I’m feeling today. Don’t mind me or the sappiness of this post.

 For some reason, my emotions are heightened lately. I feel everything more, if that makes sense.

Which means that what you said cut more than it normally would.

Which means missing you hurts more than it normally would.

Which means my temper flares more than it normally would.

Which means I feel the lack of feelings more than I normally would.

And more than I normally would, I like being alone.

There’s this rush of peace in knowing I can be perfectly content by myself. I’m not good at being by myself. I don’t like the fact that I’m getting used to it. I wish I didn’t find solace in being alone. But I do.

More than I normally would.

But I think I know what it is. It’s growing pains. Not in the normal sense, but in the figurative sense. I’m sure, now more than ever, of the direction I need to go. Of the person I need to try to be. And that takes a lot of time, energy, and feeling. It also takes lots of alone.

So please ignore the sappiness of this post. I wouldn’t even post it, but something is nudging me to. Maybe one person who reads this will know the feeling. And relate. And if the other people who read it think I’m crazy, but one person needed it, it’s worth it. Even if that person who needed it was just me.

Nice one Buddha:) I THINK I’ll stop being philosophical, and be happy instead:)

And if this post is too much for you, never fear. I’m sure by tomorrow I’ll be back to normal:)

Happy Friday everyone!

100 degrees

It’s 100 degrees today. Just let that sink in. It’s 100 degrees today.

Summer. Perfection. Some say “Oh that’s too hot.” And yes, it is too hot. But it’s perfect. I couldn’t put my hands on the steering wheel because it was burning. I work at a waterpark, and it was packed (more on that later…)

So that’s one good thing about today.

So today has also been not so fun. Getting yelled at by angry campers is not ideal. So that’s the downside of working at a campground/waterpark.

Anyway. I haven’t been blogging because I’m a slacker. So here’s a few things worth saying about what’s been up lately.

Yeah this exists. And someone brought it to our house. We have great neighbors:)
Scavenger hunt and sushi with this kid makes for a pretty fun date!
He thinks he’s a professional bowler. I let him win. 😉
I promise I’ll stop being a horrible blogger. Pinky swear! 
Happy Thursday everyone:)

Supreme Court Rulings

If you haven’t heard already, yesterday the Supreme Court overturned DOMA and Prop 8. Both of these pieces of legislation’s purpose was to keep marriage between a man and a woman in the United States. With the overturning of these rulings, states can now decide if they want to allow gay marriage or not.

Click here for more information.

Weekend Wrapup

What a weekend. I don’t even remember what happened haha. But I know it was an interesting one! Full of mom coming home from the hospital, working and dashes to Provo, seeing friends and saying goodbye to friends, and of course my favorite moment of the week, email Sunday.

Sent to Randy. His response? I’m very pleased to see that you’re still just as beautiful as ever.” After the last picture I sent him, I think he was worried;)

Got to see these fun friends. It was so good to be back in the college swing of things, even if it was only for a little while. I miss everyone more than you can imagine. 

Our family is dwindling in numbers. And we said goodbye to Juston, dad, yesterday. What a great guy, a great talk, and a great family:)
Happy Monday everyone!


It’s Rachel s birthday. This is a big day. She’s finally 19 and we can officially begin husband hunting;) She’ll probably kill me for putting that. Oh well:)

Basically I wasn’t sure if Rachel and I were going to get along. Now she’s one of my best friends. One of my Fat Five ladies. I don’t know what I would’ve done last year without her. Or what I would do next year without her. She’s been there with me through so much, and I owe that girl SO much. So much of who I became last year is because of Rachel (the good stuff I mean;))

Rach thanks for being one of my best friends. Thanks for making me feel important, for keeping me updated on your life and listening to all my boring stories. Thanks for cake batter and brownie nights, movies, whipping your hair, getting crazy at dances, car dancing, blasting music while we drive, Walmart and McDonald’s runs, being my baby, always having Diet Dr. Pepper in the fridge, for being our entertainment source;)
For crying with me, laughing with me, telling me when I’m being dumb, having spiritual time with me, sharing experiences, doing “homework” with me, curling up in a ball during finals, not caring what anyone thinks and teaching me not to care either, for teaching me how to let go and have fun, and for showing me what it means to be a really good friend.
I love you Chach! Only 2 months until we’re back together. I SO EXCITED:) Happy birthday love:)
Also. Yesterday was one of those days. The ones where you sit and cry in the shower and then eat pie in your bed while watching Netflix. Don’t lie, you totally know what I mean. 
The good news is, I had really good pie to eat.
Happy Sunday everyone!

Mom for a day

So my mom went into surgery yesterday, so I was mom for the day. Sorta. With a 16 and 12 year old sister, I kinda felt superfluous, but still. I can pretend right? 🙂

So while my mom was gone, we went to Cherry Hill in the early hours of the morning, made a cute craft for Bethany’s friend and for my own selfish reasons, made two delicious meals, visited my mom, I got to spend time with two great friends (Emi and Haley. Ya’ll are the best) and watched Safe Haven. All in all, it was a great day!

Here’s how to make these cute canvas quote boards:

Find your quote! Go get canvas from the store (we got ours at Hobby Lobby). Get some sticker letters that you think will pull back easily. We used cardstock stickers, but I’m sure other kinds will also work! Then use a ruler to mark where you want the letters, and make sure they’ll all fit on the canvas you’ve picked! FYI, my quote is from Persuasion by Jane Austen. I know, right?

My ugly picture of acrylic paint. I found that the acrylic paint was PERFECT.

