5 Months of Wells

Somehow Wells turned five months old this past week!
-this month we moved to our new house and wells transitioned from the bassinet in our room to his crib in his own room seamlessly. He is the best sleeper and we are so lucky!
-he can sit up (for a little bit) by himself, rolls all over, and wants to scoot and crawl! He also loves grabbing his feet and will entertain himself for quite a while with them.
-he LOVES food more than anything and lunges to try and get what we are eating. He loves carrots, fruits, but not peas.
-he had his first Halloween and Thanksgiving and was so good for both! He loved getting lots of attention from people.
-he babbles and laughs like a maniac and does this high pitched squeak sound that makes everyone chuckle.
-he’s so sweet, his giant legs kill me, he is obsessed with Graham, wants to put everything in his mouth, and quite simply we adore him.

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