I didn’t take hardly any photos on Thanksgiving! That’s how crazy it is with a baby and how much fun we were having! We got to spend time with both of our families which was awesome. Graham got spoiled rotten and we ate delicious food. Graham is obsessed with eating and was just in heaven trying all the different treats and sides. No turkey for him, yet!

Graham also got to help bake the pies before Thanksgiving which was so cute and fun!


Easter and General Conference falling on the same weekend is my favorite! We listened to lots of beautiful talks and sustained a new Prophet. It was truly wonderful to see him crying as we all stood and offered him our love and support. I have such a strong testimony of living prophets and the fact that they get revelation for us here and now.
We also heard about new temples (I AM SO EXCITED FOR LAYTON) the changes in Elders Quorum and no more visiting teaching or home teaching! Lots of changes!
Our Easter was magical, we got some books for the baby and candy that I have stashed away for after I’m off this diet! *Randy may have been an absolute gem and gone and got me 9 bags of Hershey eggs so I can have some after the baby is born!*
We had meals with both of our families, and watched our niece Charlotte have a fun Easter egg hunt. There were balloons tied to the eggs and she was WAY more interested in the balloons than in the eggs or candy!
It was a wonderful holiday, and we’re so excited that our little dude will be here for the next one!

Playing Catch Up

I have to be honest. I have been avoiding you.

I’ve been avoiding you because I have a guest post to get working on, and I have ZERO ideas. I told myself I wouldn’t post on my blog, until that blog post was done.


Still not done.

But so much to catch up on, and I couldn’t stay away.

So here’s a little game of catch up:

Work is busy. Randy’s work is busy. Randy’s school is busy. My side businesses are busy. Church is busy.

We get to see Courtney and Tommy regularly which is a blast – weekly dinner/treat get-togethers is too much fun.

I got to go to lunch with my mom for her birthday at Eva’s Boulangerie. It was wonderful, my mom is amazing.

Friday we went to Happy Sumo (thanks gift card) and then my sister and her friend came over to hang out!

Last Saturday we spent the whole day cleaning cleaning cleaning. I reorganized, cleaned, and bought a couple things to spice up our house.

If you didn’t catch my snap story, here’s this lil look. Not quite perfect yet, but I’m loving it!

Then we went to Kaysville for a sneak peek of birthday fun with my mom, and then bowling/mini golf with our friends.

Sunday was teaching, visiting teaching, home teaching, and to Provo for a birthday party.

And then this week was a blast with Saint Patrick’s Day and some trips to the temple and a sweet surprise just because (I accepted all the roses). And hugely exciting – we booked our tickets to Boston for the summer and started getting details on our Disneyland trip in June.

While the Jordan River temple is getting renovated, we get to go to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple – HOLY GORGEOUS.

He’s so sweet to me.


We are busy and in love and trying to figure it all out. Not every day is perfect; most of them are fairly stressful. But it’s a wonderful life, and we’re so lucky.

cannibal, kaicho, pioneers, cheesecake, need i say more?

Sorry for the past few days friends – I got a little spooked when I went onto my statistics and found some of my top referring sites were pornography (what the?!?!)

I found out it’s just a spam bot – that nobody was reading my blog from a porn site and my site wasn’t affiliated with them in any way. Just shut down to only private for a few days until I could get it all figured out. And now it’s all figured out and all is well!

We got WEDDING PICTURES! Expect a full, detailed post (or two. or three.) about that wonderful day just 2 months ago.

Let’s catch up a little:

24th of July was awesome! We got to watch the parade, hang out with family, and go to Lagoon! And YES we rode Cannibal – TWICE in fact! It was so much fun to be with family and have such a good time.

I love Pioneer Day because it gives me the chance to really think about my pioneer ancestors, and appreciate all they did to get me where I am today. Some people don’t understand or think it’s that important, but really it’s one of the most important parts of history, in my opinion. I will forever be so thankful for what those brave men and women did, so that I can be where I am. It made me reminisce on my Pioneer Trek experience from Young Women’s. We went up to Wyoming to actually walk the path that those pioneers did. It truly was so remarkable to walk where they walked, to see what they saw. It made me that much more grateful for my faith and those who worked so hard to make sure I could believe whatever I wanted.

Last week was filled with mission gatherings for Randy and I. Randy’s mission president came home, so we got to go see everyone at a BBQ and then go to the homecoming! Randy’s “dad” and others were so fun to hang out with and get to know better. 
And finally meeting Kaicho was incredible! I’ve heard so much about him, and he’d heard so much about me, that it was nice to finally meet. He just went on, and on about how wonderful Randy was as a missionary, and it was so amazing to get to meet him.
And finally. 2 months calls for a celebration. A cheesecake celebration! Randy and I spent one of our amazing wedding present gift cards to celebrate 2 months of marriage. Being with Randy has literally been a dream come true. It’s not always perfect, but it’s the best thing I’ve ever had and I can’t wait for the months and years ahead. If you’re getting married soon PLEASE message me with questions! There are so many things I wish I would’ve known, but didn’t want to ask. Please ask away!
Now I’m ready for a relaxed weekend with my love. 
Happy Friday everyone!

what college forgot to teach me

First of all, let me quell all your fears.

