Our January has FLOWN by. Busy season is in FULL swing which means Randy is gone a ton. He leaves about 8 PM and gets home between 9 and 10. So he gets to see Graham for an hour or so in the morning and that’s it! It’s been really hard on him, because Graham is his best friend. He also has to go in on Saturdays for a little bit in the morning.

Graham and I have had a lot of quality time and dates which has been fun!

We took G bowling last weekend which was FUN. He liked pushing the ball down the little baby bowling slide and it was SO cute. He also adored the arcade games and the lights.

We had to say goodbye to Jarem and that was NO FUN. He’s going to be an amazing missionary in Mexico!

We are loving life right now even though it’s super busy and crazy!



•he waves, gives high fives, and loves giving kisses and hugs
•he officially says “dada” and sometimes “hi”
•he scoots around backwards or pivots in a circle to get around
•he loved standing while clinging onto furniture, as long as mom is close by
•he has turned into the biggest mama’s boy after being sick this month, but absolutely adores dad, and will laugh uncontrollably with him
•he will reach up or crawl on us to get right up close to our face, and loves holding hands which is so cute
•he’s a perfect sleeper and eater and we seriously are so lucky he’s ours!

Friends and work and sickness OH MY

January has been nuts so far! Lots of time with family and friends, winding down the holidays, getting into work (and Randy starting at EY!) and Graham being so sick, which is so sad. He has a runny nose and his throat is all scratchy and he has a fever! It’s been the worst, but he’s been cuddly which makes it better.

Work is busy busy busy, but so good!

We got to have some of our friends over and Dallin met Graham! He loves his funcles and aunties. It’s my favorite.

Randy ran into one of his very best friends from his mission, they are living here and going to school! It was so fun to finally meet him!