No good deed goes unpunished

Holy cow friends I am behind! So many wonderful things have happened lately and I need to get to blogging about them! Here’s the update according to my iPhone:

July 23 was an AMAZING day. I met my awesome family in Salt Lake City, went to my FAVORITE restaurant (seriously. It’s so good. Go try it.)

And then to my FAVORITE musical!
Aren’t they too cute:) 
Seriously, Wicked is AMAZING. I started legitimately tearing up when Elphaba sings Defying Gravity just before intermission. They raise her up in the air and BAH. It’s too good. 
Then, Pioneer Day! I had so much fun hanging out with Brooke during the Days of ’47 Parade, working for KSL and making sure everything went smoothly. 
I didn’t get any pictures of the rest of my Pioneer Day but it was wonderful! Here in Utah we have a day to celebrate our pioneer history, and the reason why Utah is the great state that it is! I got to spend lots of time with family, eating delicious food, and hearing my mom read pioneer stories. It was a great day:)

Rachel, Kayla and I went to Banana Leaf here in Provo which has BOMB Sri Lankan food! Curry and pa’an and mango chutney for DAYS. Plus an avocado shake! 

And then…Train! This concert was INCREDIBLE. 
Sorry my pictures are horrible #sorry.
But seriously. They are so incredible live! The concert was SO hot and crazy but it was awesome! I got to go with some wonderful friends and make some wonderful new friends, all in all it was incredible. 

Annnnd this is a sunset in Naha, the city where Randy is living. Pretty incredible. I was having one of those no-good-dirty-rotten-terrible-horrible-really-bad-bad-days on Monday when he emailed. He knows just what to say to make me happy and remind me who I am 
“Remember who you are, and who God expects you to become.”
I have a lot of amazing friends who have boosted me up lately when I’ve needed it, plus my incredible family. I love you all so much! 
Happy Wednesday everyone!

10 Things Girls Who Aren’t Serving Missions Want You To Know

Nobody panic, I’m not becoming the spokesperson for girls who aren’t serving missions. This may also apply to young men who aren’t serving! And maybe not every girl feels like this. But I’ve been in situations where I’ve seen girls struggle with the decision about a mission for reasons that they shouldn’t have to worry about. I’m not insecure in my decision, nor am I angry or offended. I’ve just seen so many girls, myself included, become discouraged because of these issues. Some say they don’t see the judgment happening, or that I shouldn’t have to address it. But it’s out there, and I feel like it needs to be addressed, if only so people can understand what it feels like. Also, I know that not everyone assumes things about girls going on missions, some people are very open and happy with anyone’s decision. This is just my rambling to those who I have come in contact with who don’t understand some of these things, and I want to clarify.

10 Things Girls Who Aren’t Serving Missions Want You To Know

1. We still love the Gospel. Yes, that’s right! Just because we aren’t dedicating a year and a half of our lives to solely preach the Gospel, doesn’t mean we aren’t dedicating every day of our lives to the Lord. We are looking for ways to help, serve, teach, and minister every single day. Even though we don’t wear a badge on our chest, we all have “badges painted on our heart” as Elder Nelson would say.

