Father’s Day

We have been having a great summer! Playing in the water at Cherry Hill or our yard, adventuring out into the mountains, and more! Graham has been having music class and he’s obsessed with it! Almost every day he will ask if today is music class day or not. He loves watching Miss Karli on the computer and singing along with her. It’s adorable! We went up Big Cottonwood Canyon and got some courage to go adventure into a cave! It was actually kind of scary but really fun!

Today we are celebrating Father’s Day! We got some Shake Shack over the weekend to celebrate, too, Crumbl Cookies to Randy’s dad and played games, and then had breakfast in bed on Father’s Day and ate delicious food at my parent’s house!

Shout out to my dad – I couldn’t have asked for a better father. He was always there for me, came to every dance recital and took me skiing. He played games with us and taught us about music. He has always supported and loved me unconditionally. He’s an amazing grandpa, gives the best advice, has helped me navigate my career, and more. I’m so lucky to have grown up with him as my father. I LOVE YOU!

Randy is seriously the BEST father. I can’t believe how lucky my kids are to get him as their dad. He is so attentive and absolutely obsessed with being a dad. Right now he’s being a stay-at-home-dad until his job starts and seeing him and Graham together, playing during the day just makes me so happy. It’s the BEST. We LOVE you Dad!

June So Far

It’s hard that it’s summer and we can’t go on the kind of adventures we might normally. We have gone to Cherry Hill a few times and I am thrilled with the progress Graham has made! He’s getting more comfortable in the water and likes it more every time, which is awesome.

We have been building lots of train tracks, trying new recipes, working working working, doing music class, going on lots of runs, swinging in the back yard with Mel, going on hikes or walks, and trying to enjoy our summer.

Things are still off and strange, but that’s OK. We’re figuring it out one step and one day at a time.

Black Lives Matter

Things have gotten insane in our lives. The brutal murder of George Floyd has instigated outrage in our country. For good reason. It’s an interesting time to be alive as coronavirus and now these spark of riots and protests has swept the nation. I’m working hard to understand my own part in this.

It’s hard to know what to say. I don’t have answers. I have my own mistakes and fumbles and incorrect thinking. But I know that things can’t continue the way they have.
I have had my eyes more opened than ever to the racial inequality that surrounds us and impacts lives constantly. I’m sad it took me so long to see. POC in this country have gone through so much, and I will never understand it all.
There are bad cops and who have done horrific things-they are enabled by a system that has created racism in our country for far too long. There are also amazing cops out there who keep us safe. And I am so grateful for them and their families, and the sacrifices they make for us.
I can be both horrified and disgusted with the death of George Floyd and other black Americans, while also being so grateful for good police officers. I can see the harm in violent looting and rioting while also seeing a need for drastic change in our systems and programs.
I think there are so many amazing things about our country. And one of the best ones is that we are able and encouraged to make change. To stand for what is right.
Police brutality is real. Racism is real. White privilege is real.
We are being asked to stand for what is right. We have the chance to make meaningful change and make this place better for our children.
This isn’t about political parties. This is about human beings and making this country safe for everyone. And we need leaders who encourage us to listen to and love each other, instead of hate and fear each other.
Everyone’s life matters, but this movement and this time is focused on the lives of black people that are greatly in danger. Racism and corrupt systems mean that now more than ever we need to realize and shout out that their lives MATTER.

For me, being silent is being complicit. I want to do the work to understand my own bias, my privilege, and listen to POC who haven’t been heard for so long. I want to teach my son how to be better and different. We can make change if we are willing to do the work and finally listen.

Black lives matter.