What is UP!

Hello friends:)

This week has been a fun one! Lots of time on the Matt Townsend show, lots of time helping my awesome roommates pack up and move out (no I’m not super happy about that one) and lots of time with family celebrating my brother’s graduation!

Life is good! I’m dreading the start of school, but what else is new haha.

That’s all I have! Happy Sunday everyone:)

Goodbye Junior

Well dear friends, my junior year of college is officially done!

Even though it’s only my second year of college, I came in with some credits, and that plus some crazy schedules have led me to the end of my junior year! It’s crazy to think I only have one year left of college. This year has been a crazy one and it flew by! Here are some of the things I’ve learned this year:

1. Things don’t usually go the way you think they will, and that’s ok.
2. Working hard is worth it in the end.
3. Doing what you love will make you so much happier, no matter what the pay is!
4. Finding the right best friends takes time, but is so important.
5. Budgeting is crucial.
6. Alone time can be the best part of your day.
7. Reading is always a good idea.
8. Talking about your issues is a lot easier than not saying anything and being angry.
9. Sometimes people won’t understand what you’re doing, that doesn’t make it wrong.
10. People lash out when they don’t understand, don’t let them get the better of you.
11. Be nice to everyone, you never know when you’re going to run into them and need a favor.
12. Don’t be the messy roommate.
13. Disneyland is always a good idea.
14. Put others first, but take time for you too.
15. Be aware, watch the news.
16. Go to class and do your homework, and your life will be easier.
17. Working hard gets your promotions.
18. Pray, pray, pray, pray, and then pray some more.
19. You need to do what’s best for you, regardless of what anyone may say.
20. Have fun, you’re only a junior in college once!

I am so blessed to be a BYU Cougar, and I wouldn’t trade the past two years of my life for anything. Being here at BYU has been the biggest blessing, and has helped me become the person I am. I’m so grateful for the people that I’ve met here, the friends that I’ve made, and the person they’ve helped me become. Yes, this is a little sappy, but it’s hard to close a chapter of your life book. It’s ok, because I’m so ready for the next one!
Happy Wednesday everyone, happy last day of finals for all you Cougars, and happy new chapter to me.

Happy Easter!

Friends. Easter is beautiful. It’s an amazing time of the year when I get to refocus on the Savior and reevaluate where I am, and where I’m heading in my life.

Be prepared for a little bit of spirituality to come up real quick…

I love The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I love it more than anything. It’s the only reason that I am who I am.

And there’s only one thing that I’m sure of. One thing that I know for sure. It’s that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true. If you don’t believe it, talk to me. Look into it. Read the Book of Mormon. It’s 100% true. I wouldn’t live the lifestyle I do if it wasn’t. I wouldn’t go to Church for 3 hours on Sunday and devote hours each week if it wasn’t. I wouldn’t have been ok with my best friend leaving my side to teach it to others if it wasn’t. I wouldn’t be able to wake up everyday and live in this messed up world if I didn’t know there was something better.

The church Easter movie this year is called Because of Him. I’m sure you’ve heard about it or seen it, but if not go check it out!

But here’s my #BecauseofHim

Because of Him, I can be with my family forever.
Because of Him, I can fix the mistakes I make.
Because of Him, I have unlimited potential.
Because of Him, I have someone who really and truly understands me.
Because of Him, I am never alone.
Because of Him, death is not the end.
Because of Him, my joy is full.

Happy Easter everyone:)

 Also, Heidi and Liv and Sarah are all moving out this week (or in Heidi’s case, she’s already moved out). I’m really sad to be losing three of my best friends for the summer, but I am SO stoked for Fall and getting to live with Rach and Heidi and Liv again! AND I’m stoked for Courtney to move in with Rach and I for Spring/Summer! Miss you Belle, and Liv and Sar I’m going to miss you both!

Fits of Writing

Sometimes I get into these writing fits where I just need to sit down and let it out. It’s like crying; all that pent up stuff and sometimes you need to let it out.

I’m convinced that someday this fit of writing will lead me to a book…but we’ll see if one day I have the time and energy to commit to that. Lately I’ve barely been able to commit to this dear little blog, and that’s nothing compared to the novel that’s churning in my heart. By that point it won’t matter if nobody reads it but me.

I’ve been happy lately. Not that this is something novel and strange and unique, but in a small way it is. Being happy takes practice. It’s easy to be sad, to complain and to be upset about every little thing. Happy isn’t something that happens. It takes work. It takes making sure you’re surrounded by people that want you to be happy, and want to be happy themselves. I’ve gotten better at that. It takes deciding that apologizing is good, and that criticism isn’t the worst thing in the world. But it also takes sticking up for what you believe in. It’s this balancing act that could be exhausting, but you’re too busy being happy to be too tired from it.

