9 Months of Wells

Wells is finding his voice and loves to babble, yell, and squeak at us.
He still does his goofy crawl using his head as leverage and it kills me.
He loves the bath, crawling all over Graham, and eating. His favorite foods are eggs, bananas, chocolate anything, ramen, pasta, rice, strawberries, blueberries, and I could go ON AND ON.
He signs more and all done, claps, and waves.
He wants to be standing up all the time but is so stubborn about moving his feet to step.
He’s as obsessed as ever with Graham and they are the sweetest brothers ever!


It’s been a beautiful March so far! We have

-Celebrated Grandma and Grandpa’s birthdays with the whole family

-Watched our yard start to take shape

-All got a nasty stomach bug over the course of two weeks and missed school, felt so sick, and threw up so many times

-Memorized scriptures for church and Maddy got to sub in Primary lots

-Worked a lot with busy season and scrambled to find time together

-Made smiley faces for breakfast

-Graham is getting SO good at coloring

-Went to the Symphony with Grandma and Grandpa for Graham’s first time!

-Made some amazing friends in our new neighborhood who we just love.