2018 was a year that changed my life, and my family.

I made a goal at the beginning of the year that our family motto would be “Look unto me in every thought, doubt not, fear not” (D&C 6:36) and the focus of the year would be my boys.

Graham has certainly been the best part of 2018, and I can barely remember what life was like before he came.

January we saw huge changes as my job contract ended unexpectedly, I immediately got a new job, and we moved. It was a crazy hard month, but one filled with so many hidden blessings.

February we adjusted to our new normal life and routine, and were getting so excited for our baby boy to arrive.

March we found out I had Gestational Diabetes and we had to figure out all the things that came along with it. It turned out to be such a huge blessing in disguise! We also took our last little trip, just Randy and I, before baby boy joined us. Randy got put in as a youth teacher in our ward, and we loved going to church and becoming friends with everyone new.

April we had maternity photos and prep for baby, and some family time which we always love. General Conference was wonderful, and my testimony grew SO much as we prepared for Graham to come.

May was the best month of the year, with some last weeks of just me and Randy, and then welcoming our sweet little Graham into our family and home.  He is the best baby and I still can’t believe he’s ours! We also celebrated our 3rd anniversary with our newborn, and got to focus in on our relationship, which was so special.

June, Graham got to see his dad perform for the first time at a gig, which was SO fun. We also got some of the sweetest photos of him that I will cherish forever.

July we had a super fun family staycation and it was Graham’s first time in a hotel! He did pretty good, and it was nice to get away with family. We also celebrated Graham’s blessing and Randy gave him the most beautiful blessing, and all our family and friends were there. It was such a special day. We had Graham’s first Fourth of July which was SO awesome!

August we took Graham swimming, were busy getting back into work and school, and having fun with our little buddy.

September we celebrated my birthday, worked and went to school, and had fun teaching Graham new things.

October was Graham’s first Halloween and we had SO much fun with it! We went on hikes and drives to see the leaves and it was so magical and fun!

November we celebrated Thanksgiving and had a blast with all of our family and friends. Graham turned SIX MONTHS OLD and I couldn’t believe how fast the time flew.

December has been CRAZY with family and friend time. Randy and my mom both finished school, Randy played in a band gig again, and we did so many fun Christmasy things, topping it off with Graham’s first Christmas. 

2018 was seriously such a wonderful year and I feel so lucky that I have a wonderful family and friends, and mostly Randy and Graham who made this year so special. It’s one I will never forget, and I can’t wait to see what next year has in store!


I didn’t get a lot of photos of Graham’s first Christmas, but I’m weirdly OK with it! I was really present and in the moment with him which I wanted. So I’ll just have to write it all down to try and remember it all! 
We spent part of the day with Randy’s family on Christmas Eve and Randy even went and saw a movie with his siblings! We had a DELICIOUS dinner that my mom put together with my siblings and it was so good. The little kids did a cute and very short nativity. With Graham as baby Jesus which was so sweet! Then the wisemen brought their treasures and the little Mary and Joseph were WAY more interested in the gold coins hahahaha it killed me!
Graham also met his Great Grandpa Dave which was so fun!
Graham slept like an angel and was SO cute on Christmas morning. He loved all the chaos and tried to open presents but wasn’t great at it, he had cousins to help him! He was OBSESSED with all his toys and he got spoiled rotten with some cute clothes, a long ball track, a piano/xylophone, a fun activity center, and tons of books. 
Graham gave his dad matching Jazz shirts to wear for his first Jazz game in February! Randy is SO pumped haha it’s adorable. I got lots of cute clothes and amazing Hunter boots that I’ve been DYING to have. Randy also got lots of clothes to wear at his internship that starts in a few weeks. 
We went over to Randy’s parents house and they EQUALLY spoiled us and it was so fun to be all together. We went to see his aunts and uncles and cousins, and Graham was a little tired and cranky, but did pretty good! 
The highlight of the day was that Graham got to meet his uncle Sam! We got to talk to him on his mission for a little bit and Graham was just squealing and laughing he was so excited! It was SO cute to see!

It’s been an amazing Christmas and Graham’s first one was truly magical. I’m so sad it’s over! But so excited for what the next year will have in store for us.

Above all, I’m so thankful for Jesus Christ at this time of year. He is my best friend and I’m so grateful that I have a Savior who was willing to be born, and then die for me.


Before Christmas we got to spend a lot of time with family and it has been so fun! 

