Scary Hill

We had a fantastic day at Scary Hill! Bumper Boats, the maze, the hayride through the skeleton scene, and more. Fall weather has been GREAT so far so we’ve had lots of fun excursions. With getting ready to move we haven’t been out and about as much as I would like, but it’s still been a great fall!

I also got to run a 5k for my work which was a blast!

Fall Fun

October is SPRINTING by with back and forth between awful and great weather. Last weekend we attempted to go to Pack Family Farm and it was SO WINDY and terrible and cold it was a nightmare! But this weekend we went back to Black Island Farm with friends and it was perfect! Almost too warm! So that’s October for us!
Our house is ALMOST DONE and we move in two weeks! Which is unreal, I do not know where the time went! But we are so ready to have our beautiful home and love it forever. We can’t wait to get the show on the road and move in!

Graham is nervous about school and other people sometimes so that has been a new adventure trying to help him. He just cries “I will MISS YOU SO MUCH” anytime he needs to go to school or with Grandma. Wells is SUCH an angel babe but is starting to get much more opinionated about things which is making us chuckle!

Randy and I have great things going for us at work with promotions on the horizon which is very exciting! We’re ready for the holiday season and everything that will come with it.

First Fieldtrip!

I got to go with Graham on his very first fieldtrip! It was to Black Island Farms, the local pumpkin patch, and it was too fun! We got to go in the wagon and pick a pumpkin and then play on the giant slides, in the corn, and on the barrel ride. Graham had a BLAST.

It’s been a beautiful fall, so busy and moving 100 mph but also full of delicious soup and yummy treats and General Conference and music! We’re getting ready to move and wishing the time would slow down. Wells is SO close to rolling, laughs CONSTANTLY, and sleeps all night long. It’s a dream!

October Is Here

I can’t believe it is already OCTOBER. The leaves were showing off BIG TIME and we had a blast driving up the canyon and taking a family walk. Life is so crazy and busy with both Randy and I having nuts work, but spending time together as a family is the best. I want to remember forever how much Graham loves playing with his friends, watching Tik Tok late at night with Randy, the way Graham looks when we pick him up from preschool, the deep belly laughs Wells will give us when Graham teases him. All of it is just too good. Wells got to meet the Thorne’s which was so fun as we watched Duncan give his mission farewell talk. It’s crazy how fast people grow up and change–it’s crazy! PLUS it is MOVING MONTH. We move at the end of this month which is WILD. I can’t believe our house is almost done and it is looking incredible!