Cool for the summer

Back at it! Cherry Hill has been so fun with Graham while I’ve been on maternity leave! Wells stays and chills with Dad and Graham and I go down the Double Dragon slide a million times. It’s the best!

These boys are the cutest and I’m so lucky to have a life with them. Maternity leave ends on Monday and I’m just so grateful for our family and the fun times we have had, and the adventure that is really just beginning!

One Month of Wells

Our sunshine boy is one month old and I’m not sure how the time is going so fast!

Wells is about 10 lbs (we’ll get an official weight at his appointment) and is 20.5 inches long. He’s growing like a weed!

He’s in newborn clothing and size one diapers, for now!

A fantastic sleeper who goes right back down after eating in his bassinet. Seriously, the greatest.

He’s so chill—family members joke that they have never heard him make a sound and it’s true! He has cried a handful of times in the car when it’s parked and he’s annoyed.

He loves Graham and is starting to smile at his voice, as well as mom and dad’s.

He’s pretty into bath time which always makes us laugh.

He’s the sweetest boy and we are so lucky he’s ours!


The rest of the family went to Yellowstone and we had a relaxing few days just hanging out as a family of 4! We went to the trampoline park, Cherry Hill, had movie nights, went out to eat, and just had a great time together.

Right before Ben and Kim went back to California, we had Wells blessing! It was a very small, family gathering and it was just perfect. We had cake and ice cream and Reed’s chocolate milk, Randy gave Wells a beautiful blessing, and it was a special evening for our family.

First Family Photos with Wells

| Maxwell Hikaru Low |

Named after my grandpa who always has frozen dark chocolate and chocolate almonds waiting for us. Who took me fishing on the Teton River every summer that I can remember. Who called me Matilda and let us ride in the back of his truck on every camping trip. An incredible man who has shaped my life.
And after my great-grandpa who was also so kind and loving and wise.

Hikaru means ‘light’ in Japanese and we wanted both Wells and Graham to have a name that connected them to their heritage and to a place that means so much to our family.

Wells is the perfect light who brightens our lives so much.

Wellsies. Wellsa-bellsa. Wells Bells.

Graham already has a million nicknames for Wells and is the best big brother in the world. He wakes up and wants to know where Wells is. He asks to give him hugs and kisses all day long. He tells us what Wells is thinking or what he wants. He cried when we had to take him to the doctor because he didn’t want him to leave.

I was worried G would be jealous but he just adores Wells and has grown up so much, so fast since he came home. He runs to get us diapers and blankets and binkies all day long and is more than happy to help. He plays on his own while we take care of Wells and doesn’t mind one bit.

It makes me tear up to see their little friendship and to think about how lucky I am to have them both.

Life Lately

We are making HUGE progress on the house and it is SO fun. We drive by every day because we can’t help it! They are going SO fast it’s wild.

And Grandpa loves hanging out with Wells cuz they both sleep which I love. Cracks me up!

4th of July

We had an incredible 4th of July with our family! Randy woke up early to go run and took 2nd in his age division, 13th overall. He SMASHED his personal best and I was so proud of how great he did! We met over at the parade and Graham had a BLAST there. He loved getting candy and listening to the music and seeing the floats. Wells was so good and sat in his stroller and in our lap despite the crazy heat.

We had a delicious lunch of burgers and then went over to Aunt Jills. Graham LOVED playing with all the toys and everyone got to meet Wells which was so insanely fun. It was then popcorn and M&M time back at the fireworks which is always a favorite. Graham was OBSESSED with the fireworks and not scared at all. Wells did SO great the whole day and has been a champ running around doing all the activities we have in store for him.


I can’t believe it’s been 18 months and Sister Richards is home!! She had such a wild mission going back and forth from Brazil to Utah to Washington and back to Brazil. She was SUCH a trooper and killed it the whole time, her emails were always so upbeat and happy and full of light and love. She did an incredible job and we’re so happy to have her home.

With the airport being updated and due to COVID we had to wait in the parking garage and try to figure out how to tell Beth where to meet us! After an hour she came up and we were SO thrilled to see her! BUT she had no luggage haha it was caught behind her a flight. So they waited at the airport for it and then we enjoyed Chick Fil A to celebrate her coming home. I really can’t believe how fast the time flew and we’re so happy she’s back!

Also I chopped my hair! The mom do is back

Everyone Meet Wells

It has been so fun to have everyone meet Wells! My parents got to come to the hospital to meet him but since we were only allowed a couple of visitors, everyone else got to meet him later. And it has been AWESOME. Melanie is SO enamored with him and wants to hold and cuddle him, and Candace is just obsessed with holding him and pointing out all his little features and little sounds he makes. It’s so cute. We’re so happy he’s here and that everyone loves him as much as we do!