Thanksgiving 2021

We had the best Thanksgiving this year!

On Wednesday night we had PIE NIGHT which is one of my favorite traditions. We eat pie and make treats for Thanksgiving and play games. We spent time with my family and Graham and Wells were in cousin heaven! The kids all watched a movie and had a blast playing.

Thursday we played frisbee in the morning, got all ready, and had a beautiful and delicious Thanksgiving dinner. We played games and talked about all the things we were thankful for. We made blessing mix, Jello jigglers, and celebrated Ben’s birthday too!

Then we were off to Randy’s family Thanksgiving dinner with even more delicious food, more cousins, funny games, and staying up so late again!

Friday we hopped off to Black Friday shop and the boys did SO good while we shopped and shopped! We decorated my mom’s house for Christmas (we did our decorating a few days ago. Graham COULD NOT wait and it was so cute to listen to Christmas music and get all the decorations out). We ate more delicious food and then EVERYONE came over for Chinese food and pie. It is also one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions to have the day after Thanksgiving with family and more food. And I loved sharing that with my cute kids!

It was a beautiful kick off to the holiday season and even more fun times ahead!

5 Months of Wells

Somehow Wells turned five months old this past week!
-this month we moved to our new house and wells transitioned from the bassinet in our room to his crib in his own room seamlessly. He is the best sleeper and we are so lucky!
-he can sit up (for a little bit) by himself, rolls all over, and wants to scoot and crawl! He also loves grabbing his feet and will entertain himself for quite a while with them.
-he LOVES food more than anything and lunges to try and get what we are eating. He loves carrots, fruits, but not peas.
-he had his first Halloween and Thanksgiving and was so good for both! He loved getting lots of attention from people.
-he babbles and laughs like a maniac and does this high pitched squeak sound that makes everyone chuckle.
-he’s so sweet, his giant legs kill me, he is obsessed with Graham, wants to put everything in his mouth, and quite simply we adore him.

November Things

Graham loves taking photos and arranges photo shoots of his toys, or takes pictures of me and Randy when I ask

I got a promotion at work which is really exciting and scary! I’m the web operations manager!

Randy is having an AMAZING time at work and was chosen to go on a trip, lead some projects, and is killing it.

Graham LOVES preschool and has such a great time. He put on his thankful tree that he was thankful for McDonald’s and happy meal toys. And then he drew a picture and told Miss Tiffany it was his house and his mom “really really loves it because it’s so great and so big!” Kids are too cute!

Wells can hold his own bottle and is growing up too fast!

Meeting Michelle!

New cousin alert! Michelle Dee Richards was born on November 9th and very shortly after their family moved to UTAH! Graham is in HEAVEN having his cousins so much closer and we went down to see their new house and meet miss Michelle. She is SO tiny and sweet. Wells looks GIANT next to her which makes us laugh. So happy to be so close to family!


Christmas season officially begins when we go see the Clytie Adams Nutcracker! And we got to take Graham and Mel this year which made my heart BURST I was so happy. Graham loved the soldiers and the mouse king, the buffoons, and of course the paper program. He did such a good job of sitting the whole time, he loved being by the percussion section and seeing the pit. It was honestly so wonderful to get to share something that means so much to me with him. I’ll never have the right words to describe how Clytie Adams and Nutcracker and ballet shaped me, but suffice it to say that I am who I am because of the years I spent in the studio and on the stage. It is a painful nostalgia to remember some of the best times of my life there, and I sometimes want them back. But it’s the best kind of nostalgia.

Graham is an artist

Graham is becoming quite the artist with taking photos on our phones! He did an entire photo shoot with his Hulk and Spider Man toy. It cracked us up! I also DO NOT know how we lucked out to get Wells. He is SUCH a sweet little baby, sleeps like an angel, has transitioned to our new home like a breeze, and just loves laughing and chatting with us. We’re the luckiest parents alive.

We also said official goodbyes to our landlords and we were SO sad. We will miss them more than I can say! They were so incredible and have become such great friends. We were so lucky to know them and get to share space with them, watching our kids become friends. Hopefully we will still get to see each other lots!

Moving Day and Empty House Tour

We MOVED. I can’t believe it! Our new house is beautiful and we are obsessed with it. We are SO sad to leave our apartment. We have loved it more than anything. Our landlords were amazing, and we will miss them as our friends. Graham loves Brooklyn and Hudson and his little neighbor friends more than anything. We will miss all of it so much.

Moving day was wild, Grandma Ann watched the boys and we had SO much help. I’m SO SO glad we hired movers. Both of our parents and Liv and Beth were SO helpful all day long and we owe them everything for helping us get our house all settled and ready.

That night we had a mIsHaP and drilled a hole in our powder room water line! It was not great and we got the water shut off fast, but we were freaking out. Luckily my dad came to the rescue and helped us replace the pipe and Randy has put drywall and mud over the hole! So BAPTISM BY FIRE we are officially homeowners with a hole in our house haha and figuring it out!

Our builder Woodside Homes, our realtor Natalie, our lender, everyone was just incredible.

Our house is a dream come true and everything we could have asked for.

4 Months of Wells

4 months have FLOWN by with sweet Wells!
He sleeps all night and is the best baby. But sometimes he will wake up early and just CHATTER so loudly!
He will watch Graham everywhere he goes and they are the cutest pals.
He rolls from his tummy to his back and can almost roll the other way, but he gets too distracted and won’t go all the way 😂
He chews on EVERYTHING all the time. He is trying to gnaw my hand as I type this.
He laughs and smiles often, but has a little RBF which makes us chuckle.
We love Wellsie!


We have been CRAZY getting ready for moving and moving, and trying to celebrate Halloween! We did a fun little sugar cookie day to celebrate which was great! The boys are at the cutest stages and I am loving this life with them.

On Halloween, or the celebration of Halloween, we moved! More on that later, but it was a crazy day! That evening we pulled on our costumes and Graham had the BEST time trick or treating! Wells wasn’t sure how he felt about his first halloween. He’s more of an indoor kid and isn’t sure how he feels about being outside a lot haha. But overall it was the BEST day for Rey, Kylo Ren, A Stormtrooper, and Baby Yoda!