I loved college. I think people should get as much education as possible. I’m even considering going BACK to college (eeesh). So I’m all for it.

But there are a few things that are a little left out of the college experience that I wish I had known before heading off into the big, scary world.

So hopefully my college friends can read this and be aware of what’s to come!

1. College did not prepare me for the day-in, day-out of real life. Sure, you have to go to class and work, but those classes changed. Often. There were breaks in my schedule that I got to go home and relax, I didn’t have to get up and get “ready” for the day every single day, I could wear a sweatshirt some days if I wanted. But out in the real world, I have to go to work whether I want to or not. There are no breaks longer than my lunch break, and even that is usually taken at my desk because I have so much to do. It’s a routine that I’ve been on for longer than anything. And it taking some getting used to.

2. College did not prepare me for the sometimes tedious, monotony of a job. I LOVE my job. But I have to be honest, I’m doing a lot of very similar things, for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, every week but 2 during the year. Now you may tell me, hey I did that at my summer job, or I did that with classes and homework. It’s not the same. Not even close. Because summer starts and ends, classes change, long Christmas break comes, finals week breaks up the monotony. It is taking some time to get used to not just doing my job, but doing it every single minute of the day.

3. College did not prepare me for getting to bed on time. That’s pretty obvious, right? But seriously. In college I stayed up way too late a lot of nights, and would just come home and nap later. If I do that now, I’m dead. I need at least 6 hours or I am worthless the next day, but I still have to go to work and struggle to stay away and get things done.

4. College did not prepare me for being away from home all day. In college I had breaks, came home during the day, etc. But now, once I’m out the door for work, it’s see ya later until 6 or 6:30 PM. Every, single day. Some people do that for a semester, or for a few days during the week that are the “long days” but that’s reality now. It’s been a funny adjustment remembering that if I want to eat at work, I have to bring snacks and food, and if I forget my phone, it’s tough luck.

5. College did not prepare me for always networking and moving up. College prepared me for networking to an extent. I made friends and contact that have and will be important. But at my job, I feel like maintaining every, single relationship and making it a good one is not only important to have a fun time at the office, but could be crucial for my future at the company. It’s a very interesting change in my perspective about how I react, and respond to everyone and everything.

Let’s again go back to the fact that I learned SO much in college and I loved every second of it. For me it was the absolute best choice, and I highly recommend it. Just be prepared that when push comes to shove, you might not be as prepared as you think for that first job in the real world. I wish I had known that, it would’ve made these past few months SO much easier.


We’re home. The Lows are back. It’s so weird to say that!

I have SO much to post, I’m going to get started right now and post like ten things in a row. Judge me.

Let me just say, that I’m ridiculously in love and have absolutely never been happier.

Coming up: First look, bridals, preparing for the temple, feelings before and after I got married, honeymooners, and more!

Playing Catch Up

I know, I know. I haven’t blogged in so long that it’s becoming a sin. A travesty. I’m ashamed of myself. BUT here I am, ready to play catch-up during my lunch break! Randy isn’t here:( So you won’t be getting any of him today, but I expect he’ll be around again soon enough!

Between working 40-50 hours a week, planning a wedding, spending time with Randy, trying to wrap up my senior documentary, apartment hunting, and trying to see friends before I’m married a no fun, it’s been a little busy!

So here’s the small catch-up I can give you right now, stay tuned some posts purely dedicated to Randy and I’s first look photo shoot, the rest of our bridal shoot, my thoughts about going to the temple for the first time, and things I’ve learned since becoming a working girl that I didn’t learn in college!

For now, here’s what’s been up:

Randy and I snuck off for date night to go see Big Fish at Hale Center Theater in Orem! It was amazing! It’s one of Randy’s favorite movies, so it was fun to surprise him with the musical!
Another thing that’s been a blast is checking out restaurants for lunch when Randy is in the city. Sometimes we’ll have errands to run so Randy will come up to the city and do them while I’m at work, and that means we get lunch together! It’s a blast!

Speaking of work….this is a glimpse of what I do all day. I feel like my job has it all…creativity and analytics, brand strategies and content writing, computer programming and PhotoShop, it’s just awesome and I am absolutely loving it!

 I also some how missed posting about Mother’s Day!!! I’m terrible I know. So here’s a post for my mother! My mom is absolutely amazing in every way. Heavenly Father knew she was EXACTLY what I needed in a mom, and best friend.
Randy and I got an apartment! Yay! We are so excited to live in Midvale! 
I’m mostly excited about this giant walk-in closet here!
Quick shout out to the rest of my awesome family members and their accomplishments: 
Liv ran in the State Track Meet and KILLED it. Both of her relays got second in STATE and the Davis team won! 
Bethany just sang a solo in her choir concert, and the little sample I got before had was incredible. She has the voice of an angel and is teaching herself to play guitar.
Ben and Kim are expecting a baby GIRL and I am so excited! Ben also just finished the hardest year of law school.
And my Papi is just amazing. The man is loving his job and doing really well, running a billion miles every morning, and in his spare time builds and rebuilds computers and servers. He’s a rockstar.
And last but not least. All I have to say about going through the temple right now, is that it was one of the best experiences of my life. More on that later:)
Sorry it’s been forever! Hopefully anyone who wanted one was able to get a wedding invite! Message me if you didn’t! And stay tuned for those new posts that are coming soon (I promise!)
Happy Thursday everyone! 


