Weekend Wedding

This was a whirlwind weekend!

I woke up at 4 AM on Friday to drive to Idaho Falls. Graham woke up for a minute when I put him in the car, and then was asleep the rest of the drive. I listened to podcasts and books and of course, Hamilton.

We went to Smitty’s my FAVORITE pancake place with my parents when we arrived, then took a nap. After our nap it was time to head go my cousin Jaxson’s wedding! It was a beautiful time at the temple, and my cute cousins watched Graham and had the best time hanging out with him.

We had a delicious lunch where Graham just wanted to go play basketball with the big kids.

Of course Graham and I stopped for chocolate milk at Reed’s Dairy before taking another nap. Then it was off to the reception. Graham ate half a funnel cake, candy, whipped cream, cookies, and had the best time.

We went back to our hotel room and went to bed, so we could wake up at 4 AM Saturday and drive back home. It was a crazy fast trip, but so fun to see all my family and celebrate with my cousin!


With busy season, we had to squeeze in as much celebration as we possibly could for Randy’s birthday!

We spent the weekend before his birthday watching a movie he really wanted to see on Friday night. Then on Saturday, he had to go into the office for a few hours. Graham and I met him downtown and we grabbed some lunch, then were off to the aquarium! Graham had the BEST time and LOVED seeing the fish. He tried to grab them all and couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t get through the glass. He liked seeing the ducks and the seahorses, and of course, the sharks swimming all around him.

Randy and I had so much fun touching the fish and chatting, just relaxing together.

After the aquarium we took Graham home and went out on a date. We had seafood (only fitting after the aquarium) at the BESt place I’ve had seafood in SLC. Harbor Seafood and Steak was expensive but so insanely delicious. We ate dessert and had a great time talking about the past year, and about the future.

Sunday we got to spend time with Randy’s family for his birthday which was such a blast. Graham was chasing his cousin Charlotte around and it was SO funny, I’ll add it to the next YouTube video!

On Monday, Randy’s actual birthday, he got to go kickbox and even got to teach a combo. We had breakfast, he went off to work and was there all day. We got lucky and got to go in for dinner and see him for a little while! Oh, the life of an accountant!

We had so much fun celebrating, and can’t wait for the year ahead!

25 Things About Randy For His 25th Birthday

1. Randy is the cutest, best dad in the world, from reading stories and singing songs to staying up late to teach G about the Jazz, he’s the best
2. He is the best dresser and loves shopping
3. He could eat ramen for every meal
4. He can pick up almost any instrument and play it well; he’s particularly amazing at drums, guitar, and piano
5. His celebrity crush is Ryan Gosling
6. He waits up on Thursday nights to hear the brand new music that gets released and love to always be on top of new stuff
7. He started kickboxing about a year ago, and has become really good, and really obsessed
8. He puts his socks on inside out all the time and it drives me nuts
9. He currently teaches the youth in our ward and they are obsessed with him, and know him as the ramen guy
10. He loves movies and can talk about them all day
11. His favorite thing about any house is a fireplace
12. He loves his friends and family and is so loyal
13. He would take a big city over a beach or mountain vacation any day
14. His dream job would be to be in a rock band
15. Indiana Jones was his first hero, and probably still is his biggest one
16. He is definitely not a morning person
17. He can hear a song one time, and figure out how to play it on the piano and guitar
18. He hates change
19. He loves sweet drinks like hot cocoa and smoothies more than most treats
20. He gets very stressed when deciding how to get his hair cut
21. He loves watching Japanese TV and correcting the translation
22. He’s very snobby about sushi
23. He loves big warm blankets and can always be found wrapped up in them
24. He loves to tease but knows where the line is, and doesn’t cross it
25. He’s the love of my life and I’m so insanely lucky he picked me


this month has been a busy one!
•he skipped army crawling and overnight decided to full-on crawl and is FAST
•he can clap, pull himself up on furniture, and stand by himself for a few seconds
•he now says mama, yeah, yay, and turtle
•he LOVES music and will stop whatever he’s doing to listen and dance – his favorite songs are Popcorn Popping, Shake It Off, and anything by Queen
•he flails his arms and circles his ankles when he’s excited and it’s the cutest
•he eats anything and everything but loves bread, pasta, strawberries, zucchini, cheese, cookies, and peas
•he has the cutest little personality and just loves meeting new people, cuddling, and being loud

LOVE WEEK – Self Love

I don’t have enough time or space here to talk about Alexon. He’s one of Randy and my best friends, and he’s an absolutely gem of a human being. He’s the cutest uncle to Graham, is so non-judgmental, will ALWAYS have your back even if you’ve let him down a thousand times, and just loves to have fun. He’s done a million little and big things for us, is so insanely loyal to his friends, and is so smart and has a great work ethic. I know, you’re all wondering HOW IS HE SINGLE. LADIES. SNATCH. HIM. UP.
 Lots of people know the goofy side of him, but I’m lucky enough to have seen the deep, serious, side. You’ll get a glimpse of it here. He’s got a soul that you just want to know. He draws in everyone around him. I’m so insanely lucky to call him one of my best friends.

