Finding the niche

So today for my radio job I got the chance to talk to STEPH from SIX SISTERS STUFF. I know, right? She’s amazing. They’re amazing. Her interview will be on or Sirius XM 143 soon. I’ll let y’all know, you don’t wanna miss it.

But anyway, one of the questions I asked her was what the most important piece of advice she could give to bloggers. She said it was to find what you’re good at, and to blog about that. To find a niche in the blogging community.

So now I’m wondering what my “niche” is.

So bear with me while I continue to try to figure that out. I thought I had, but maybe not. Let me know what you think:)

Also. Happy Wednesday everyone. I may have written Thursday and then had to change it. It’s been one of those weeks. But really. Have a great day:)

That one weekend

So my life rocks.

I love my job. Nationwide radio rocks.

Friday we crushed Boise State and truck Filipino food basically rocks.

Saturday involved a crazy intense intramural football game, a great drive back to Kaysville, time with my awesome family, a beautiful wedding reception, dinner and shopping in Salt Lake, and getting to spend all day with this guy.

Welcome to the roller coaster that is my life. Can’t wait to see where it takes me! 
Happy Sunday everyone!

Life is happening

The days keep getting away from me! Sadly, blogging is moving further and further down my priority list. But I will get to it. Promise.

So this is how my life has been happening:

After studying my life away, I go on bowling/pizza dates with this crazy guy. Or we eat Samoan food. And don’t carve our pumpkin.

I go on drives with Rachel to see the beautiful earth while singing along to EFY music. Utah is fantastic especially in the fall. Take a drive up the canyon friends. It’s worth it.

 I get free Frosty’s with this cute girl before we spend the remainder of the evening studying. All I do is study.

Cliche photo? Yes. But I sure do love sweaters and boots and all the fall leaves when I walk around campus. It’s crisp and fresh outside, a little cold which I wish would disappear, but it’s still delightful. I haven’t had time to make hot chocolate and soup like I would like, but still. It’s fall y’all.
My dear friend JD turned 22 yesterday, so we went to karaoke. Naturally. And yes, he sang 22 at the top of his lungs to celebrate. It was a great night.
Oh and this kid sang. He’s pretty good I guess…hahaha he’s amazing actually. 

Happy Wednesday everyone:)

It’s Saturday already??

Holy heavens dear little blog. You are being neglected. It’s sad really. But never fear! I will still write whenever I can. Even though I hardly ever have pictures to post because I don’t take them :/ I’m sorry dear friends.

Thursday I got to spend time with my family at Cornbelly’s Corn Maze at Thanksgiving Point because my sisters are on UEA break! Can I just say, my family is the best:) They seriously can make my stress level go from a million to zero in like two seconds. My family is too fun and I just love spending time with them.

Aren’t we so cute?

Oh and I got to ride a mechanical bull. So that was cool:)

I am in the midst of midterms and it is stressss. But I love college so much. I went on SUCH a fun date yesterday. It was awesome. And I did my first radio interview and it should be on air some time soon:) Possibly Monday at 7 AM? Check out BYU Radio at that time to hear it:)

Most of my friends are on missions and they are doing amazing. I love getting letters from them:)

My friends that actually live in this country are doing amazing as well:) They are way too good to me and I just love them.

And my roommates. Goll I’m lucky. Pazookies and dance parties and laughing and drama. Ooooh it’s the best:)

Life is good! I don’t know how I’m so happy, mostly I’m just a ball of stress. But happy stress! If that’s a thing. Anywho. Life is great. Hope yours is too.

Happy Saturday everyone:)

Just a little bit of everything

Friends, life is busy. And for some reason I’m still ridiculously happy. Which is weird…but so good.

This is also true. 
Things that I have already learned this week:
–Sometimes radio interviews fall through. Move on.
–A bowl of candy in your apartment is always a good idea.
–Missionary letters are the best things ever.
–You can become incredibly close to someone really fast.
–People will disappoint you. But it’s ok.
–Sleep is a necessity and I put it last SO often.
–I took the time I had to actually cook food last year for granted. 
–My family ROCKS.
–My friends? They ALSO rock.
That’s it. 
Happy Wednesday y’all!

No sleep weekend

Friends life is crazy! Let’s just do a little recap. Also I didn’t take pictures because I’m STUPID but it was still good. And it still happened even if I didn’t document it.

