Ready for FALL

We are super ready for fall at our house! We’ve just been plugging away over here, Graham went to the doctor and did really good. He’s still skinny with a big head, but so healthy and strong!

He laughs all the time, is always so smiley and happy, and we just love him to pieces.

We had a fun weekend seeing friends and family, we just have the best people in our life and we are so lucky.


Time is flying by and G is FOUR MONTHS OLD.
•he weighs about 14 pounds (we will get an official measurement at his next appointment)
•he rolls over, smiles, laughs, talks, and sings all the time
•he sleeps through the night and naps like a champ
•he loves going on walks and cuddling
•he is such a mama’s boy, but he lights up when daddy walks in the room
•he is so drooly and spits up all the time, but we don’t even care that he’s a mess
•he wants to chew on everything including his hands, my hands, clothes, phones, etc.
•his happy and sweet personality is shining through and we are wildly obsessed with him


Earlier this week we took Graham to the park and he went down the slide for the first time! I loved it! We also flew a kite with him for the first time yesterday, with the kite Graham bought Randy for Father’s Day.

This weekend we went to the fair with our friends on Friday! It was SUCH a blast – last year at our fair excursion we told our friends we were going to have a baby! This year, our friends were carrying Graham around, helping him have a blast. It was so wonderful and I loved it so much!

Saturday we had some family over for cake to celebrate my birthday which was a blast.

Sunday we spent most of church in the mother’s room, and then came home early. So what a win for us! Haha Graham is usually so awesome, church is just rough for him hahaha.

Other than that, I’ve been working, Randy’s been killing school, and Graham is just so sweet.

A Quarter-Century Birthday

25 feels SO old to me! It’s a rounding error to 30. I feel old, but I’m also really excited for what is ahead this year. It’s my first birthday with Graham and I just loved having our little guy here to celebrate.

The celebration started with Birthday Eve (Randy’s idea for extra celebrating that I love) and we went shopping at LuluLemon because RANDY is a ROCKSTAR and won a hugeee gift card from his gym. We love Koa Kingdom and I love that Randy freaking won! What a champ. So I got to go shopping there, then we met a few friends for dessert at (of course) Last Course which is my favorite place.

On my birthday we woke up and did presents (Graham and Randy got me books, clothes, and a mani/pedi) and then it was off to a birthday breakfast at Marie Calendars because they give you a free one on your birthday! The cute waitress was SO nice and also gave us free pie!! What a score!

Then I went off to get my nails done which was so relaxing. Then it was time for SHOPPING and we had a BLAST trying on clothes and hanging out (well I tried on clothes and Randy watched Graham which was amazing)

Then we came home to feed Graham and eat lunch, then we were off again for a drive to see the leaves and I just HAD to take pictures since it was so pretty up there.

Then we got Graham all ready to be babysat, and Randy and I headed downtown for a very fancy and delicious dinner at Bambara. They were SO good to us and the food was delicious!

It was a spectacular birthday and I feel so spoiled by my friends and family, and mostly by Randy. He always goes above and beyond to make birthdays so special and I’m so insanely lucky.

Here’s to 25, my first quarter-century has been amazing and I can’t wait to see what the years ahead have in store! 

1 Year Later

1 year ago, we found out we were going to be parents.

Read the post here.

I really can’t describe what it was like to find out that a little baby was going to join our family. And I can’t describe how much has changed in a year. And I can’t describe how perfect it is to have Graham in our family and how I can’t remember what it was like before he came. But what I can say is that finding out I was going to be a mom is the best birthday gift I will ever get. And that the past year of being pregnant and welcoming Graham into our home has been a dream come true.

Labor Day

We had a really fun Labor Day, celebrating my cute sister’s birthday! We went and saw Crazy Rich Asians which I LOVED! We went to Last Course which is my FAV dessert place and is now in Farmington! It’s DELICIOUS and I am obsessed with it.

Beth MOVED TO COLLEGE which was so sad, but we’re also so excited for her. Graham misses her a lot, I can tell. She’s absolutely killing it though and I couldn’t be more proud! She came home for her birthday and we played games, made delicious food, ate cake, and just had a great time hanging out.

Monday we had brunch at Gourmandise downtown which was delicious, and spent time with Randy’s family which is always awesome.

It was a super fun weekend and we’re just in love with our little baby!