Jurassic Quest

We went on a fun activity day to see Jurassic Quest! We drove through these GIANT dinosaurs in our car and they moved, we listened to fun facts about them, and it was a really fun activity! Graham kept ROARING at them and we were amazed that they had fur on them–which is apparently a thing! We ate lunch at Cafe Rio which was wild because we haven’t eaten in a restaurant for a LONG time. Dad is finally done with busy season and hasn’t had to work on the weekends in two weeks which is so much fun! We also took family photos on Sunday morning before going to church, and we’re so excited to see how they turn out! It was fun to go to Memory Grove and Graham wanted to Spider-Man crawl up the trees. He’s VERY into Into the Spider-verse and wants to ask everyone who their favorite Spider-Man is.

Graham also got a BIG KID BED! It’s wild he’s big enough to have a bed and he’s been doing SO great transitioning. He got out of it a couple times but honestly has been so great at the transition.

We’re getting closer and closer to Baby Low which is WILD.

AND Graham had the stomach flu this week. He woke up at 2 AM to throw up all over his new big kid bed. We did lots of laundry, didn’t sleep much, and watched lots of movies the next day. Graham was SO SWEET and told us he loved us a million times and had such a great attitude the whole time. I was such a proud mom!


It was such a windy day and Graham had been BEGGING us to fly a kite! We got it up in the air and he kept screaming FLY SISU and it was TOO CUTE. He absolutely loved it even though the wind almost knocked him over! We are loving the warmer weather and go on walks almost every day. Graham loves pointing out the flowers, picking pine cones or dandelions, pushing his stroller and running down the hilly streets. We’ve made some wonderful memories walking around our neighborhood and it makes me sad how fast he’s growing up.

We had dinner with Alexon and with Courtney and Tommy and Graham was such a trooper! He was so good at the restaurants even though we haven’t been in one for a long time. He was OBSESSED with both Alexon and Courtney after, he made Alexon come read a bedtime story to him and the next day drew pictures of them. It was too cute!

Boys at the Jazz Game

Graham and Dad had the BEST time at the Jazz game. Graham got spoiled rotten with play-doh ice cream, a churro, and a hat for him and Dad to share! They saw the Jazz Bear or as Graham called it, the Basketball Fox. They loved seeing all the players and cheering as loud as they could. Graham didn’t want to leave when it was over. We were so glad they got a chance to wear their matching Donovon jersey’s and enjoy time at the game!

Graham also wants to be like Dad in EVERY way. So cute it melts my heart.

On The Farm

We went to Cross E Ranch and had a BLAST for baby animal days! Graham got to hold and pet chicks, bunnies, baby goats, cows, a yak, and an alpaca! We went on the tractor ride and saw TONS of cows and calves, and Graham SOBBED as he went down the giant slide hahaha. But he loved the jump zone! He did a great job being brave and trying new things which is always awesome. The warm weather is making me so happy and we spend lots of time outside going on “nice walks” and jumping on the trampoline, blowing bubbles, and more.

We’re getting super excited for little BRO to get here in just a few months and go outside to do fun stuff with us!


We had a wonderful Easter this year. It was General Conference weekend which always makes it extra special. We spent the week talking about Holy Week and how we can remember Jesus and what He did for us. Graham was very sweet about learning about Jesus and it made me so happy.

The Easter Bunny came on Saturday! Graham got a Thomas the Train he can ride which he was THRILLED about, some outdoor toys like chalk and bubbles, books, and of course plenty of candy! The egg hunt took a LONG time because Graham had to ride on his train to each and every egg. We made eggs benedict and then went to Grandma Ann’s and Grandpa Phil’s. We ate a delicious stroganoff dinner and Graham got to find eggs. We went outside and it was so warm and nice. It was seriously my favorite!

Sunday we woke up and went on an Easter hike which was so fun! Graham walked almost the whole way and was such a great trooper. I can’t wait to go on more hikes with him as he grows up. We made a delicious Easter charcuterie board which was SO yummy. Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa Low’s for a fun outdoor egg hunt. We played spikeball and kube outside in the warm weather. It was wonderful!

I am so thankful for Jesus Christ and all he did for ME and our family. I can’t comprehend it.

I have been thinking about the song I Know That My Redeemer Lives and all the things listed in there. And it makes me tear up. We’re so blessed.

Sunday Loves

Sundays are becoming more and more special in our house. We eat dumplings and miso and ramen and talk about Jesus. Graham loves watching some LDS kids videos. We went back to church and G wanted to point out all the kids that weren’t behaving well hahahaha. I get some time to read and listen to scriptures and talks which is awesome. I’m finding so much joy and fulfillment in the way we worship now.

Randy has been insanely insanely busy this week so it’s been lots of time for me and G which is fun. He loves our little preschool, reading books, and going for a “nice walk” now that the weather is warmer. He’s getting older and is starting to argue with me which is a new one for us hahaha but we are figuring out how to navigate that part of our relationship. He’s the sweetest little guy and I just pinch myself every day that he’s mine.

We’re counting down the days until baby brother joins us and I can’t believe I’m already in the last trimester! It’s going slow and fast at the same time. I’m terrified and excited at the same time!

For now I’m going to just soak in every moment with Graham and every baby kick and all the crazy adventures we’re having right now.