Paint all over the canvas, making sure that the stickers are tight down before you paint over them. Paint in one direction or it’ll look smudgy!
Peel the stickers off. WAIT until the canvas is dry! And don’t worry about peeling the paint off. You won’t!

Touch up with paint and if you’re my sister, you use a brush and paint in the grooves the stickers left for an AWESOME effect. Isn’t she talented?
That’s it:)
This is Feta Mac n Cheese and Fried Turkey. Want the recipe? Send me a message!
We had too much fun visiting my mom. We were joking about putting this picture on instagram and being annoying by over-hashtagging. This is what the caption was going to be:
Visiting mom! #loveher #surgery #hospital #sistersb4misters #whoneedsguysanyway #weloveeachother #sis #bffs #bestfriends #welovemom #visits #hospitalsarescary #love #family #familiesare4ever #heart #momsfeelinggreat #thankgoodness
You get the idea? We think we’re funny.
Happy Friday everyone! 

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Huge corn dogs:)

Another day off work? Yes. This is happening. My mom is getting surgery so my parents are gone at the hospital, I’m off of work playing “mom” for a few days. So we’ll see how that goes….

Meanwhile here’s what’s been up lately. Life according to my iPhone if you will:)

Remember the letter drought? Yup…it’s over:) Two great letters and this girl was very, very happy!
HUGE corn dog. It was delicious. We went to the little hot dog vendor on the side of the street, next to the snow cone shack. It was a good choice.
I saw this sign yesterday and it hurt my heart. All my musical productions friends will know why. What a good song:)
We look happy. It is a lie. We went and swam at Cherry Hill at 6:45 because Big Budah was there, and my boss wanted the park to have people in it! Yeah…it was freezing, but still super fun:)
Also. How can it already be June 20?!?!?! My summer is almost halfway gone!!! I can’t believe it. I thought I was cruising through summer, doing so much. NOPE. I need to step up my game and make this summer even more epic! Well now I have to go do the dishes, so we can go BACK to Cherry Hill and play some more. It is no longer enough that I work there, I need to go play there too! That’s how great it is:) 
Happy Thursday everyone!

Dr. Pepper and Letter Drought

So I’m slacking on giving you the news/actually blogging anything. Being at work at 8:00 a.m. leads me to not  have time in the morning, and be way to lazy in the evening. Luckily, I have today off! So here’s what’s been up:)

On Monday I went on a fun date hiking. Someone thinks he’s funny by taking ugly pictures and pretending to give me real Dr. Pepper (I only drink diet…). So that was a fun time:) I also went to breakfast with a great friend and had a wonderful day. We even found our gimpy duck which has been MIA for the past two years. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

This cutie got her braces off!! Which meant caramel apples for all:) Watch out world..she’s prettier than ever!

The road into my subdivision is closed. And you’d think I would remember that with all of these signs hanging around. Well you would be wrong. I have tried to drive the normal way out 185738956385 times, and every single time, it is a dirt road with lots of machines on it. So I get to flip around and grumble under my breath as I take the long way to get back to the main road. So that’s fun.

If construction in my subdivision isn’t enough, all of 2nd North is being ripped up. So I get to slowly follow construction vehicles through the winding, made up lanes of traffic. That’s fun.
Also I’m on day 15 of my letter drought. Thank goodness for emails or I would be one unhappy girl. Crossing my fingers that the mail gets figured out, and those letters get here soon!
Now I’m off to figure out what to make for dinner for the next few days while my mom rests. Just call me mother for the next couple days;) But not really. Don’t worry, I’ll show you all exactly what’s going on. Promise;)
And I’ll get some major headlines up soon. That’s also a promise!
Happy Wednesday everyone!
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Was yesterday Father’s Day?

I kid. I know it was Father’s Day, if not because I celebrated with my family, the hundreds of instagram and facebook posts would’ve been a clue;) It was actually really sweet to see everyone talking about their dads and how great they are.

But now I must end the debate. Because my dad is the best.

So here’s a shout out to the best father a girl could ask for. He’s taught me so many things about how to live, and LOVE your life. He showed me great movies and music, how to play chess and ride a bike, helped me endlessly with math, shared his testimony with me, came to all my shows, and has done a million things to show me that he cares about me. I can’t even begin to start telling you how great my dad is, how much he’s overcome and how amazed I am that he’s who he is today. So while you all may think you have a great dad, I can assure you that my dad is the best. So thank you daddy, for always being there for me and always loving me. I love you!
Alright world. Bring on another week:)
Happy Monday everyone!


So here’s a few things that have been happening lately. I don’t really have lots of time to go into great detail, so here’s the bits and pieces you need:)

Sometimes I pretend to be domestic and make cookie dough. It can be fun:) Especially when I eat most of the cookie dough and don’t bake any cookies…

Bonfire with these cuties. Weird happenings lead us to become a utensil gang around a fire. So beware for Spooner, Forker and Knifer (copyright pending).
My sisters are beautiful. Tonight is the last performance of the 2013 ballet recital. It’s so weird to me that it’s been TWO YEARS since I danced in my last one. Last year it was easy not to miss it….I was cruising around Europe. This year, it’s a lot easier to miss. Here’s to the hours of practice, hundreds of dollars spent (THANKS MOM AND DAD), hairspray and tape, bobby pins and breaking shoes, corset ties and headpieces, and a million other things that I miss about being a ballerina. Break a leg tonight ladies:) I love you!
Also. Jonas is home. I don’t have a picture of him, I forgot to take one when I saw him this morning. But still. Welcome home:)
Happy Saturday everyone:)

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