Father’s Day

We have been having a great summer! Playing in the water at Cherry Hill or our yard, adventuring out into the mountains, and more! Graham has been having music class and he’s obsessed with it! Almost every day he will ask if today is music class day or not. He loves watching Miss Karli on the computer and singing along with her. It’s adorable! We went up Big Cottonwood Canyon and got some courage to go adventure into a cave! It was actually kind of scary but really fun!

Today we are celebrating Father’s Day! We got some Shake Shack over the weekend to celebrate, too, Crumbl Cookies to Randy’s dad and played games, and then had breakfast in bed on Father’s Day and ate delicious food at my parent’s house!

Shout out to my dad – I couldn’t have asked for a better father. He was always there for me, came to every dance recital and took me skiing. He played games with us and taught us about music. He has always supported and loved me unconditionally. He’s an amazing grandpa, gives the best advice, has helped me navigate my career, and more. I’m so lucky to have grown up with him as my father. I LOVE YOU!

Randy is seriously the BEST father. I can’t believe how lucky my kids are to get him as their dad. He is so attentive and absolutely obsessed with being a dad. Right now he’s being a stay-at-home-dad until his job starts and seeing him and Graham together, playing during the day just makes me so happy. It’s the BEST. We LOVE you Dad!

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