First Family Photos with Wells

| Maxwell Hikaru Low |

Named after my grandpa who always has frozen dark chocolate and chocolate almonds waiting for us. Who took me fishing on the Teton River every summer that I can remember. Who called me Matilda and let us ride in the back of his truck on every camping trip. An incredible man who has shaped my life.
And after my great-grandpa who was also so kind and loving and wise.

Hikaru means ‘light’ in Japanese and we wanted both Wells and Graham to have a name that connected them to their heritage and to a place that means so much to our family.

Wells is the perfect light who brightens our lives so much.

Wellsies. Wellsa-bellsa. Wells Bells.

Graham already has a million nicknames for Wells and is the best big brother in the world. He wakes up and wants to know where Wells is. He asks to give him hugs and kisses all day long. He tells us what Wells is thinking or what he wants. He cried when we had to take him to the doctor because he didn’t want him to leave.

I was worried G would be jealous but he just adores Wells and has grown up so much, so fast since he came home. He runs to get us diapers and blankets and binkies all day long and is more than happy to help. He plays on his own while we take care of Wells and doesn’t mind one bit.

It makes me tear up to see their little friendship and to think about how lucky I am to have them both.

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