Graham’s First Rock Concert

We’ve had a ton of fun the past few days taking Graham on adventures and doing really fun things. 
We went on a walk around the neighborhood with our Solly Baby wrap which I LOVE and Randy loves it too! We ran into the ICE CREAM TRUCK and legit chased it down. There were tons of kids in the neighborhood and we were the ones running around to get ice cream. 

On Friday, I went into the WGU office and officially got all ready to go back to work! I got to bring Graham and show him off to all my work friends which was fun. I had a cool meeting with my bosses who are AWESOME and who are so willing to work with me as I navigate being a working mom. I’m so grateful for them. So if you text me and I’m busy, just know I’m working like crazy (from my couch with Graham in my arms) getting this working mom thing going!

Later that night, Randy had the awesome opportunity to play a gig in Alpine! The Utah Democratic Women association paid him and the rest of the band to play for 2 ours, and G and I decided to tag along! I wasn’t sure when I’d get to see Randy and the guys play for 2 whole hours with professional equipment and everything, so I couldn’t miss out. We got G some special headphones to protect his little ears, and went and jammed out WAY past his bedtime.

I also snapped this angsty picture of Randy and it’s my favorite hahaha. He played SO well. I have a YouTube video of them playing. I am so insanely proud of Randy for still making time for things he loves, for teaching himself seriously all the instruments except for piano, and for being so dedicated at practicing and getting better. He’s seriously so talented but would never brag about it.

We just love hanging out with our little dude. We braved church this week to listen to my sister speak (she freaking KILLED IT) and G was pretty well behaved! We’re going through a growth spurt right now so nights are hard again, but we’re getting back at it.

G holding his ear to sleep is literally the cutest thing ever.

Graham Update – One Month Old

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Sweet little Graham is ONE MONTH OLD!

•at his last appointment he weighed 8 lbs 10 oz
•he is 21.5 inches long
•he is a champion eater and sleeper
•he is starting to smile which makes Randy and I melt
•he loves dance parties and reading stories
•he’s still in newborn clothing and diapers but I get the feeling that will change soon
•he used to HATE getting a bath but now he absolutely loves it
•he has the sweetest temperament, doesn’t fuss a lot, and is just the absolute best baby – we are so lucky to have him in our family!

Some of my favorite memories of this first month have been his birth (obviously), having all our friends and family meet him, seeing him start to smile, giving him baths and watching as he starts to like them more, going on long walks, hitting up the mall and restaurants and how mellow he is, getting to eat all the candy I want since the diabetes is gone (I get a check at my six week appointment to ensure it’s gone, but since they can’t check until then I get to eat whatever I want!), taking photos and watching him pose, cuddles in the morning, getting to put his cute newborn outfits on him, realizing he recognizes Randy and my voices, and so much more!

Happy Father’s Day Dad

Happy Father’s Day to the best dad I could have asked for. He came to every ballet recital, track meet, bought us dolls and toys to have on Christmas morning or our birthdays, worked so unbelievable hard to give us vacations to Disneyland and new shoes for school. He has taught me so much about love, dedication, and having fun. He always answers the phone for my questions about the most random things, from insurance to sports, and he’s the best grandpa to little G. I love you, Dad!

Randy’s First Father’s Day!

We celebrated Randy’s first Father’s Day in style! We started with a waffle breakfast in bed, and a a present! Randy literally cried when he read the card I picked out for him from Graham. I traced Graham’s hands (or tried to) as his signature and the words of the card and those hand tracings made Randy just lose it! It was so sweet. We also got him a photo of Graham and a kite for him to fly with his son! Which made him cry too haha.

We went to church, ate shrimp cocktail and ramen, and then spent the evening with Randy’s dad, celebrating him.

I am so beyond thankful to have such an amazing father for my kids. Randy is so patient, sweet, loving, and fun with Graham already and I can’t wait for all the Father’s Days we have ahead. For as long as I’ve known Randy, I’ve known he would be an amazing father. And seeing him as a dad has only made that more real, and he’s honestly exceeded my expectations.

Happy Father’s Day, love.

Life Lately

We’re SO busy all the time over here!

Here’s a little update:

Graham is still the sweetest baby.

We’re trying to figure out how to get on a routine (Check out our YouTube video about it) and it’s proving difficult but last night, Graham only woke up ONCE and only for five minutes! So we’re doing great!

I’m back taking on freelance clients and it’s busy and crazy, but so good.

Randy’s parents went to Japan and are heading to Disneyland this week, my parents are in Europe, and my sister is in New York.

Randy is loving his kickboxing classes, is kicking school’s BUTT and is the best daddy in the universe.

I’m SUPER tired, and it’s been hard to be here and try to do everything, but not be able to go places or be stressed about going places. But we’re doing good.

Graham is super strong, doesn’t mind tummy time, LOVES being cuddled, is pretty good at napping, and is pretty much a mommy and daddy’s boy, he likes being with us more than anyone.

I’m blazing through The Great British Baking Challenge while working or nursing.

Graham loves it when we sing him songs, read stories, or have dance parties.

We’ll be doing Graham’s one month update in just a few days and I can’t BELIEVE it. I will probably cry about it.

Note about those photos ^ I took them on a Sunday and Randy and Graham were in that EXACT position at the EXACT same time. It was too cute.

Baby Shower Invites – Nautical Theme

A couple weeks ago we had a baby shower for my little sister and their darling little GIRL coming in October!!! I’m so excited Graham will have a cousin so close in age, and it has been so fun to have my sister right behind me in pregnancy.

