Why do I never have time to blog?

Wow I’m bad at blogging.

Finals start this week! EEK!!! Here’s hoping I’m ready!

Let’s do a quick recap of what my life has looked like lately.

Our Easter Egg Hunt for FHE turned into Duck Hunt….and Juan’s face here is just priceless! Don’t worry, no baby ducks were harmed, and they’ll be hatching soon!

Also it was bring your llama to school day at BYU apparently…go figure that one out
My beautiful sister went to Prom this weekend and had a great time, making me miss my Prom. It’s hard to think it was two whole years ago that I got all dressed up and danced the night away!
However, I did dance the night away while my sister was at Prom this year…at the Traditions Ball. It was my student alumni event this semester and it went off with very few glitches! So yay! It was a really beautiful evening with live music and performances, so much good food and lots of wonderful students and alumni alike. 
All in all, life is going great! I guess I’m really busy because I don’t even have time to blog, but I don’t feel too busy or overwhelmed, which is a first. Thanks for all  your continued love and support, it means more than you’ll ever know:)
Happy Monday everyone!

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