New Car!

We finally upgraded to a brand new car!!! I’m in love with my official “mom car” and Randy and I argue about who gets to drive it all the time hahaha. 
Randy has been home since busy season is over and it’s been amazing. Work has gotten really crazy for me so it’s been SO great that Randy has been around to take care of things, play with Graham, and more. The weather has been getting warmer so we’ve been going on walks and playing at the park. We’ve loved going shopping, going to see the fountains, playing games, and just getting some time all together!

St. Paddy’s Day

We had a fun St. Patricks Day! Green eggs and Lucky Charms for a healthy, Irish breakfast. Then of course, corned beef and potatoes and cabbage for a delicious dinner.

My sister had Spring Break and came up for part of the week so we got to go shopping, swimming, and have a fun spa night. It was a really great time, and Graham loved hanging out with Beth!

Aren’t I lucky!


•G is busy busy busy and gets into everything. He loves standing up and climbing on absolutely everything, especially mom.
•He has a fascination with remotes and calculators, hence he’s holding an old remote in these pictures.
•He still loves eating and is currently obsessed with Veggie Straws.
•He loves dancing and adores any kind of music, and playing the piano.
•He will give you a “noggin,” a big open mouth kiss, likes to share, and will try to color and throw a ball to you.
•He’s loud and sweet and cuddly and we are still so obsessed with him.


We’ve been decorating for Easter, having crazy weather that is snowing one minute, sunny the next, playing with grandma and grandpa, and spending every spare minute Randy has together. Busy season officially wrapped up on Friday so we’re in for a great few weeks with lots of dad time! 
We’re happy and so glad we have great things ahead for our little fam.

First Haircut

Graham’s hair was starting to look a little crazy, so we took him to get his first haircut! Randy had to work, but we got the whole thing on video (will be on YouTube soon) and got some pictures. Graham did so good and didn’t really fuss at all. His new do is SO cute!