I got lucky and found Basic Invite which has EVERY kind of card imaginable.

baby shower invitations
baby shower invite

I may have gotten distracted and found a dozen cute baby shower invitations for boys too. I’m just totally in boy-mode now! They have  so many adorable options like this ones:

baby boy shower invitation

The perfect fit were these nautical baby shower invitations templates, HOW CUTE! My sister and Matt are heading to Florida for work before their little nugget is born, so a “bon voyage” “anchors away” type theme was just perfect.

nautical baby shower invitation

baby shower invitation nautical theme

I loved that I could convert my favorites from “boy” to “girl” so easily, because Basic Invite has almost unlimited color options and lets you customize your samples so you know exactly what you’re getting. There are also tons of envelope color options and address capture connected to social media. This is SO convenient so you don’t have to hunt people down to ask for their address, you can simply connect your invitation to social media and get their address through that. SO easy.

I also am DYING over the baby announcements at Basic Invite. I wasn’t together enough to send out any for Graham but I am totally going to now – even though it’ll be late! I’m also totally using them for my Christmas cards and for all the shower invitations I have coming this summer.

baby announcement
birth announcement

Right now Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51 

Go on over and check them out – I’m such a HUGE fan of being able to create something beautiful and get it exactly the way I want it.

Graham’s Nursery

As some of you know, we are living in my parent’s basement (we’re winning at life) for the time being while we house hunt and save for a down payment! It’s been super nice, and we are so insanely lucky!

Because we’re living there, Graham’s room is also the basement playroom! Which I’m sure he will LOVE when he’s a little older and there are HUNDREDS of toys for him!

Because of that, his nursery is kind of on two walls and the rest of the room is full of toys. BUT I’m still a huge fan of how it turned out and couldn’t wait to show some photos!

We decided to do a music nursery (because Randy is this kid’s father and music is more important to him than just about anything!) and it turned out SO cute!

Let me know what you think, if we need to add anything to the nursery, etc!

Crib sheets:
Sofa slipcover:

3 Years

This past year of marriage has been one of my favorites, but it’s also had some of the biggest challenges. It’s funny how that works out, isn’t it? 
We went to Yellowstone with my family, did lots of photo shoots, went on tons of walks, spent tons of time with friends, said goodbye to Randy’s brother and sent him off to Japan on his mission, Randy got into the business program, he studied hard and has been working tirelessly toward his degree, we found out we were expecting our little boy, I had job changes, lost a job, got a new job while five months pregnant, got diagnosed with gestational diabetes, had our little boy, and have had some of the most major changes of our life.
This year of marriage has been full of challenges, but it’s also been the sweetest chapter of our marriage. It makes me tear up as I think about how many times I told Randy how afraid I was of what was ahead, how unsure I felt of our future. He has always been the pillar of faith, reminding me that we will be taken care of, and that there is so much to be grateful for and happy about. 
This year of marriage has been full of Randy taking care of me; literally taking care of me when I was pregnant, emotionally taking care of me when I felt lost and afraid, helping our family find direction and make important decisions, and always finding ways to make me smile and laugh even when he was stressed or worried. 
I can’t imagine going through all these crazy life changes and trials with anyone else. Randy is sincerely the best person that I know, and I am so lucky that I get to do life with him. 
Sweet is the only word I can think of to describe our love. It’s us being best friends, it’s still having the spark and passion we had when we were 17, it’s making important decisions and feeling like a team, it’s laughing and crying together, and helping each other be better. 
I love you, Randy. Happy anniversary. 

2 Weeks With Graham – Celebrating Our 3 Year Anniversary

Graham is officially 2 weeks old and I can’t believe it! I feel like time is FLYING by, but the days also feel SO long at the same time!

We said goodbye to cousins and grandparents earlier this week, my brother and his family went home and Randy’s parents are off to Japan!

We went to a party to celebrate Andra, the DHS theater teacher. She’s leaving after 20 years of being the theater teacher and it was so fun to see so many friends, and celebrate all she did as a director, teacher, mentor, and friend. Randy and I both had the honor of doing shows with her, and it was wonderful to reminisce and see so many wonderful friends.

We also celebrated our 3 year anniversary yesterday! It’s crazy that three years have gone by. We woke up early (or Graham woke us up early!) and opened presents, Randy got me a beautiful throw pillow for our bed that he picked out himself – it goes perfectly with our room and I love it! He also got me a delicious body scrub and shea butter lotion that I’m so excited to pamper myself with. I got him a gift card to Zara so we could go shopping, and a new Rocket Summer shirt.

When Randy got home from school, we were off! We had lunch at Eva’s Bakery downtown, one of our very favorites. I was a little worried about getting Graham downtown and to the restaurant, but he was an ANGEL. We ate and had a nice time being together, out of the house. We then were off to the mall to shop – one of our very favorite things to do. We got Randy some AWESOME shirts, and then it was off to take pictures! Amber is an AMAZING photographer, one of my very favorites that we have ever worked with. She’s more than our photographer, she’s become one of our dear friends and I love getting to work with her, and hang out with her.

We ran into traffic and of course Amber handled everything perfectly so even though we were super late, we still got some great photos and have another shoot scheduled to finish our time! She’s a freaking ROCKSTAR and already sent me some sneak peak photos, that I’m absolutely in love with.

We stopped by McDonald’s for a super romantic anniversary dinner, then went to Andra’s party for the evening. It was fun to visit with friends. Then we were back to McDonald’s (classy, right?) for a little treat. We went to a park to chat and reminisce with Graham fast asleep in the back seat. It was really wonderful to hang out. It was a different anniversary for us for sure, now that we have Graham, but it was really awesome to spend our day as our little family of three.