Our amazingly talented friend Amber took a rush-order THIRD round of pictures for us! She took pictures of me, Randy and Graham, of my whole family, and then of these cute cousins on Randy’s side! It was such a fun little shoot, she did SO good with the babies and got some awesome pictures. Plus she rush got them done so we could have them in time for Christmas. She’s seriously an angel. Need photos? Go check out her website (which I also helped design a little bit so tell me what you think!)
Christmas Sunday outfits! I just LOVE these boys! 
Graham met Santa! He did really good and then was just not having it with a stranger anymore hahaha. It was so sweet!!!

We went to This Is The Place for Candlelight Christmas where Graham licked the sugar off of our donuts and Randy held him as we danced the Virginia Reel. He was laughing and smiling SO much and it was just precious.

Randy and I went out on a fancy date night to celebrate him being DONE with his undergrad! It was fun to have a nice night just us, and we had so much delicious food!

We’ve had an amazing December and are sad that the holiday season is going to be over soon! 


•G is figuring out how to move, scooting backwards and pivoting around, but no actual crawling yet!
•He is obsessed with other babies, loves pictures and books with baby faces, and seeing his cousins (especially Mel who he met this month).
•He thoroughly enjoys eating and has loved every single thing we have given him to try.
•He always rolls his ankles around when he’s excited and it makes us laugh so hard!
•He loves getting his picture taken, is so well behaved in public, and is honestly the best blessing. We can’t get enough of him!

My boyfriend’s in a band

Have to brag a little bit because GUYS MY BOYFRIEND IS IN A BAND. And he can play all the instruments and he’s amazing. This is the second gig these guys have played and they are SO talented and I’m so proud of them! They sound awesome and are so fun to watch. I’m totally a lame groupie who brings the baby along but WHO CARES.

Graduation for my babe

I’ll do a whole big long crazy post in May when Randy actually walks, but I have to mention here how amazing he is.

Randy has worked his tail off and is finally DONE with his undergrad! He graduated with a degree in accounting from the University of Utah after tons of trial and error, switching schools, and uncertainty. He has worked so so so so crazy hard for this and I have never, ever been more proud of him. He’s got an amazing path laid right out at his feet and it’s incredible to see his hard work pay off.

Babe. You did it.

Sibling TIME

Hanging out with my siblings is always such a great time! It was fun to have the whole crew together, for Graham to meet cutie Melanie, and to have some Christmas celebration since we won’t all be together on actual Christmas.
We did our sibling Stocking Exchange (my brother was a genius even at age 8 and came up with that) where we trade candy and it was a blast.
Also G money is a DARLING and loves the snow and I’m obsessed with him.

My Mom Went To College

We had an awesome weekend celebrating my mom graduating from college! She went back to get her Master’s Degree in English and she is such an inspiration! She worked so hard, was published multiple times, and was even offered an assistantship to teach some classes while getting her degree. She’s always been a great example of how hard work, dedication, and ambition can result in great things. It’s awesome to have a mom who shows us regularly that women can do great things.

We had an amazing weekend with my siblings hanging out, going to lunch, playing games, and celebrating my mom.

Also, Sweet Whimsy Cakes created this GLORIOUS cake that I envisioned and it was delicious and just so beautiful. We included Moby Dick on it because my mom had an entire class on this novel, and our family felt like we basically read it too because of how much we discussed it!

Proud of you mama!

December in pictures

Our December in pictures:

Graham wasn’t feeling great early last week and was SO sad and clingy right before bed. Randy had his guitar out and G just started fussing and fussing, so Randy finally took him from me. G just sat on dad’s lap, playing music with him and it was the sweetest thing.
We went and visited our old next-door neighbor and she got to meet G! It was SO good to see her and Graham loved her so much.
It’s the little things like this that makes my whole heart happy.
We spent Friday at the Festival of Trees and had the best time! Lots of Peter Pan, unicorn, and Harry Potter trees this year. It’s one of my favorite family traditions to go and it was amazing taking Graham with us!

One thing we didn’t get a picture of was our family December service project. Every year Randy and I try to do some kind of service project to help at Christmas time. This year we worked with Christmas Box International to get toys to kids in Utah foster care. We were given two little boys to shop for (exactly Graham’s age) and it was SO amazing to go out and buy their toys, then take them to a giant warehouse filled with other toys for these kids. I love being involved with these like this, especially at the holiday time. The Utah Department of Workforce Services Family and Child division always needs donations of diapers, wipes, binkys, formula, and more. Check it out to see if you can help!