35 Weeks

Symptoms: Little dude is hanging out LOW and I can feel it! I’m starting to waddle and I’m wondering how low he can get! 
Sleep: I’m tired a lot still, and even catch myself snoring which is HORRIBLE.
Baby is: The size of a kid’s backpack, moving all the time, dropping low, and is head down! 
Gender: BABY BOY!
Dad is: Super duper awesome, he sings little guy songs and tells him secrets but won’t let me hear hahaha.
Mom is craving: Ice chips (which is awesome) and peanut butter, which is also convenient.  
Funny things this week: My cute friends threw me a DARLING shower (of course I forgot to get a picture when everyone was there) and we had so much fun! Little guy got so spoiled and it was so awesome to get together with my favorite ladies. I’m feeling so insanely lucky to have so many awesome people in my life. Huge shout out to Courtney and Sarrie who threw it (and Courtney’s mom who made everything darling!!)

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