2. When you go on about how attractive sister missionaries are, how you’ll only marry an RM, and how much of a better mom a girl is who has served a mission, it can hurt our feelings. You probably don’t mean it to be offensive, but it is. We look at the path we’ve chosen as inferior in your eyes. We see our future children and wonder if you’re right about their mother and how less spiritual she’ll be. We wonder if we should go and serve solely because it will make us more attractive to you. We think our personal scripture study, the fulfilling of our callings, our desire to serve others, our teaching and helping those around us, isn’t enough. We’ll still be great wives and mothers, promise!
3. We appreciate it when you recognize those of us who haven’t served missions in your lessons/talks. We love missionary work. Honestly we do. What we don’t love, is feeling that we missed out on the only right option by choosing not to serve. The Church’s focus IS missionary work, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a full-time mission. We love hearing about how to serve as a member and how to be an example to those around you no matter where you live. We’re not crazy about lessons detailing how every, single person should serve a mission, it’s always the best option, you’ll never be close to the spirit like you will be on a mission, asking people if they have a mission story they’d like to share, or saying “If you’ve served a mission, you understand this…” This can also offend guys who were worthy to serve, and weren’t able to.
4. We’ve prayed about our decision. I was a little taken back when a member of my ward asked me if I’d prayed about my decision to not serve. That’s a very personal, and very frustrating thing to be asked. So let me just put all your minds at ease, we’ve prayed about it. Or we’re praying about it. We’re going to be obedient to the answer we’ve been given, and hopefully that’s acceptable in your eyes.
5. We aren’t all looking to get married. Sometimes it seems there are two options; go on a mission or get married. Some of us aren’t doing either. Sure, we’re open to the idea of marriage, but we didn’t stay home from missions to get married right away. Some of us are focusing on school, careers, church service, and some of us were just plain told not to serve a mission and we’re making it our goal to be a tool in Heavenly Father’s hands, wherever he needs us. I’ll go where you want me to go, oh Lord…even if that means staying right here. 
6. No two of us are the same. We have different goals, different reasons for not serving. Some sisters don’t have the desire to serve, and that’s ok! Some do have the desire, and couldn’t go for medical or other reasons, and that’s ok too! Some of us have the desire to serve, and through personal revelation realized that serving a mission was not part of our plan. And that’s ok too! Some of us are older, some of us are younger, it doesn’t matter! We’re all different, we all love the Gospel, and we’re all striving to be our best selves.
7. We appreciate when you’re proud of our accomplishments. Sometimes it’s hard to watch you get so excited when someone is submitting their mission papers, gets their call, or is heading out, and not be as excited for the good things we’re accomplishing. Sometimes, we feel like the things we’re doing aren’t important or wonderful. Help us see that going to school, getting that job, acing a test, or taking time out to help others, is exciting and important too. 
8. We’re proud of our fellow sisters. We applaud them and their diligence, we appreciate them and we love them. We want to help the missionaries and show our support for them. We value their service as our sisters and we want them to accomplish great things. Our choosing not to go has no reflection on sister missionary service, or women’s place in the church for that matter. 
9. We are busy. We probably aren’t busy in the same way full-time missionaries are, but we are busy! We’re going to school or working, serving in church callings, helping our families and friends, taking time for personal worship, reading, learning, growing, helping, teaching and a million other things! 

10. We need your love! Sometimes it’s easy to feel down, beaten, and inferior. We appreciate every single person who lifts us up, makes us smile, and helps us realize we aren’t alone. And we love you right back!

Fishing and friending

Friends, family time rocks. This past weekend I was lucky enough to go to Idaho and float the Teton River with my cute fam bam. We’ve floated the Teton a bunch of times and every single time it’s still wonderful. We caught SO many fish and got to spend time hanging out, laughing, and getting just a bit sunburned. If you’ve never done something fun and out-doorsy like this, DO IT. I love fishing and it’s so fun to be with my grandpa who is a master at it. It’s also fun to get a little dirty, take fish of the hook, get bled on like crazy, and walk in cool river water. What a good time:)
My parents WERE there, they just aren’t pictured.

Also. This gem of a best friend of mine had her farewell on Sunday. This also shows our personalities quite well. Courtney gave a FANTASTIC talk and if you haven’t seen my instagram/facebook/twitter post about her….well go check it out. It explains exactly how wonderful this girl is. Kill it in Hungary Short! Miss you already. (Expect updates on this blog about how much I miss Courtney. Realization that she doesn’t live with me anymore number one? The plush, comfy rug is no longer in the bathroom. Also, the “Seriously let’s make out” pillow. Gone.)

This week is busy and full of fun folks! Look forward to more family time as we go see Wicked, celebrate the 24th of July, and experience what it’s like for Maddy to go to the dentist! Should be a good one;)

Happy Monday everyone:)

One day at a time

Last weekend we went camping and then I got to hang out with my fam-bam in Logan for my cousin Zack’s farewell.

Camping was quite an adventure and I loved every second of it.
And darling Kayla is the sweetest friend I could ask for. Talking until 2:00 AM in the bed of a truck? Yes please.
Courtney is leaving me soon, and I’m really sad. But I’ll wait and post about that on Sunday. 

Life is on the verge of changing friends. My brother will be moving away, friends are getting married and leaving on missions, I’ll be moving apartments, I’ll start my last year of college, Randy will be home soon….it’s just all a little crazy.

So I’m enjoying one day at a time. It’s a nice way to live.

