Guest Post!

Hello everyone!  It’s Hannah again over at Words as Palindromes!  Maddy is super busy with exams and presentations this week, as I was last week, so we decided it would be fun to guest post on each other’s blogs.  So here it goes!
For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Hannah and I blog over at Words as Palindromes.  I am a senior in college and attend school in MN.  I am studying to be a Speech-Language Pathologist. I blog about everything and anything that happens in my life, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s lame, and sometimes it’s just great!  But you should definitely check it out!  

Christmas is coming up sooner than any of us can imagine, right?  I mean I still have to wrap all my presents and find a few yet, but I don’t want to go to any of the stores because they are SOO CRAZY. So today we are going to talk about some of my favorite Christmas traditions. 
1. Decorating Christmas cookies
Usually, my mom would always bake the cookies and would always have all my siblings frost them when I was at school or at work…but last year it was a day when I was off!  I was so excited! My siblings and I listened to Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas music while attempting (attempting is the key word) to decorate the cookies professionally.

2. Christmas Trees
I guess this really isn’t a tradition, but no matter where I am, whether on campus, at home, at my grandma’s or at a coffee shop, you will always find me by the Christmas tree.  There is just something so peaceful about the bright lights and looking at how each and every person decorates the tree so beautifully and differently.

3. Christmas Lights
In my town in WI there is a large park at the end of a big lake in WI.  Every year they completely deck the whole park out with lights and it is so beautiful!  Within the past couple of years they have a light show.  Every year after the Children’s Christmas Eve service at my church, my family and I get in my car, still in our dresses and ties, and drive to the park, despite the craziness and enjoy the light show.
4. Christmas at Granny J’s
Let’s preface this and say my dad is the 9th of 11 children.  Yup, I did just say 11 kids.  That means Christmas is crazy.  Every year since I was born we have gone to Christmas at her house on Christmas Day.  There have been some years when there have been over 70+ people at her house between all the aunts, uncles, grandchildren, their children, boyfriends & girlfriends, and more.  It is a blast.  Usually we don’t eat until almost 7:00PM at night.  Then we open presents.  Recently, Santa has been coming. 🙂  Then the best part of the night.  We all sit down in the living room and sing Christmas carols for over an hour with my uncle playing them on the piano.  Nothing gets better than that. 

5. The awkward Christmas Family Photo
This one is not actually too awkward, but every Christmas Eve before we open presents we attempt to take pictures in front of the Christmas tree.  It really has not worked too well in the past few years due to the fact that Josh is about 8 million feet tall now and we are all too big to fit in a picture. 

Sure there are more traditions like my favorite peanut butter cookies with the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, the ranch oyster crackers, seeing my cousins who I like to call my best friends, and hoping that even though I live in WI, the weather is not too cold.

I hope all of you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and remember to stop over at my blog, Words as Palindromes.

pie for breakfast

Some guy brought me flowers.

Ok it wasn’t just some guy. But that’s another story.

I am so busy this week. If I can just survive and make it to this weekend, I’ll be fine.

If I survive.

Happy breakfast everyone! This is from the vending machine at work. I’m praying that it’s as delicious as I hope it’s going to be.

Yesterday Heidi gave a fantastic Family Home Evening that I wanted to share with ya’ll. Maybe you can use this for your next Family Night!

She asked us to all look around the room and see all the red things. She then asked us to close our eyes, and tell her everything in the room that was purple. We all struggled to recall the purple things in the room. She then explained that if we were focused on one thing, we wouldn’t see all the other amazing things around us. She talked about how we should be grateful for EVERYTHING not just focus on some things. She then told us how for the month of November, she was challenged to write ten things each day she was thankful for. That became hard after a few days, and really pushed her to think of un-ordinary things that she was thankful for. Then we made hand turkeys and had to write five un-ordinary things that we were thankful for on each of the fingers.

Basically you should do this for your family night or for an activity to remember Thanksgiving!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Tinfoil Dinner

So last weekend I went on a super duper fun date! We went to our friend Garrett’s house and had a bonfire in his BEAUTIFUL back yard. Really though, they have a pond and a cute little bridge. It’s adorable. ANYWHO. Bonfire. And we made tinfoil dinners and had s’mores and everything. It was delightful.

So to make your day less average today, here’s the tinfoil dinner recipe. It was so fun and easy and I would totally recommend it as a fun date, or even just getting a big group of friends or family together to do it!

