Spring Saturday

So Randy and I do that thing where we have to go to work every day, so Randy’s Spring Break from school wasn’t really a week of relaxing. It was just a week of a little less work for him.

So we decided to have a Spring Saturday instead.

Saturday we braved a one day Moab trip with our good friends Caleb and Nanette.

We started by breakfasting early in the morning before the 3.5 hour drive, which was GORGEOUS. It was pretty warm, sunny, and so exciting. We got to Arches and then proceeded to EXHAUST ourselves with a million hikes. It was absolutely beautiful.

My hot chocolate was beautiful

We went and saw Delicate Arch (which is fantastic PS) the Windows, Broken Arch, and more.

Nanette and I under the arch!

It was a day full of walking and talking, treats and pictures.

We then drove into Moab to meet up with Alexon and Sean for a dinner. And then it was the 3.5 hour drive back (which was surprisingly more difficult than the drive there. probably because of exhaustion and the fact that it was dark)

It was a really fantastic trip, one that made me excited for summer!

Sunday was the Provo Temple Dedication which was absolutely wonderful (more thoughts on this to come) and my mom’s birthday celebration.

We talked about Palm Sunday and my mom gave us all books called “The Holy Week For LDS Families” which is absolutely amazing. Randy and I are loving reading about each of the days of this very special week, and doing little activities to remind us of our Savior.

We had a delicious meal after a fun crisis with my aunt (neighbor was babysitting some kids so their parents could go to the dedication, her husband needed to go to the hospital, so my aunt had six kids plus her four to take care of while her neighbor went with her husband in the ambulance. hence we went over and got to babysit some cute kids for a little while. don’t worry – everyone is OK!)

We went on a nature walk, had cake, and celebrated my angel mother.

This week has been busy like all the rest. And a week full of discoveries, lessons to be learned, and understanding each other a little better.

I’m very excited for the upcoming Easter and General Conference celebrations we will get to have.

We are so blessed.

Playing Catch Up

I have to be honest. I have been avoiding you.

I’ve been avoiding you because I have a guest post to get working on, and I have ZERO ideas. I told myself I wouldn’t post on my blog, until that blog post was done.


Still not done.

But so much to catch up on, and I couldn’t stay away.

So here’s a little game of catch up:

Work is busy. Randy’s work is busy. Randy’s school is busy. My side businesses are busy. Church is busy.

We get to see Courtney and Tommy regularly which is a blast – weekly dinner/treat get-togethers is too much fun.

I got to go to lunch with my mom for her birthday at Eva’s Boulangerie.¬†It was wonderful, my mom is amazing.

Friday we went to Happy Sumo (thanks gift card) and then my sister and her friend came over to hang out!

Last Saturday we spent the whole day cleaning cleaning cleaning. I reorganized, cleaned, and bought a couple things to spice up our house.

If you didn’t catch my snap story, here’s this lil look. Not quite perfect yet, but I’m loving it!

Then we went to Kaysville for a sneak peek of birthday fun with my mom, and then bowling/mini golf with our friends.

Sunday was teaching, visiting teaching, home teaching, and to Provo for a birthday party.

And then this week was a blast with Saint Patrick’s Day and some trips to the temple and a sweet surprise just because (I accepted all the roses). And hugely exciting – we booked our tickets to Boston for the summer and started getting details on our Disneyland trip in June.

While the Jordan River temple is getting renovated, we get to go to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple – HOLY GORGEOUS.

He’s so sweet to me.


We are busy and in love and trying to figure it all out. Not every day is perfect; most of them are fairly stressful. But it’s a wonderful life, and we’re so lucky.

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy birthday to the woman who has completely shaped my life. I have no idea what I would do without her.

My mom taught me everything, from drinking out of a cup to love the Gospel, to the difference between Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, to how to write a five paragraph essay, to baking, serving, and loving.

My mom is seriously my best friend. I call her pretty much every day to chat, catch up, hear about her crazy busy schedule, tell her about my crazy busy schedule, and everything in between.

My mom raised me to be a thinker, to value culture, art, and music, to love the Gospel, to serve others. I can only hope that someday to be half the woman she is.

She is a hard worker, she is one of the smartest people that I know, and I am so lucky to be her daughter.

She didn’t miss a single ballet performance, she taught me to play the piano, she has worked for me doing laundry, driving, cooking, and loving. I can’t even say enough about how wonderful she is!

Mom, happy birthday. I love you and I hope this year is one of the best years ever!

what’s up Monday

Holy cow how the time flies. Another weekend come and gone. But thank GOODNESS for warmer weather! What would I do without it!

Check out the weekend vibes:)

Friday we spent time with our friends Rachel and Steve. We got to go see a concert that Rachel’s sister was in, and grab some Crown Burger with them after listening to some beautiful music. It was SUCH a fun night; we always love seeing our Provo friends!

Saturday started early with my cousin Emily’s baptism in Kaysville. It was so incredibly fun to be with all our family, and to be with Emily on her special day.

Saturday after the baptism we celebrated my Dad’s birthday! The day was spent at Maddox for some DELICIOUS steak, eating cake, opening presents, playing games, and going for a walk. We reminisced on parts of my Dad’s life and it is always so fun to hear the stories.

My mom made my dad a Black Forest cake – isn’t it so beautiful?? It was also SO delicious!

Sunday Randy and I headed off to Church, I taught Sunday School to my favorite kids who made it so meaningful and awesome, and then had dinner with Caleb and Nanette, which is becoming a Sunday tradition! Sundays are my favorite days of the week, Randy and I get to go to Church, do our family scripture and gospel study, and we get lots of time with each other to talk, go for walks, and spend time together.

I am seriously so lucky, and I feel so blessed for my life every day.

Happy Monday everyone!

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy birthday to the best dad in the entire world.

He taught me about love, the gospel, kindness, and more. He sat with me explaining math until I stopped crying because it was too hard. He introduced me to classic music and movies. I felt his love for the Gospel through lessons and testimonies. He is the king of jokes and goofing off, is one of the hardest workers that I have known, and I’m truly amazed at the person he is.

Thank you so much for everything you are and everything you mean Daddy.

I can’t believe you’re finally 25!

But really, happy birthday:)