Happy Thursday everyone (and happy off to float the Teton River for me!)


Randy has been officially gone for 18 months. Wow. He’ll be home before I know it!

Thanks to Treat by Shutterfly, I get to send him a little something so he remembers that I’m here, supporting him and caring about him.

Treat is an AMAZING new Shutterfly line JUST FOR CARDS. They seriously have every kind of card you could ever want, with the option to personalize it just for you. They have all kinds of amazingly cute templates, with great options of how to make it your own.

Not to mention, you get a good price. Each card is about $3.50. Such an inexpensive way to show people you care.

We don’t use real paper enough anymore. Everything is electronic. Let me just tell you, nothing in the world is as wonderful as getting a handwritten note/card in the mail. I love any reason to check the mail (since that’s my primary method of communication with Randy) and it’s like my birthday anytime I get a note or card (especially when it actually is my birthday. haha)

So this is the cute little card Elder Low will be getting here in a few weeks. Needless to say, I’ll be using for all my greeting card needs. Just look how cute this card is!

This is us re-enacting American Gothic by Grant Wood. We are art history nerds.

Seriously cute right?? Visit Treat or the Thinking Of You section to make your card! 
Happy Monday everyone!

My love rant

Ok guys. It’s time.

The soundtrack to this movie is incredible. Seriously took my breath away.

You may like this movie, you may hate it. I have my own thoughts on it which I can share if you’d like.
But this music, nobody can hate.

Maybe while you’re running or at work, just pop this music on. It’s too good to pass up.

I just have a short ramble for you today. Maybe it’s because I’m listening to all this sappy music. You never know.

We hear a lot that romantic comedies are bad for us because they aren’t real, that we have to be sensible about love. I think people are afraid of their capacity to love. We cut it short for some reason. Our reservoirs of love are endless. I’m one of those people who calls everyone their best friend, who tells their friends they love them after hanging out roughly 1.5 times. People give me weird looks. People say that when they say they love someone they want it to mean something. My “I love you’s” do mean something. I just want as many people as possible to know how much they mean to me.

I’ve been accused of being to passionate, and I know that about myself. My feelings run deep. I’m not scared of them though. I’m not scared of being terribly sad, because when I’m happy I’m terribly happy. Getting your heart broken by the jerk is hard. But I would do it a million times to experience turning my head, and seeing someone give me that look. That look of adoration…and feeling it.

I’m young, and maybe I know nothing about love. But what I do know, is that I’ve done hard things for love. I’ve taken quite the beating for love. And I’m done apologizing for my feelings. Love isn’t supposed to be easy, but it’s easier than we make it.

God Bless America

Hi friends!

Whoa I said I’d be better at blogging, and I’m struggling! Here’s a quick game of catch-up showing you all the fun things I’ve been up to lately!

Earlier this week we hit the Provo Freedom Festival Days Fair and had some DELICIOUS chicken, and had a great time hanging out!

Back to good ol’ Kaysville for some hometown fun. It all started with the parade

Then some “pool” time

And finally some Davis High fireworks. I love my hometown:)
Can I just say I love the Fourth of July. I love this beautiful country more than anything and I feel so blessed to live here. And not just during this patriotic time. One of my favorite moments in my life was when I got back from Europe and we were going through customs to get back into the U.S. The customs officer looked at my passport, and said “Miss, welcome back to the United States of America. Welcome home.” Thinking about it still gives me shivers!
My friends and I maybe went to an old mine and burned a couch. It wasn’t my idea. Cool nonetheless.

And today for my internship I spent some time on the water. I have the best job.
Other than that I’m working and doing my internship, playing with friends and spending lots of time with my fam-bam. It’s been a delightful summer so far and I can’t wait to see how the rest of it goes.
Happy Tuesday everyone!


Hello dear friends!

Tomorrow is the 4th of July! Expect some fun posts about my fam and our celebrating, it’s going to be delightful.

Recently I’ve been playing collegiate badminton with my hardcore team. It’s pretty intense.

And at KSL I’m doing some amazing things, like writing a story on the first newspaper that announced the Declaration of Independence was approved for the American people. Yeah. Pretty cool stuff.

Life is great, busy and so fun. I’m excited to take some time off with my fam bam but I will take lots of fun pictures and it will be just wonderful. Promise.

Happy Thursday, and happy Fourth of July Eve!