August 8th, Wells took a couple of steps and then REFUSED to do it again. August 16th, Mom was at the office all day. And Wells decides it’s a great day to stand up and WALK. And he can’t be stopped! He walks ALL over, kicks balls, and is just a full on big kid now. It’s WILD and it happened overnight.

We had a last family run to Cherry Hill and are gearing up for the fall weather. Life feels like it moves too fast, this summer has gone by too quickly. But there are always fun and amazing things ahead.

Wells lives his best life with a treat in each hand.


August has been a dream with Graham helping Dad mow the lawn, trips out to the bird refuge, family dinners, tons of time with neighbors and friends, Cherry Hill days, and more. We have had the best summer and it’s so sad that it’s coming to an end.

Fishing Trip

We had a great time going fishing in Idaho. We enjoyed Reed’s Dairy a few times and took the boys to Smitty’s. The boys stayed at Aunt Barb’s house while we went fishing and had the BEST time playing with all the fun toys. We had a great time on the river and caught a few fish, saw a moose SO close. It was awesome to be with my grandpa and hear his stories and get to spend quality time together. I’ll never forget our time on the river and the time we get to spend together while we are there.

We always talk about my Uncle Joe, Grandpa growing up on the farm, the first time he went fishing, it’s always the best time.