Don’t mind the construction on here for the next few weeks….we’re just getting read to unveil…

The Low Down

Randy and I are SO excited to be doing a blog together! We thought about waiting until we’re officially married, but it’ll just be so fun to blog about these few weeks before the wedding, together!

Watch out for Randy in bold and Maddy in normal font!

New URL:
Don’t worry, will still get you here!

So again, don’t mind the mess for a few weeks while I reconstruct! If you have questions, suggestions, comments, or advice please let me know!

Happy Monday everyone!

BYU Grad

I remember walking into my new dorm for the first time, 3 years ago. I remember being a nervous freshman, going to orientation, meeting new people.

I remember trying to navigate classes those first few days. I remember singing in my new ward on the first week and being so nervous. I remember learning how to buy my own food and do my own laundry.

I remember making friends that I never expected. I remember reading and studying sooooooo much, late into the night. I remember when this new place started to feel a little bit more like home. I remember driving back to my apartment after Randy left me for two years. I remember cabin trips and movie nights and eating dinner with all my roommates. 

I remember getting into my program. I remember debating about what to do with my minor. I remember applying for jobs and landing one at BYU Radio that I loved. I remember new friends and wards, roommates getting married and friends going on missions.

 I remember days of feeling lost and days of feeling so sure of myself. I remember dates and bonfires and dances. I remember hours of reading the news and trying to crack computer code. I remember walking out of the Testing Center triumphant, and sometimes very defeated.
 I remember breakdowns involving brownie batter or cookie dough. I remember writing letters, papers, talks, and lessons. I remember calling my mom or roommates or Randy as I walked to campus. 
I remember study sessions and group projects that lasted forever. I remember hard classes that made me think, and easy classes where I pinned about my future wedding. I remember finals weeks that hit me like a tornado. I remember summer nights filled with laughter and the promise of being able to sleep in the next day. 
I remember hours in the Student Alumni office, and days put into service events. I remember internship hours, research, and lots of applications. I remember nights of prayers for help, and confirmations about the direction I was going. I remember nights where I cried myself to sleep, and nights I fell asleep with a smile on my face. I remember bringing Randy to my apartment for the first time.

I remember long hours in the newsroom, writing and anchoring. I remember too many trips hauling a camera around for a story. 
I remember long phone calls with my dad to figure out html and php. I remember finding favorite places to eat and shop. I remember rooftop concerts and weekend parties. I remember camping and cabin trips. I remember late late late night trips to IHOP and Denny’s and In and Out. 
I remember devotionals and stake conferences. I remember long hours of church meetings and activities that were too much fun. I remember the excitement of each new semester and the relief when it was over. I remember driving home to my apartment after getting engaged, to cute roommates and a surprise party.

I remember so many nights of thinking, “I need to remember how this feels. Right now.”  I remember countless football and basketball and baseball games. I remember cheering until I lost my voice and wearing blue to represent my school. 
I remember having so much love and support from my family, friends, roommates, and Randy Low. I remember walking around campus, and realizing this wasn’t just BYU, this was home. This is home.

And yesterday, as I walked across that stage, all those memories came flooding back. My time at BYU has been absolutely incredible. It’s been hard, academically, emotionally, and spiritually. But I wouldn’t trade my time here for anything in the world. I love BYU with all of my heart. 
And I am so proud to say that I graduated magna cum laude, in Communications with a minor in Digital Humanities. In three years. I am a BYU Grad. 

101 years…40 days…

 The waves of nostalgia keep hitting me friends! The next month of my life is going to be pure sap, so I’ll apologize in advance!

That one day that was cold and snowy, I popped on over to Mimi’s for a cup of soup and to watch Randy in his element as a server. What a fun day!

The fam bam came back to Thanksgiving Point to see the tulip festival with us! Hundreds of beautiful tulips and blue skies. What a perfect day!
Also Randy is a goofball.
Also we take Gerry with us everywhere. That’s normal right?
Randy and I also took a big step in putting money down on an apartment! We’re going to be living in Midvale, and we’re so excited!

This weekend was also full of nostalgia, as wonderful Bishop Scoma and his counselors got released. Bishop Scoma was my bishop last year, and he’s one incredible man. It was wonderful to hear him and his wife, along with the Halls, speak. These people and this ward had such a big impact on my life, and I feel so lucky to have known them all.

And last but not least, this weekend was special because of this dress. It belongs to my great, great grandmother Maud Julia Lindsay. She was married 1914 in this beautiful dress. She was about as tall as I was, and the dress was nearly a perfect fit. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to feel a connection to that incredible woman. I am lucky enough to have strong, wonderful and kind women all over in my family tree. I just hope that I can be half as incredible as they are when I grow up (if I grow up…)
So a 101 year old dress, 40 days away from being a bride, 4 days away from graduating, -6 days into a brand new job, and loving all of the craziness.