Earlier this week we took Graham to the park and he went down the slide for the first time! I loved it! We also flew a kite with him for the first time yesterday, with the kite Graham bought Randy for Father’s Day.

This weekend we went to the fair with our friends on Friday! It was SUCH a blast – last year at our fair excursion we told our friends we were going to have a baby! This year, our friends were carrying Graham around, helping him have a blast. It was so wonderful and I loved it so much!

Saturday we had some family over for cake to celebrate my birthday which was a blast.

Sunday we spent most of church in the mother’s room, and then came home early. So what a win for us! Haha Graham is usually so awesome, church is just rough for him hahaha.

Other than that, I’ve been working, Randy’s been killing school, and Graham is just so sweet.

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