Randy and I are SO thrilled to announce that we are having a baby! Baby L will be joining our family in May, 2018 and we are seriously over the moon.

I wanted to share part of the story of finding out I was pregnant because it was seriously the best day ever! We also have a video of me finding out and telling Randy, all real life! It’s a video I will seriously treasure forever.

So sorry if any of this information you didn’t want to know, stop reading if you’re not interested 😉

Randy and I had been trying to get pregnant for a few months, and I was convinced it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. But it just so happened that my 24th birthday was the first day I could take a test for that month. I didn’t think it would be positive, but I knew I’d spend the whole day wondering. I also thought it would be fun if I did happen to be pregnant, to find out on my birthday, so I just decided I would take a test and see.

I had taken the day off of work, but forgot to shut off my alarm! The alarm went off at 6:00 and I decided I may as well go take the test then, if it was negative I knew I still had a whole birthday to look forward to, I’d had negative tests before and knew I’d be ok. Plus, I was expecting it to be negative.

I took the test and went to grab my phone so I could record, just in case it was positive. I was trying to be SO quiet (so sorry that part of the video is SO quiet) because Randy was still asleep. I knew he wanted me to surprise him when we were pregnant so I found out for myself first.

I can’t even explain how it felt to turn that test over and see that it was positive. It was, and always will be, one of the best moments of my life. I couldn’t stop shaking and I was SO excited. I took another test just to be sure it wasn’t a false positive, and that one was positive too. I couldn’t believe it! I was on cloud 9. I went back into bed and Randy rolled over to say Happy Birthday. He noticed I was wide awake (the wheels were spinning in my head about how to tell Randy that we were having a baby) and asked if I wanted to get up and start the birthday celebrations. I said YES. I hopped up and went into the living room, quickly putting the tests into a gift bag and putting it next to the couch. I told Randy I wanted to vlog my birthday so we should set up the camera and film me opening presents and stuff. We vlog on occasion so it wasn’t weird that I wanted to film. I opened up the awesome gifts Randy got me, then told him I had got myself something and wanted to open it. I pulled the test out of the gift bag to show to Randy.

It took him a second to register what was going on, but then he FREAKED out! He was SO excited.

The rest of my birthday was a dream, we were just so happy and it was the best gift I could have received. Randy jokes that he didn’t need to do anything at all for my birthday, just finding out we were having a baby surpassed anything he could have done.

People always joked when we were in high school that we had to get married so they could see what our red-headed, Japanese babies would look like. We’re so excited to find out along with everyone else:)

I’m wanting to do a few more posts on our journey, and regular posts on some of my maternity favorites and things like that, so stay tuned! We also have a fun video of us telling some of our family and friends about Baby L, and we can’t wait to share that too.

We are so insanely excited for this adventure, and are so grateful for so many people loving us and showing us so much kindness and support.


Weekend Loves

We had the most relaxed weekend in the world, Friday we grabbed some In N’ Out and Cold Stone for dinner, and watched movies and relaxed all night.

Saturday we slept in, went to Salt Lake to the Church History Museum (which was SO fun) and did a little shopping. Then it was off to a fun birthday dinner for one of our friends.

Sunday was church (we’re loving our new ward!) and a long walk, some baking, chatting with family, and a little movie night with our friends. All in all it was a really relaxing, but really fun weekend.

//Currently I’m loving//

Reading Tess of the D’Urbervilles (don’t read unless you are ready to CRY)

Munching on these brownies that we made on Sunday

Getting ready to listen to Capital Gaines (I usually listen to Audible books during evening walks or during my commute – so awesome!)

Watching Boy Meets World (what a great throwback!)

Cuddling up with this blanket from Target 

And loving this foundation for the fall!

Happy weekend and happy Monday!

Cornbelly Weekend

We had a really fun weekend, Friday night we had some of our close friends over to see our new place! Nannette was so sweet and made a pie (which was BOMB) and we ate and talked and laughed and played games until late. We are really lucky to have awesome friends who spend time with us and make our lives so full and fun.

Saturday we had a LAZY day and just laid in bed, watching shows and just talking. We really needed a down day so it was absolutely perfect. We finally got out of the house and went shopping to find Randy a new sweater, then it was off to Cornbelly’s with my family! We had a blast shooting the apple guns, eating treats, running through the maze, and playing all the basketball, baseball, and tetherball activities they had lined up. Cornbelly’s is SUCH a fun fall activity and I would highly recommend it!

