I dissent.

My hero. My icon. The woman who made things possible for me and millions of women, and men. Who made sure I was able to do anything I wanted with my life.

Ruth is truly one of my greatest heroes. Her partnership with Marty is what I aspire for. Her passion for helping the voiceless is something I share. Her commitment to family motivates me. I want to be more like her. We should all want to be more like her.

She worked harder than anyone I know. She gave more than anyone I know. Up until her dying day, she was fighting to make our world better.

I’ll cry now. And then get to work to keep the legacy she gave me.

Needed some nature after a hard day.

Ending Summer

Summer is officially done. We had our last day at Cherry Hill after the crazy windstorm, but it was really sad. The kids have had so much fun playing there this summer and we will miss it.

Graham went from not wanting to go down the big slides and being so afraid to BEGGING to go on the Dragon Slides the whole time and swimming by himself with his life jacket. He’s progressed SO much and has been so brave and willing to try new things. I COULD NOT be more proud of him!

He’s also such a ham hahaha.

We went back to church for the first time in six months! Graham wore his Buzz mask the whole time and did such a good job. Our ward is being so careful and safe and I’m so grateful.

We also stopped by the temple to talk about 3rd Nephi and it was really beautiful to gather there.

Graham loves singing songs (Skina-marink, Mr. Ray’s song from Finding Nemo, If All The Rain Drops, I Am A Child Of God), he’s getting good at naming colors, is obsessed with pushing his baby stroller, loves trains and cars, wants to read the same books over and over, always asks “how was your meeting?” after I’m on a call, tells us to stop being mean or asks us if we understand, and wants to hold my hand before bed. He’s the sweetest kid in the universe and I’m so obsessed with him.

It’s been a weird and wonderful summer and I’m excited to see what the fall brings.


My birthday this year was CRAZY. I had a delicious breakfast in bed, got some awesome presents from the best family and friends, but then the WIND! The windstorm ruined all our plans to go on a hike, to the aquarium, and even go out to eat! But we made the best of it! I had a super relaxed day, we ordered in some delicious food, and watched my favorite shows, and I didn’t have to work!

So even though it didn’t quite go as planned, it was still a fantastic day.

I’m just feeling so grateful for what this year has given me. So much confidence, great friendships, a husband and son I adore, so much time with family, a job I love, things I’m passionate about, and more. I just can’t wait for another great year!