You’ve seen a million of these. Articles around the internet about “loving yourself” or “self care” telling you that “you’re beautiful” or “you are special.” Written by people how have “been through it all” and how they “know how you’re feeling.” But in all reality what are the chances that an online internet article written by a complete stranger is going to “change your life” or going to make you “love who you are”?

I’m here to tell you that this isn’t any different. I am (probably) an internet stranger who has (probably) been through a lot who (probably) isn’t going to change your life. But I urge you to keep reading.
My name is Alexon Tiem and the Lows are a couple of my very best friends. You have maybe read my firstever blog post a couple years ago when Maddy did her “Lessons on Love” series where I guest-wrote a little piece about struggling to find love. Seriously, check it out. Or not. That’s fine. But here I am again writing again. Idk why but here I am.
I’ve had a long run with a lot of things in my life that some may constitute as detrimental. I’m not going into any detail, but experiences overcoming things such as mental illness, suicide, and substance abuse brought me to where I am today. But more importantly, experiences with love, trust, and understanding shaped me to who I am today. I have been broken down and built back up more times than I can count. But what does all this mean to you? You don’t know me, and I don’t know you. What qualifies me to tell you about what you should be thinking of yourself? Or how you should be treating yourself? Or anything really about yourself? Absolutely nothing. Maybe that’s why you should read this. I’m not pertaining to you, I’m not pertaining to even me. I’m just writing my thoughts for the hope that I can help someone out there understand why they’re feeling the way they’re feeling. To tell you that no, I don’t understand how you feel, and I haven’t been through what you’re going through. But I’m here to offer my words. Anyway.
I absolutely hate the term “self-love.” I feel the term itself is disingenuous. You pull up any internet article and 99% of proclaimed “self-love specialists” instantly start writing about eating ice cream, or eating cookies, or eating cake or eating candy or pie or whatever the hell people eat to be happy nowadays. However, out of my experience with myself and others, progression is never about indulgence, rather dedication. Dedication isn’t necessarily about extrinsic motives such as going to bed early, or eating healthy, or going to the gym, or anything of the sort. I’m not saying those things won’t help you in your life. They 100% will. I’m talking about something deeper. I’m talking about understanding the extent of control that you have over your life. Expectations unfortunately play a tragic role in the trajectory of your wellbeing. Comprehending how to handle this encompasses much of how you perceive yourself, and with perception comes understanding who you are and how others will love you. Understand that your perception of others is a direct reflection on who you are as a person, but also by understanding our relationships with other people, we can best understand who we are. Essentially, the way we think about ourselves directly defines the potential as to how you can love yourself.
So where do you build from there? The answer therein lies the type of person you are, and the type of person you’re trying to become. For me, by surrounding myself with others and developing close relationships with those who have attributes that I, myself love in turn teaches me and is a direct reflection on who am I to love as a person.  That has to come from within. Who you choose to surround yourself with plays a huge role in how happy or far you will go in life as compared to anything else. But that includes yourself. Maybe you have to surround yourself with and become the person that you want to love to be able to love yourself. I hated myself for a long time. I felt that every negative aspect of my life was the world out to get me. Gaining maturity and accepting responsibility- knowing the extent of how much I can affect in my life- was the biggest influencer on my self-perception. Knowing that sometimes the events that happen in your life does not directly define you as a being. However, if you recognize that you are your own problem, you are also your solution. So before you start asking yourself, “what’s wrong with me?” Realize this-
Unfortunately, it is not always the case that the amount of love you give is in turn what you will receive- and this may hold true to yourself. More often than not, the amount of love you give yourself is not equivalent to the perception you may hold of yourself. We may not be worthy and seek negative components that reflect exactly the opposite of the life we are trying to convey. Sometimes we may choose to be ignorant in the views of how others exude their lives. We may not deserve and we may sabotage or the love we receive from others.
But you are only human.
You will go through shit. You will break down. You will cry and get mad and get angry at the world. You will cry and get mad and get angry at yourself. This isn’t weakness. This is feeling. This is expression. This is forming a basis of which to build yourself upon. It’s okay to have moments where you don’t fully love yourself. Expecting to love your whole being in its entirety is to exhibit a sense of predisposition.
Loving yourself isn’t a full image of perfection. It isn’t supposed to be. It’s making strides that everyday you’ll progress to be the better version of you. To be the kinder version of you. Nothing you do with good intention will be wasted. We as humans will never achieve the level of perfection we strive to attain. Be smart enough to know why you feel the way you do. Acknowledge your emotions, your grief, your sorrow. Go ahead and live the life you’re meant to live but understand that in the end, life keeps moving on. Life will never wait for you, but as long as we’re satisfied about who we are, maybe that’s enough for today. 