It’s naive and I’m young, but I hope that I remember being happy when life gets harder.

I hope I remember what it’s like to live without someone that you care about, and never take my loved ones for granted.

I hope I remember that Hershey Kisses are magical.

I hope I remember how much fun a ride up the canyon can be.

I hope I remember 2 AM as a fun, laughing, and happy time.

I hope I’m never too old for Disneyland.

I hope I remember to keep practicing being happy every day.

Happy Friday everyone, and happy finals for me!

I bleed blue

Sometimes people may look at me and think I’m a nostalgic, passionate, emotional mess. And mostly they’d be right. 

So prepare yourself for a little passionate, emotional nostalgia.
Today I went to the Unforum, or the last BYU Devotional, of the school year. Yes I’ll be here in the spring and in the fall, but this was the last one for this full school year. And it was the last one with President and Sister Samuelson. Let me tell you folks, if you don’t know who those fine people are you are missing out. President Samuelson is such an amazing man, who cares about BYU so much. He and his wife made such an effort to be with the students, to integrate themselves into their lives, and to let them know how much they matter. I feel very lucky that I got to be here for a few years while he was the President of BYU.
Also, some real talk. I love BYU more than just about anything. It’s honestly been the best experience in the world for me. BYU is the perfect fit for me, and I’m so happy I have another year here to learn and grow. Yes, I am getting a little weepy thinking this next year is my last at BYU. I made a BYU Bucket List, plotted out all the ways that I could stay a little longer, and came to the conclusion that I’ll be outta here by April 2015, or August 2015 at the very, very latest. So hurrah for Finals Week coming up, hurrah for Junior Year, and hurrah for BYU!
Happy Tuesday everyone!

Why do I never have time to blog?

Wow I’m bad at blogging.

Finals start this week! EEK!!! Here’s hoping I’m ready!

Let’s do a quick recap of what my life has looked like lately.

Our Easter Egg Hunt for FHE turned into Duck Hunt….and Juan’s face here is just priceless! Don’t worry, no baby ducks were harmed, and they’ll be hatching soon!

Also it was bring your llama to school day at BYU apparently…go figure that one out
My beautiful sister went to Prom this weekend and had a great time, making me miss my Prom. It’s hard to think it was two whole years ago that I got all dressed up and danced the night away!
However, I did dance the night away while my sister was at Prom this year…at the Traditions Ball. It was my student alumni event this semester and it went off with very few glitches! So yay! It was a really beautiful evening with live music and performances, so much good food and lots of wonderful students and alumni alike. 
All in all, life is going great! I guess I’m really busy because I don’t even have time to blog, but I don’t feel too busy or overwhelmed, which is a first. Thanks for all  your continued love and support, it means more than you’ll ever know:)
Happy Monday everyone!

What is UP!

Guys. Finals start next week.


I’m not sure where this semester went.

Spring is going to be filled with working/reporting for 11 news which will CONSUME my life.

Summer will be filled with more working and…

AN INTERNSHIP WITH KSL-TV. I’m pretty happy:) I’ll be producing, pitching stories, going into the field to get footage, plus your run of the mill intern duties like logging tape and getting Starbucks. I could not be more excited!

What are your summer plans? I’m hoping to squeeze in some pool time, late movies, lots of music, driving around on warm summer nights, evenings in the city, lots of playing with my friends, time in K-town with my fam bam, a trip to Arizona for Sar Bear’s wedding, and a Boston trip to help my brother move in. Looks like a jam-packed, super fun summer!

And then believe it or not, I’ll have one semester left before Randy Low gets home. Crazy right?

Today marks 15 months that he has been gone. Some days it seems like a lot more, some days it seems like a lot less. Either way I couldn’t be more proud of him!

It’s sunny in Provo and today is a good day.
Happy Wednesday everyone!

https://youtube.googleapis.com/v/2GRtFC8nTag&source=udsThis song though, and this band…..:)

Days at Disneyland

Hey friends! SO I am the WORST at blogging. Seriously it’s bad. I promise I will start being better!

I have so much to share it’s not even funny.

Hopefully these pictures will give you an idea of what’s been up!

Disneyland, California Adventure, Sea World, the San Diego temple and the beach. It was a fantastic week off with my family, a week full of laughs and no stress! Unfortunately, it’s back to reality now. Gearing up for finals week and then on to Spring term!
Also, wasn’t General Conference fantastic?!? I learned so much and was so spiritually uplifted. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, or didn’t get to see General Conference, head over to http://www.lds.org to find out all about it! I’ll be posting more about it later.
Happy Sunday everyone!