2 small or 1 large brown potato per person
1/4 lb of ground beef per person
1-2 carrots per person
1/8 onion per person
Spices to taste
Begin by cutting all the vegetables into small pieces. You will want them fairly small or they will not cook! Then brown up your hamburger a little. You can do it raw if you are camping, I just air on the side of caution so we cooked our up a little to make sure it would be done on time! Spray a fairly large piece of tinfoil with cooking spray. Place the hamburger on the bottom, making sure to season with salt and pepper. Then place potatoes, carrots, and onions on the top. Season with salt and pepper, other seasonings that work well are: parsley, chili powder, cajun spices, basil, garlic powder/salt. Wrap the tinfoil around the dinner TIGHTLY. Make sure there are no places for air to get in or out or it will not cook right. Place on the embers/coals of the fire. Let cook for 30-40 minutes. Carefully remove from the fire and enjoy!
Happy Wednesday everyone!

Just a few things…

So we’re changing up the blog a bit. After talking to Steph from Six Sisters Stuff, I realized I needed to make my blog a little more constructive. I’m not sure that I’m really great at any one particular thing, so I want to make this a mash up of all the wonderful things that people like reading.

I am just an average redhead, but I think I have lots of days that a more than average. So I’m going to blog about things that either made my day more than average, or things that could potentially make your day more than average!

Yes this is another re-vamp to the blog, and it probably won’t be the last one. But that’s ok:)

So let’s try this out for a while and see how it goes, eh?

Also, it’s November! Last November I did something I was grateful for for every day of the month, and I want to do that again! I know I’m already behind, oops….but let’s get to it. Last year I started out with the big things, and this year I want to start out with the smaller things and move up to the bigger ones. This isn’t to lay out an order of what’s most important to me at all, I just want to save the biggest things for last:)

So. Here we go:)

1: Daylight Savings. Today it was seriously the best thing ever. I watched the clock change from 1:59 to 1:00 and it was awesome! (Mom I was helping a friend, that’s why I was still up.)

2: Painted fingernails. Shallow? Yes. But seriously there are few things I love more than having painted nails.

3:  Boots. Ok it’s fall, sweaters and boots are a must right now. And I seriously love boots so much! They are wonderful, they keep you warm, etc. etc. It’s great:)

So now that you’ve read all this boring stuff, here’s some pictures for my Visual Literacy Photography Project. They were super fun to take:)

Happy Sunday everyone!

Musical Friday

I have no idea why, but music lately. AM I RIGHT? I love music all the time. But lately it’s been….even more? I can’t explain it. Just listen to some of my favorites and enjoy. I’m sure you’ve all heard every single one of these. BUT LISTEN. I promise you’ll be glad you did:)

Ghost by Parachute. It’s my favorite band and this song is incredible.

She by Parachute. I just want someone to write a song for me like this.

Falling In by Lifehouse. Don’t be scared it’s only love, baby that we’re falling in. GAH.

I can’t even say anything about this song. Tara I’m Terrible by The Rocket Summer.

Basket Case by Sara Bareilles. She’s brilliant. That’s all.

I just want to drown in music today. Any other good ideas for me to listen to instead of putting these on repeat, that’d be cool.

Happy Friday everyone:)

Bridal Shower

So yesterday I threw a bridal shower. It was scary. I semi threw one with Alyse for Amy, but this one was all at my house. I had to make things look cute. If you know me, you know that I try to be crafty, but 99% of the time I lack the patience to make things look really good. So that was a little intimidating.

But I think it went really well! We had fun and laughed and Jessi even got her fiance to come and help tell their story (adorable, PS.) So all in all I think it went well!

Here are a few of the things I did that were really simple, but helped a lot!
Excuse the fact that these were hastily taken iPhone pics….

I bought four dollars worth of that pink tulle ribbon..yeah it’s amazing. I would recommend using that for EVERYTHING!

I used paper plates and cups that went with the pink and green thing I was going for. Yeah it’s cheap, but when you have 17 girls at your house, paper is best!

Chalkboard? It’s very in right now, and I think it looked good on the gift table:)