LOVE WEEK – Motherhood

However motherhood or parenthood looks for you, it’s beautiful. Letting someone need you, rely on you, look to you. 
It’s the best thing I’ve done with my life. The love I have for Graham is different than any other love I’ve ever known.
It’s helped me understand God’s love in a way I never knew I would. 
There aren’t words.

v-day celebration

Pancakes and french toast breakfast (G was OBSESSED) 
A few little presents
Me and G playing and working
Meeting Randy downtown for a delicious lunch where G ate so much baguette, potatoes, spinach, ham, and more
A surprise meeting of the Salt Lake Bee
So much love!

LOVE WEEK – Love that is deeper than laughter

This post is from my sweet high-school friend Shayli. I have so many fun, gut-splitting laughter memories with Shayli. She’s one of those people that I won’t see for a really long time, and then when we do see each other, we get right back into our friendship, and start laughing again. She’s always such a happy and positive person, and truly cares about other people. You’ll love what she has to say about love! ALSO check out this darling photo by Kendra Bird Photography. She’s so talented!

 I truly believe love evolves. I have been with my spouse for over 4 years now and looking back I can see how our love has changed. At the beginning I feel we were drawn to love through attraction and fun times together. Since then, we have grown far deeper in love. Don’t get me wrong, love is definitely found in the laughter that makes you laugh so hard you almost pee, love is found in the crazy late night adventures that take you to McDonald’s at 2am, love is found in the daily tasks of accomplishing life together. However, to me, love is serving your spouse when they don’t feel like getting out of bed, love is doing a silly dance when your significant other can’t find their smile, love is holding your partner when they feel they are lost and alone. Love is what molds us into who we are. I know I couldn’t do this life without the love my husband shows me and the love I have for him. Love makes us strong. It gives us courage to overcome our greatest fears. It heals. It uplifts. It inspires. You can never love too much. 

LOVE WEEK – A House In Your Heart

Nannette is one of my best friends. She is so laid back and relaxed, but is never hesitant to tell you her opinion, or reach out to help you. She knows how to have a great time, and always makes me feel heard and cared about. She’s SO talented in writing and drawing, is bold enough to try the coolest haircuts and styles, and is the most sincere and genuine person I know. Her words are beautiful, and you’re going to love them.

I’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day the way movies say you should. Hell, I rarely watch romantic comedies because they strike me as cheesy and over-the-top. (That being said, I will watch “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” a thousand times. It’s SO CUTE.) As such, grand romantic gestures aren’t my cup of tea, and while flowers are beautiful, they just take up space until they wilt and you throw them away.
Once upon a time, I might have wanted something grandiose, showered with gifts and proclamations of love. Now, though, after dating and growing up, I’ve found that it’s the little, day-to-day mundanities that I cherish most.
Love, to me, is coming home to a warm, well-lit apartment and my partner’s smile. It’s waiting for him to come home after a long day of work. It’s eating together, catching up on TV shows together, and sharing our hobbies. It’s talking late into the night, long after we should be asleep, talking about anything and everything. It’s listening to the same stories over and over again (on his part, anyway; I have a short memory and a need to verbalize my every thought at the risk of going mad).
It’s not about grand gestures and social media posts; it’s about building a life together in the heart of our little two-bedroom apartment and dreaming of what comes next. It’s about knowing you’ve got someone in your corner, no matter what. It’s quiet, subtle. It’s about sharing this life and building it together, hand-in-hand and eye-to-eye.
It’s companionship and passion and playing and imperfect. It’s finding someone who fits into your life, whose life you fit into. It’s about promises and choices. It’s about making memories you can press like flowers between the pages of your mind.
It’s finding the person who builds their house in your heart.