Friendsgiving and birthday celebration

We had a great time celebrating friendsgiving with our cutie friends. Alexon cooked a TON of food and we all had a great time chatting and catching up and eating good food. Graham had a blast saying hi to everyone and it was just a great time. 

We also celebrated my Grandpa’s 77th birthday which was super fun. It was great to hear him talk about his life and share some of his favorite memories. I’m really luck that I have such amazing grandparents and that they’ve had a chance to get to know Graham. 

Graham is 18 months old!

I CAN NOT believe my baby is a year and a half old!! Time is FLYING and it’s so crazy! I love every single day we get with our little G man.

Here are some of my favorite things about Graham right now:

He is OBSESSED with vacuuming. Every night after dinner, without fail he will grab his little toy vacuum. He follows me around while I vacuum and will even run to the closet where we keep the real vacuum and make me get it out to help him!
He is TERRIFIED of other kids. If they even come close to him he will freak out and start to cry. Once he gets used to other kids he’s more OK with them, but it seriously is so heartbreaking.
He loves to jabber constantly, and has a ton of real words thrown in there like NO, more, cookie, ball, duck, please, car, cheese, baby, dog, cat, a million animal sounds, purple, yellow, blue, and a bunch more.
He is obsessed with music and will dance around, drum, or try and sing along.
He loves running around being chased or chasing us, squealing and yelling the whole time.
We have the best time walking to get our mail every day.
He LOVES Daniel Tiger and will say GRR when he wants to watch it.
He claps for himself after every single thing he does.
He loves coloring, reading, playing any instrument, and helping me.
He loves holding my hand and it’s the best thing ever.
He is obsessed with throwing a ball to someone at point-blank range.
He’s extremely cautious and observant but it’s so sweet to see.
He loves shopping with me, walking through the racks and copying me as I look at the clothes.

In the 1.5 years he’s been in our family he has taught me so much about myself, my capacity to love, and more. I can’t imagine my life without him.

Cedar City

We went to Cedar City over the weekend to be with my sister as she went through the temple. It was really special and I’m so proud of her, and super excited for her to go to Brazil in a few months on her mission!

Halloween 2019

We had a fantastic Halloween as Bert, Mary Poppins, and a dancing penguin! Randy even bought a kazoo and played the cute little song from the movie whenever Graham waddled around. We only went to a few houses but Graham LOVES candy and is super in to Halloween already!

We ate soup, went up to our neighbors and had hot chocolate and Graham was TERRIFIED of the little girls that were there. He got to wear his costume to music class and even got to trick or treat at Target! It was seriously a great Halloween! Randy said multiple times that this costume was his favorite that we’ve done, so I’m not sure how to top it next year!

We also welcomed our sweet niece Allison into the world on the 30th! Congrats to Ben and Kim!!

We had a great Halloween