This is Jessi and behind her is her fiance Stefan. This is a gift Jessi got. Cute, right??
We also had these yummy things called pie pockets for our treat and they were so delicious! Thanks to Alyse for being a lifesaver and making them:)
We played a little game where I asked Stefan some questions before hand, and Jessi had to see if she could figure out what Stefan would say to answer the questions! It was so fun to see how well she knew him.
Here’s a copy of the questions I made him answer
·         What is your favorite thing about Jessi?
·         What is your favorite color?
·         Where did you and Jessi first meet?
·         When did you first fall in love with Jessi?
·         How many kids do you want? How many does Jessi want?
·         What is your biggest fear?
·         What did you do on your first date with Jessi?
·         When did you know you were going to marry Jessi?
·         What is your favorite sports team?
·         If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
·         What is Jessi’s most annoying habit?
·         Who wears the pants in your relationship?
·         Where was your first kiss?
·         What is your favorite food?
·         What is your favorite memory with Jessi?
·         How many girlfriends did you have before Jessi?
·         What is your favorite movie?
·         What was your first impression of Jessi?
·         What is your biggest pet peeve?
It was a really fun night (well I had fun. I won’t speak for everyone else;)) and I loved getting to mingle and see Jessi so happy! 
Well that’s about it for today! Just so you know, I’m going to be having a few guest posts in the coming weeks and be guest posting on a few other blogs! So stay tuned for that fun little adventure.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Birthdays and more

I have to give a shout-out to two of my sisters. One is really my sister, the other played my sister in Fiddler on the Roof.

Kira Holmes is one of the most unique people I know. She is 100% herself, she cares about others and she is one of the kindest people that I know. Kira makes me laugh and always makes me feel like I am so important to her, which is a wonderful feeling. So happy birthday baby Kira….you were just a fetus when this happened;) I love you!

We totally won Scattergories against the rest of our family. Regardless of what they tell you, we won.

And now for my actual sister. Olivia. She is seriously so amazing. People say we look alike, but she’s probably 100000000 times more beautiful than I am. She is smart, adventurous, kind, funny, and so sweet. She goes for what she wants, and is AMAZING at everything she does. She forgives easily and doesn’t stay mad, she loves laughing and doesn’t let the drama of high school get to her, instead she just laughs about it until it’s not a big deal anymore. She is sensitive to what people need and always makes sure that she is a good friend/sister. I am lucky that she’s one of my very best friends. I love you Liv, and I hope you have a great sweet sixteen!

Ahhh sweet sixteen. First date, getting a driver’s license, all that good stuff. My first date was legendary. I went with Brandon Carling to a concert. He called me and asked me to go to Keith Urban on a Wednesday night, the day after my birthday. And I said yes. We got to the Energy Solutions Arena and were walking around. Brandon’s best friend’s mom had gotten him the tickets, and they were waiting at the Will Call in front. So we went up there, and got our tickets. An usher than went to show us to our seats. We walked in a lower bowl door, and kept walking. Down, down, DOWN INTO THE SEA. No but really. We kept turning to each other and saying “Where are these seats??” Then…we stopped. Front row. Dead center.

I touched Keith’s hand. I got a guitar pick. It was the best first date known to man.

Here are a few of my favorite dates that I’ve been on (besides the concert. which was INCREDIBLE)

  • Picnic. Honestly going on picnics and then playing at the park is SO fun. Trust me!
  • Making dinner. It’s so fun to cook and make something together! You could do this with dessert too.
  • Ice skating. Need I say more?
  • Classic Skating. There are bounce houses, roller blading, arcade games. It’s a good time.
  • Laser tag. Get that competitive side out!
  • Dinner and a movie. Classic for if you are dating or know each other really well. Still a really fun date every time!
  • Hiking. Just make sure you bring lots of water!
  • DI shopping spree. Have a competition, make each other outfits, anything!
  • Put notes in the books at Barnes and Noble. It’s really fun. Promise.
  • Chili’s chips and salsa and molten chocolate cake. Ten dollars of deliciousness. Trust me.
  • Finger painting. Or just painting. Do something crafty. It’s fun!
  • Gingerbread houses. You can get all the supplies for not too much!
  • Go to a concert, show, or game. Whether it’s high school or professional, it’s always really fun to go out and see people show their talents!
  • Star gazing. Hot chocolate and a blanket and you’re set!
  • Go to the zoo, aquarium, or planetarium. These are all really fun, not too expensive, and will last the whole day!
  • Paintballing or shooting. Just make sure the girl is up for the challenge!
  • Rock climbing. Real or fake rocks, it’s fun to see how well you do.
  • Swimming or a waterpark. Better if you know each other well enough to see each other in swimming suits!
  • Scavenger hunt. Plan a scavenger hunt for each other and end with a yummy treat!
  • Make a movie or music video. Better for a group date!
  • Window shop in Salt Lake or any other big city.
  • Fishing. Just get some fishing licenses and a pole!
  • Museum. There are lots all over. Just pick one!
  • Bowling. Yes. Just do it.
  • Walking and talking. These kind of dates have turned out to be some of my favorites.
So those are my little date suggestions for today. 
Happy Tuesday everyone! 