Sunday we went to our new ward for the first time! Everyone was SO insanely nice and made us feel welcome. It’s always tough the first few weeks as you’re trying to remember names and know where to go, but they were super nice and we’re excited to get to know everyone better.

After church we headed to Kaysville again for some more family time, which was fun as always!

Today, we got to talk to Elder Low as he heads off to JAPAN! We are so excited for him and he sounded so awesome, we miss him like crazy but it was great to hear his voice and hear how thrilled he is to get to go to Japan.

Fall Leaves and Fall Things

Randy and I have made a few drives up the different canyons to see many fall leaves. It’s been absolutely wonderful, and we’ve snapped a few pictures too. I love fall SO much and my house permanently smells like pumpkin spice and I spend the evenings cuddled up in blankets in front of our fireplace. In so many ways it’s just a dream come true! Just LOOK at those colors!

Friday, Randy and I went to Farmington to take some photos for a wedding reception, which was super fun! It was busy and crazy and we still have a ton of editing to do, but hopefully they turned out great.

Saturday we went for a drive with my family, and then helped my sister get all dressed up for the Homecoming dance! She was SO beautiful and had a really fun time. It always makes me think of when Randy and I went to our senior Homecoming dance and how special that night was.

Sunday was a bit of a sad day, we went to our old ward for the last time and taught our Sunday School kids for the last time. They are the sweetest goofballs ever and we are going to miss them like CRAZY. We’re excited about our new place, but leaving those sweet kids was really sad! Luckily we’re still close and they’ve already announced they’re coming over to our house for a party, so maybe we’ll still see them hahaha.

Sunday night we went to our friend’s house for dinner and had a blast chatting and laughing with them. Things are so happy and content right now, and I wouldn’t change a thing about this wonderful fall we’re having.

Conference Weekend

We had a busy and wonderful conference weekend!

We kicked off the day on Friday by doing laundry, and I got to go to dinner with some of my closest friends from HS. It was awesome to get together and catch up over dinner, hear all about what we were all up to and laugh about old times. I hadn’t realized how much I needed it!

Randy went and saw a movie with his brother so the rest of my night was full of relaxing and Netflix movies – exactly what I needed after a busy two days of writing conferences for work!

Saturday we woke up early and had some breakfast before heading to Kaysville for conference weekend! We loved hanging out with family and watching conference. My mom had treats with the name of every apostle and First Presidency member, and when they spoke we got to open that treat! It was a fun way to make conference even more exciting. We spent time with Randy’s family making sushi and watching more sessions. During the Priesthood session my mom and I did some shopping and we ate late night nachos.

Sunday was wonderful and filled with even more family! We ate a delicious lunch and went on a walk, saw my grandparents, and then went back to Randy’s for some time with our niece. It was truly a wonderful weekend.

And conference. Can I just…WOW.

Every single talk impacted me and was so beautiful. I left there with a million things running in my mind of what to start doing, who to start being, and just this peace that my life is on the course it is supposed to be. It was seriously one of the most inspirational conferences I’ve ever listened to, and several of those sweet talks brought me to tears thinking “How did he know I needed to hear that?”

Life is messy and feels uncontrollable sometimes. But as we have faith and trust not in our own ability, but in God and His ability to help us, we’ll be OK. Everything won’t be easy, but it will always work out.

I was also struck with how important it is to remember that each of the apostles are speaking about what Heavenly Father wants them to. They work and pray SO HARD to know exactly what they are supposed to say. No, these are men and they aren’t perfect. But when they are sharing revelation over the pulpit, it’s God’s words. I sustain these men and believe and follow what they tell me. And if for some crazy reason something they say is wrong, I know that God will look on my heart and see that I tried to follow His servants. And that’s what He has commanded me to do.

Sunday after family time we saw our friends for a bit and it was fun to say hey to everyone! We are so lucky to have family and friends that we get to spend so much time with.

I’m just feeling so blessed and lucky and inspired today. The tragedy that happened in Las Vegas has made me sick, but I am so grateful I heard messages of hope and love before it. There is always hope, there is a God who loves us and has a plan. Horrible people will have to answer for what they have done, and God will make everything right. I’m praying for those who were affected and for everyone in Las Vegas today.