate teachers. And because this amazing woman hadn’t served, she wasn’t a qualified teacher.

This attitude isn’t right.

As members of the Church, as lovers of this Gospel, we are qualified to study, learn, and teach.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand new convert, or a seasoned scriptorian.

Everyone has something to offer in this Church.

Whether you served a mission, served as a nursery leader, served as a Relief Society President, served as a visiting teacher, served as a devoted wife, loving father, helpful daughter or son.

We ALL have something to give.

I want my daughters to know they will be amazing leaders, teachers, wives, and mothers, no matter what they decide about serving a mission.

I want my sons to know that their wife is a righteous woman, a great partner for him, and a daughter of God with an incredible mission, whether or not she wore a name-tag.

I want everyone reading this to know it doesn’t matter what they’ve done or haven’t done, it doesn’t matter if they left the church, if they don’t know if they believe. There is a place for you in this Gospel. 

And I want everyone to understand that the path that Heavenly Father directed them to is a good one, the right one. And it doesn’t make them anything less, or more, than anybody else.

 Happy Sunday everyone!

Engagement preview and documentary time

What a week! I am so busy I don’t know what to do with myself. I would go into all the details, but that’s boring. Unfortunately, because I’m engaged and graduating, it’s hard for me to focus at school! Instead of paying attention…I’m kind of just staring at pictures like these….
Our photographer is incredible. Seriously. I can’t get enough of her. Elisha Braithwaite. Check her out.
Elisha gave us two separate engagement sessions to make sure we had everything we wanted. She made us comfortable, had fun with us, and as you can see, she’s incredible at what she does. I can’t wait for more!

Let the invitation stuffing begin! Our invitation lady was also INCREDIBLE and sooooo easy to work with. Also check out Annette Ward, she’s awesome.

And. Move over Dateline and 20/20. We’re coming. Ok not really, but still. Working on a documentary about suicide prevention in Utah for our capstone project has been absolutely incredible. I am loving every interview, all the time spent logging tape, meeting amazing people and sharing their stories. 

Randy and I also manage to have a little date every once and a while, with the ducks. Feeding the ducks is one of my favorite things for some reason. 

Stopped by the mall the other day, and THIS is what I see. It’s made of LEGOS. If that’s not cool, I don’t know what is.  And now, it was this amazing mother of mine’s birthday this week! She’s the cutest and I am so lucky to have her as my mom. She’s so caring, kind, and truly amazing. I love you mom!

Happy Saturday everyone!

1, 2, 3…

1. Engagement pictures round 1 last night. Round 2 is next week week. Bit of a fiasco with my hair and makeup, and getting there on time, but Elisha Braithwaite is pure fun to work with. Can’t wait to see how the first session turned out!

2. I’m going to be an AUNT. Can you believe it?? Congrats to my favorite brother and sister-in-law. Can’t wait to meet the little nugget in September (I’m secretly hoping it’s born on my birthday so we can be twins)
3. How cute is that face??  Happy late birthday party for Randy. My whole family got together to eat food and cake, and have Randy answer lots of questions about himself so everyone can get to know him even better (like they already haven’t known him for years;))
4. They’re cleaning the carpets here at work today. Meaning I have to scream to be heard, and I’m getting high on fumes.
5. If anyone has hookups to timeshares, or ideas for where Randy and I can go on a honeymoon, please please please let me know!
6. Apartment hunting is so exciting and stressful and wonderful and dramatic all at the same time. I just love the prospect of figuring out where our first home will be together.
7. Sorella Yost is HOME from her mission. Stand-by while I anxiously wait to talk to her!
8. Happy Saturday everyone!

Where does the time go?


Where have I been? I feel like I blogged yesterday – turns out I didn’t. I always used to get so annoyed when my fav bloggers stopped posting once they got engaged. Now I know why. Not enough time, not enough motivation!

So here’s the catch up.

Unfortunately, I also forget to take pictures now. Not that I was good at it before. But still.

I got SO lucky last weekend and got to go to the Imagine Dragons concert for work. #ilovemyjob

It was incredible and absolutely everything I’d dreamed of. Plus being smashed in there with 300 other people instead of 3,000 other people was amazing. It smashed me right up to the front for a great seat. Er. Place to stand.

Also this. Because I miss her so much. #waitforshort
Also a little story. 
The other day Randy and I went to go get him a wedding suit, his tie, a new shirt, etc.
He walked out of that dressing room, all spiffed up, and I started bawling.
I didn’t cry when I found my wedding dress.
I didn’t even cry when we got engaged.
But him walking out of that dressing room made me lose it.
I think it finally hit me.
I get to marry Randy Low. 
How lucky am I?
Happy Birthday Dad!!!
My dad is 50!!! What in the world. I feel like my dad’s about 25. 
Thanks for never missing a dance recital, always tucking me in, telling me Sandy Cat stories, letting me call him a million times with computer programming questions, teaching me math and helping with every single science project, and being an amazing Christ-like example in my life. I don’t know what I would do without you dad. I love you!
And happy Sunday everyone:)