Thanksgiving 2021

We had the best Thanksgiving this year!

On Wednesday night we had PIE NIGHT which is one of my favorite traditions. We eat pie and make treats for Thanksgiving and play games. We spent time with my family and Graham and Wells were in cousin heaven! The kids all watched a movie and had a blast playing.

Thursday we played frisbee in the morning, got all ready, and had a beautiful and delicious Thanksgiving dinner. We played games and talked about all the things we were thankful for. We made blessing mix, Jello jigglers, and celebrated Ben’s birthday too!

Then we were off to Randy’s family Thanksgiving dinner with even more delicious food, more cousins, funny games, and staying up so late again!

Friday we hopped off to Black Friday shop and the boys did SO good while we shopped and shopped! We decorated my mom’s house for Christmas (we did our decorating a few days ago. Graham COULD NOT wait and it was so cute to listen to Christmas music and get all the decorations out). We ate more delicious food and then EVERYONE came over for Chinese food and pie. It is also one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions to have the day after Thanksgiving with family and more food. And I loved sharing that with my cute kids!

It was a beautiful kick off to the holiday season and even more fun times ahead!

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