4 Years

We have had the best year, and every year we get to spend together is just the best. This past year of marriage we have moved (again), Randy graduated, we’ve worked and played, had the best time with our little boy, and fallen even more in love.

When we were dating, Randy and I would play a little game, imagining what our life would look like in exactly four years. We talked about 4 years because that’s when Randy would be home from his mission. We wondered what our life could look like then.

Our best friends even took this little game, and put it in a song they sang for us on our wedding day.
The day we were married, we played this little game, imagining our future. We wondered if we would have a baby, if we’d be done with school, where we’d be living, all of it.

Where we are today, and the love we have, is more than I ever could have dreamed.

“Do you remember that game we played together when we talked about forever… This is our dream, and nothing’s going to take it away from me, we built it together, so marry me, and I’ll never let you go.” These are some of the lyrics from that song that Caleb and Alexon wrote, and it just captures this moment perfectly.

Can’t wait to see where the next “four year” game will take us!

For our anniversary we had muffins for breakfast, I sent Randy off to go play at Guitar Center while I worked. Then we went to Salt Lake to have lunch at Eva’s Bakery (which was SO yummy as always). Our evening was filled with watching Friends and eating ramen which is like the epitome of our marriage.

Friday we had my mom watch Graham so we could go on a fun date! We went shopping at Fashion Place, one of our favorite things to do, scootered around SLC and went to dinner at Cafe Molise which was DELICIOUS. We had such a wonderful time talking about our past and our future. I just loved it.

Graham Is One

Check out the video I made taking a look at Graham’s first year with us: 
I wish there were words. Having you in my life this past year has been the greatest privilege. Getting to watch you grow and learn, and being your mama is the most important thing I will ever do.
So for every long night, every dirty diaper, every time you fell asleep in my arms, every story and song, every cuddle and gummy smile, every long walk, every little sound you made, all the milestones you met and all the times you let me know it was OK that I didn’t have everything figured out—thank you. I love you. Happy birthday Graham. 
Pictures of course by the amazing Amber Bird who is one of our best friends and an absolutely AMAZING photographer.


Mother’s Day

Holy cow MOTHER’S DAY. What a wonderful day to celebrate all the amazing women in my life. 
My mom is the best mother, grandmother, friend, and example I could imagine. I am so lucky that I get to look up to her and that she always emulates Christ-like love.
My mother in law raised my favorite person – RANDY. She’s so cute with Graham and we have so much fun with her! 
My sisters, sister-in-laws, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, friends, and all the amazing women in my life are just such great examples to me. I am so lucky to have such strong women and mothers to look up to. 
On Mother’s Day Graham and Randy made me breakfast in bed, got me flowers, and Homebody by Joanna Gaines which I had mentioned months ago to Randy (who of course remembered. He’s the best.)
We had a great time at church, a delicious dinner with my family, and a perfect day to be honest. 
We also took some cute photos of Graham in his kimono that Randy’s parents bought while they were in Japan. They turned out SO CUTE. 
And lastly. I can’t talk about Mother’s Day without talking about my sweet baby boy. Graham, almost one year ago, you made me a mother. Everything came into focus because of you. I understand love on a completely new level, and have discovered an entirely new part of my heart and soul.
You are one of my greatest triumphs, and being a mom is the best job I will ever have.
On Mother’s Day, and every day, I am grateful for the chance I get to love you. Thank you for letting me be your mom.


We had a great time with our family going to Thanksgiving Pointe for a little staycation! We loved going to the gardens, the museums, swimming in the pool, getting ice cream, and going to dinner. Graham has the BEST time playing with his little cousins. Candace and Tommy are so cute with Graham and love to play around with him.

We tried the Zulu Grill which is African food and it was SO GOOD. Totally recommend it.

We love hanging out with family and this little staycation was just what the doctor ordered!

Graham’s First Birthday Party

We had the absolute best time celebrating Graham’s first birthday. We celebrated a little early to make sure as many cousins and family could be there as possible! The theme was WILD ONE because Graham is such a cute little wild guy! We also celebrated Randy graduating with his undergrad at the same party – two birds, one stone! 
We had it at the park with a trail mix bar, cake, some little treats, lots of outdoor games like spike ball and frisbee. The best part was that so many people came to spoil Graham and it was the best. Our families, extended families, and lots of our friends (and even a few kids!) came to celebrate our little guy.
He LOVED his smash cake and sat, just eating contentedly for probably 40 minutes. It made my mama heart so proud that he just dug into his cake and kept eating!
Candace helped bring presents and sometimes she would unwrap them on their way to bring them to Graham which cracked me up! He didn’t mind and loved every toy he got. Everyone was so sweet to think of special things just for him, that he would really love. He never wanted the toy to be taken away and wanted to keep playing with it instead of opening something else!
He was so sweet and excited his whole party, everyone got a chance to play with him and celebrate with him. I know he won’t remember any of the day, but it was so awesome to get to see all these people come together to love on my little boy. What an amazing day, and what great friends and family we have!
Alexon took all the pictures and I’m so grateful he was there to take them! I could just focus on Graham and making sure everything went well, and the whole party got captured which was amazing. THANK UNCLE ALEXON! 


Oh my goodness, my heart is going to burst with pride.

Randy started college at UVU before his mission. He had no idea what he wanted to do. He got his mission call, and school became his last priority. Let’s say, he left that first semester with a pretty low GPA.

He thought he’d figure it out while he was on his mission. He got home, and he still wasn’t sure what sounded like the perfect major, or career.

He did another semester at UVU, and wasn’t loving it. He decided to try taking classes at BYU Salt Lake instead, and hopefully transfer to another school later. We moved to Salt Lake, so that was the best option.

He took an accounting class at BYU Salt Lake, and got a good grade. The professor said that if students got a good grade, and didn’t hate the class, they should 100% pursue accounting. Randy talked to some other accountants and people who did business, and thought it was worth a shot.

After going to BYU Salt Lake, Randy decided to transfer AGAIN to Utah State University via their remote campuses. We were thinking we would move to Logan so Randy could attend USU and get his degree in accounting there. I went to Logan for a job interview (which I got) and as we were driving home, out of the canyon, we both knew that we weren’t meant to live in Logan.

So, we decided to try and go for the University of Utah. The tuition was expensive and the program was difficult to get into. But we decided to go for it.

Randy worked REALLY hard at the USU remote campuses to get his associate’s degree, and get his GPA up.

Then, it was time to transfer AGAIN, this time to the U. Randy went to that first week of business classes on that campus and absolutely loved it. In a way I had never, ever seen him love school. (I’m tearing up just thinking about it!) He absolutely thrived at the U. He got into the business school, and then into the accounting program. He made awesome friends, studied so hard, loved his professors and classes, and then HERE WE ARE.

I have never been more proud of Randy. He is graduating from the U after finishing an internship with Ernst and Young, one of the Big 4 accounting firms (which is a HUGE deal). He’ll be going back to school in August to get his Master’s of Accounting, and then he’s accepted a full-time offer to do audit for Ernst and Young!

He’s done SUCH amazing work and I’m so so so PROUD. My wifey heart is going to explode.