Ideas for Mother’s Day

 No really important news today! I scanned every newspaper source and the there were things about banking and cannibalistic sharks and such. Nothing very important, in my opinion. Maybe I’m just lazy haha.

Anywho on to something new! Mother’s Day is just around the corner (MOM STOP READING. THIS MAY HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH YOU!! LOVE YOU:)) and here are a few ideas of what to get your cute mom on her special day!

  1. If you’ve been listening, you may have gleaned something she really wants. For example, maybe she’s mentioned a few times she wishes she had a specific plant for her yard or that she’s heard this certain place is fun to visit. If she’s said ANYTHING like that, listen to her. Get her what she actually wants!
  2. Gift card. Sounds dumb, I know. But does she have a favorite restaurant? A treat she loves but doesn’t usually buy for herself? If she’s like my mom, a Barnes and Noble gift card is always appreciated!
  3. Plants/flowers. I sent my mom flowers last Mother’s Day with the words to a Primary song about mothers on the card. She loved it! You can make it meaningful if you just put in a little effort.
  4. Music. Sheet music if she plays an instrument, a CD or iTunes purchase if she loves listening to music, any of those would be a good idea. I bought my mom a song called “She Put The Music In Me” when I left for college. I played it for her while I was in the room. It was a really great moment.
  5. Clothes. I’m the kind of person who always loves getting clothes/jewelry/accessories. If you’re mom is like that, take her shopping with you to get exactly what she wants, or if you know her really well go for it! Just don’t guess the size wrong…;)
  6. An outing! My family LOVES going on outings and spending time together. We give that to our parents as gifts a lot. They love getting to go somewhere with us, and they don’t have to pay! Some of our favorites are Thanksgiving Point, the zoo, the aquarium, Temple square, This Is The Place Heritage Park, or even dinner or a movie!
  7. Videos/Pictures. We make videos or take pictures for my parents every once in a while. They really like having a more permanent memento of us, how we feel about them, and what we’re thinking. 
  8. Candy or food. I love food. If your mom does too, this could work out. 
  9. Poem/song/craft. I’m pretty decent at poetry, but it doesn’t matter how good you are. If you write something heartfelt your mom will love it. Same goes for a song or a craft. Homemade always is a big hit.
  10. Whatever you do, make it special and individual to your mom. Include a note telling her how much you appreciate and love her. Mom’s are people that get taken for granted too often. This is one day of many that you can give back. Do some housework, don’t make her cook, help with all the little things she does every day to make her life easier. 
Good luck on your shopping and happy Wednesday everyone!

Home sweet home

I’m home! One year of college down. I know lots of my friends will be home for the summer within the next few weeks. So here’s my list of things to do instead of sitting around, being bored.

  • Read. What’s that, you don’t like reading? You’re doing it wrong. Find a book that looks interesting. I promise you’ll get into it if you just find the right book.
  • Play with your siblings. I have missed my sisters a lot, and Scattergories and Jungle Speed have already been played in excess.
  • Find new music. I didn’t have time at school to find NEW music. Now, I do:)
  • Keep up with the news. Whether it be on this blog or from a news source. You need to know what’s up in the world. You’re an adult now.
  • See some old friends. Yes, it’s weird. We all have these new lives. But we can still go to lunch or have a bonfire or something.
  • Find a show. I’m on Boy Meets World right now! I watch ONE episode a day. Not too much, but not nothing.
  • Write. Journal, blog, whatever. Remember this time. It’s crucial.
  • Visit your teachers. I plan on making a few trips to dear ol’ Davis in the near future and thanking all the people who made my freshman year that much easier.
  • Get a job. Don’t sit around the house. Make some money!
  • Help your mom. She could use help with the laundry and dishes, and I’m sure you’re capable of doing it.
  • Organize your documents/photos. After a year of college you probably have a million documents and photos sitting around. Organize them.
  • Write a missionary! I have a few favorites that I can recommend;)
  • Make dinner. Give your parents the night off and whip out all those cooking skills you gained from college.
  • Enjoy yourself. You have 3 months of you time. Go walking, hiking, whatever makes YOU happy. 
These are just a few little ideas that hopefully will make your summer a little better. Happy Tuesday everyone!


So lots of thoughts going around in this little brain today.

Basically I’m confused….
But I’m pretty sure I know what I’m supposed to do…
But I’m still confused…
Which is confusing.
Too many things to try to explain right now so I’m just going to post some of my favorite quotes and hope that they help me connect the dots. And hopefully you like them:)

So that’s the quotables for today. Probably a little crazy and random, but hey my brain is fried and I have way too much to do. Happy Monday everyone!