So I started my new job, and I LOVE IT. I work with amazing people and I get to find fun people to interview, conduct their interviews or write their questions for a live interview, work on developing new shows, and get to spend time in my own office. Seriously, it’s the best:)

I spent Friday going out to dinner with one of my best friends, heading to Comedy Sportz (which was HILARIOUS. Go to it, it’s the funniest thing ever.) Then I headed to frozen yogurt, a 90’s dance party, hot tubbing at Glenwood, and a late night movie which makes everything funny. Then Saturday was my sisters lacrosse game (she scored a goal. She got all the athletic genes and she’s amazing!) shopping and lunch with my cute family, the football game (I sat front row the first half. Which was amazing. Thanks Alex, Jeff, Brian and Weston!), multiple movie showings, and a late night talk with an awesome friend.

Yeah, it was a good weekend:)

Now my Sunday is consisting of writing missionaries, Smartfood Popcorn (I bought that party size bag YESTERDAY. It’s almost empty. I have a problem) and Brother Bear with Rachel. We decided that it was an acceptable Sabbath movie since it has an uplifting message.

Happy Sunday everyone:)
And happy 2 years and 2 months of dating Mr. Low. 

Cocoa beans and the start to my life

Folks, today was good.

 I started my new job at BYU Radio as a student producer and I LOVE IT.

I got into my major. I am officially in the journalism program at BYU. You could say I’m a little happy.

I made chicken and sweet potatoes for dinner. Domestic of me, eh?

I went and got cupcakes and hot chocolate with the most awesome Relief Society Presidency ever.

And tomorrow begins the weekend. I am as busy as I can possibly be, but things are still so good. 
Happy Thursday everyone! And happy 9 months down to my very favorite missionary. 9 months!?!?! When did that happen?? But yay:)

See ya soon…..

She’s off to the MTC and then to Australia. So I have friends all over the world now, from Japan to Italy to Australia to France to Canada to California….the list goes on and on. And soon I’ll have one in London (Yes I am incredibly jealous.) 
Lau is going to be an incredible missionary. She’s going to do amazing things for the people in Australia, and she will find her “forever friends” that have been waiting for her. If you have questions about what missionaries in my church do, feel free to ask or check it out here
Happy Wednesday everyone, and Sister Faber? Happy mission:)

Smile Kids

Friends. It’s amazing that even though life is stressful, and hard, and sometimes just no fun, that it’s still good. I have amazing friends and an amazing family. I love where I live, I love where I go to school, I love the people I know and the Church that I belong to. My best friends are seriously Heaven sent, and when I’m with them I can tell that Heaven isn’t far away. This morning we got to spend some time with Lauren before she leaves on her mission tomorrow (yes it’ll be a sappy post, it’s fine). This will probably also be a sappy post actually.

If a year ago you had told that I’d be where I am today, I wouldn’t have believed you. I have four of the best friends on the planet. And today, our breakfast, dorm crashing, dance partying, and singing, and goodbyes was just more proof that they are the best. We were missing Alli, and then Lauren will leave tomorrow, and then Sarah will leave, and then who knows. But I do know that we will be best friends forever. Sure, there are ups and downs to our friendships. We aren’t perfect, and we won’t ever be. But I do know that these girls will always have my back. They’ve proved that time and time again.

So I’m thankful to a Heavenly Father who knew that I would need these forever friends to get me through (yes Lau I stole your forever friends phrase. Sorry:/) So here’s to looking forward to writing you on your missions, to being at each others weddings, to more trips and dance parties, to being Aunt Mads and always being there for each other.

Happy Sappy Tuesday:)

Musical Friday

I have no idea why, but music lately. AM I RIGHT? I love music all the time. But lately it’s been….even more? I can’t explain it. Just listen to some of my favorites and enjoy. I’m sure you’ve all heard every single one of these. BUT LISTEN. I promise you’ll be glad you did:)

Ghost by Parachute. It’s my favorite band and this song is incredible.

She by Parachute. I just want someone to write a song for me like this.

Falling In by Lifehouse. Don’t be scared it’s only love, baby that we’re falling in. GAH.

I can’t even say anything about this song. Tara I’m Terrible by The Rocket Summer.

Basket Case by Sara Bareilles. She’s brilliant. That’s all.

I just want to drown in music today. Any other good ideas for me to listen to instead of putting these on repeat, that’d be cool.

Happy Friday everyone:)