Slow Lane

I feel like lately I’ve been trying to enjoy the slow lane a little more. Things are SO busy and busy season is wild, but I’ve been trying not to feel so frantic. And I like that. I spent more than $10 on a pair of pajamas and it feels SO luxurious. I love it. Slow mornings and making pancakes and just finding time every day to do fun things has been my favorite shift. There are days that still are a lot, but I’ve just decided to be a little less frantic and I love it.

7 Months of Wells

7 months with our sunshine boy and every day gets better and better!
•Wells has 2 teeth coming in and he’s taken teething like a champ.
•He rolls back and forth and uses his head to scoot forward in the weirdest form of crawling I’ve ever seen.
•He LOVES food and will eat anything we give him, and a lot of it.
•He is obsessed with Graham and G cries when they have to stop playing together for any reason.
•He loves saying daaaaaa daaaa, ha-TA, and squeaking so loudly.
•He loves dancing with mom, drumming with dad, eating his books and toys, and looking out the window on car rides.
Forever grateful to have him


We had COVID at our house. Well I tested positive. None of the boys ever did which was wild. But we are all negative now and back on our way! It was a couple weeks of no nanny, no school, lots of independent playtime and Graham was an absolute CHAMP. We had been sick earlier and had tested negative for Covid, but since testing positive all of us actually felt pretty good, which was so random!

It’s been a busy swimming and paddling for our life time, but it’s been great and our boys are just champs!

Sunbeams and Sick

We have spent January feeling sick! It wasn’t bad, then Mom was pretty sick, then it seemed better, then the boys got really rough colds. It hasn’t been COVID so far but it’s been pretty rough! Sick babies are no fun. Wells started getting his first tooth and then a couple days later was so sick! Poor guy has had a rough time, but that tooth is super cute! We’re just taking all the cuddles and hoping to get through!

Graham got to go to SUNBEAMS for the first time where his nanny Noelia is his teacher. He loved it and can’t wait to go back!

I’m Feeling ’22

I feel like 2022 is going to be OUR YEAR. Which is SO cliche. But 2021 was so good to us and I can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store.

My word for 2022 is HOME. I want to make our hoes a home. Make everyone feel welcome in our home. Make US a home anywhere we are. I love this family of mine and I’m so happy we have each other.

New Year’s Eve was a countdown at 8:30, boys in bed, and me shaking Randy awake for a new year’s kiss. It was simple, had good food, full of games and the boys. That’s all I ever want.

And now we’re off to the races with busy season and preschool and Wells is getting so big and I just am so in love with our life!