Maternity Photos

Amber is the freaking bomb and I am OBSESSED with her as my photographer. We’ve used her for a bunch of shoots and I’m the biggest fan. She’s also going to take photos once little man is here and I’m so stoked for those.


36 Week Bumpdate

Symptoms: I started to get swollen feet for the first time! It was SO stressful and I’m not a fan. There are some shoes that are sometimes hard to put on and it’s freaking me out! 
Sleep: Needing to pee all the time means that sleeping is ROUGH. But I’m still doing pretty good!
Baby is: We went to the doctor this week and little man has HAIR and weighs almost 6 lbs (42nd percentile for 36 weeks, which is awesome.) He’s doing SO good, moves all the time, has hiccups ALL the time which I love, and is just awesome.
Gender: BABY BOY!
Dad is: Killing it with finals and making time to make sure I feel loved. I want him to scratch my back ALL the time and he’s so obliging. 
Mom is craving: Ice chips allllllll the time, and weirdly with the gestational diabetes my sugar cravings are going away. It’s really interesting. I am loving almonds and cashews, peanut butter balls, and strawberries.
Funny things this week: We went to the tulip festival and had the BEST time. It was a little tiring to walk around all day, but it was awesome. The flowers were beautiful, we had a great time with family, delicious meals, and it was overall an awesome day. I had the BEST maternity shoot with my favorite photographer Amber and she captured some of my favorite photos of us. I also threw my friend Mallory a bridal shower at The Chocolate in Provo, which was a BLAST. It’s been a busy week but a great one! 


MY SISTER IS HAVING A BABY! It’s really weird to think, but we are SO excited our little dude will have another cousin! She is due just six months after me, so they will get to be close which is really fun.

We found out in March and they told the public on Easter, so we’ve been having fun chatting back and forth about pregnancy and all that good stuff. I can’t wait to find out if our little guy will have a boy or girl cousin!

Super fun things ahead for our family, and I just can’t wait!

35 Weeks

Symptoms: Little dude is hanging out LOW and I can feel it! I’m starting to waddle and I’m wondering how low he can get! 
Sleep: I’m tired a lot still, and even catch myself snoring which is HORRIBLE.
Baby is: The size of a kid’s backpack, moving all the time, dropping low, and is head down! 
Gender: BABY BOY!
Dad is: Super duper awesome, he sings little guy songs and tells him secrets but won’t let me hear hahaha.
Mom is craving: Ice chips (which is awesome) and peanut butter, which is also convenient.  
Funny things this week: My cute friends threw me a DARLING shower (of course I forgot to get a picture when everyone was there) and we had so much fun! Little guy got so spoiled and it was so awesome to get together with my favorite ladies. I’m feeling so insanely lucky to have so many awesome people in my life. Huge shout out to Courtney and Sarrie who threw it (and Courtney’s mom who made everything darling!!)

34 Week Bumpdate

Symptoms: Not a ton of symptoms this week luckily! I’ve been having some Braxton Hick’s contractions which aren’t the most fun, but they go away and haven’t been super painful.
Sleep: Sleeping is getting more rough, once I’m awake it’s really hard to get back to sleep.
Baby is: The size of a basketball hoop which makes Randy laugh. He loves to move and at our last doctor appointment she told me he has dropped down, which is good! 
Gender: BABY BOY!
Dad is: Busy busy with school and crossing his fingers that little guy won’t come until after his finals are all done. 
Mom is craving: PHO. I was feeling sick and it was SO sad I couldn’t eat pho. With the diabetes I wasn’t sure how my numbers would do, especially since I haven’t been able to eat rice at all…and pho is rice noodles! 
Funny things this week: We took some pictures for little dude’s room and made a bunch of paper cranes out of sheet music which was really fun. 


Randy and I decided to redo our room (just slightly – nothing major) before the baby came!

It was really fun to get some new things and really feel clean and fresh for spring, the new baby, etc.

Check out the full process on our YouTube channel:



I am in love with the all white look and think it will be fun to add a pop of color, and change it up whenever I want. Everything goes with white! We had dark blue and cream before, which was great. Unfortunately in our apartment the walls are cream, and our bedspread totally blended right into the walls which I didn’t love! It’s also darker being in a basement, so I wanted to lighten it up as much as possible. The all white is awesome and I am planning on adding some accents here and there to break up the white. White is just clean and fresh and I love it! All of the pieces are also SUPER easy to wash and bleach which I’m really happy about.

Yarn hanging | Sheets | Pillows | Duvet | Rug | Throw blankets are ones I bought from Target before


Easter and General Conference falling on the same weekend is my favorite! We listened to lots of beautiful talks and sustained a new Prophet. It was truly wonderful to see him crying as we all stood and offered him our love and support. I have such a strong testimony of living prophets and the fact that they get revelation for us here and now.
We also heard about new temples (I AM SO EXCITED FOR LAYTON) the changes in Elders Quorum and no more visiting teaching or home teaching! Lots of changes!
Our Easter was magical, we got some books for the baby and candy that I have stashed away for after I’m off this diet! *Randy may have been an absolute gem and gone and got me 9 bags of Hershey eggs so I can have some after the baby is born!*
We had meals with both of our families, and watched our niece Charlotte have a fun Easter egg hunt. There were balloons tied to the eggs and she was WAY more interested in the balloons than in the eggs or candy!
It was a wonderful holiday, and we’re so excited that our little dude will be here for the next one!

33 Week Bumpdate

Symptoms: I’m getting back aches and actually had a couple days of random nausea this week – it was really weird! 
Sleep: Tired allll the time and if I wake up at night it’s SO hard to go back to sleep!
Baby is: Just amazing. As much as I can’t wait to meet him, I’m going to miss just he and I hanging out and feeling him move.
Gender: BABY BOY!
Dad is: So amazing! He is always sweet and kind and willing to go along with my crazy schemes
Mom is craving: CANDY which has been hard. I think it was just because of Easter so hopefully that goes away! 
Funny things this week: We celebrated Easter and watched General Conference this week, and all the talks on parenthood made me bawl! It’s crazy to think about all these events next year and how we will have our little guy with us! We had a fun Easter egg hunt with our little niece, and it just made me so excited for our little guy to get here!